The Only Unassailable Right

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kill babies in the crib and say only the good die young."

Bob Dylan
"Foot of Pride"

you look in America people are giving up their rights willingly.
Those on the left are particularly prone to this brand of largesse
but the right is far from immune, especially in post 9/11 America.

Our right to
own the fruits of our labor? Cancel those Lilliputian tax cuts so
that we can pay for those 40,000 new Democrat voting union members
dining at the public trough and making our airports seem secure.
Sounds fair.

Our right to
privacy? No problem. If it will catch even one terrorist then feel
free to listen in on my telephone conversations. After all, I have
nothing to hide and the government means me no harm, right? It's
only prudent.

Our property
rights? Help yourself. The wars on drugs and terrorism are serious
business, you know. If we are going to stop these people from selling
their illegal drugs (as opposed to alcohol, tobacco, Viagra, Ritalin
and Prozac) we have to make them pay. And if it means that the occasional
grandma loses her house because her grandson had a pound of weed
hidden in the garage, well that's the price we have to pay. And
we'll pay it…for the children.

How about due
process? Hey, the feds need to act fast if we are going to stop
terrorism and all that presumption of innocence, habeas corpus mumbo
jumbo takes time that we just don't have in today's America. Tough
but fair, that's us.

Although it
looks like Virginia Winter outside my window here in the Valley
it appears to be Constitutional Autumn a scant 90 miles away in
DC with God given, constitutionally guaranteed rights falling like
brightly colored leaves on Skyline Drive in November. Heck, if all
those well meaning, trustworthy people in Washington (you know —
Ted "Where's the Glenlivet" Kennedy, Tom "Moderate"
Ridge, Joe "Conscience of the Senate" Lieberman, and their
other associates of sterling character) are willing to offer us
something in return, something like security or fairness or a prescription
card, then it's probably a good idea. And those offers are coming
fast and furious while our rights fly back to DC like swallows back
to San Juan de Capistrano.

Big Brother
is on board passing out the peanuts as we surrender the rights the
Founding Fathers and subsequent generations of American heroes actually
fought and died for. The usual suspects (think Hillary and Jesse
and CNN) who have been trying to cede all rights and responsibilities
to the state for years are buckled in and ready for takeoff, to
no one's particular surprise. People from whom we might have expected
better are on this flight as well. The "conservative"
crowd has taken the exit row aisle seats so they can make sure we
don't deplane down the slide and escape across the tarmac. Even
Neil Young and Don Imus, both well above average among the chuckleheaded
celebrity class, are listening intently to the safety instructions
and putting their tray tables up.

however, not all rights are viewed as being quite so disposable.
If you dare to even offer an alternative to the cherished American
right to a dead baby the full force of the government stands astride
the path yelling. "Not so fast!"

It is, apparently,
one thing to tell a man that he can't criticize government policy
because it might aid terrorists and then drop him into the pokey
for doing it. That is considered to be not only a reasonable limit
to free speech but a patriotic one. It is, however, quite another
to tell a woman that she might want to stop and consider consequences
and alternatives before she pays someone to stick a fork in her
baby's skull. Trampling on the Constitution is accepted. Even applauded.
Any challenge to the Culture of Death is met with force. Human rights
can fall by the wayside but "reproductive rights" are
sacrosanct. Even Lucifer and Planned Parenthood have standards.

Did it ever
strike you as odd that "reproductive rights" has come
to mean the right not to reproduce no matter what your behavior?
And that Planned Parenthood's plan is to end parenthood? Newspeak
is a wonderfully flexible thing and it does great service in the
fight to protect America's inviolable right to a dead baby.

One of the
most hopeful aspects of the pro-life movement's recent history,
along with the emergence of the post Roe v. Wade "Rock for
Life" generation, has been the growth of a network of crisis
pregnancy centers. These centers offer information and counseling
to women who are pregnant and overwhelmed by it. Most of the women
who go to these centers are young and in the lower end of the income
ladder. They are largely products of the government schools so they
do not understand their options or the implications of exercising
those options although many retain remarkably high self-esteem and
are whizzes at putting condoms on bananas. They have grown up in
a country that insists on seeing itself as the planet's paragon
of good while aborting 4,000 human lives a day, every day, every
year, year in and year out. They have been sold the philosophy of
"choice" that says that it is reasonable, therapeutic
and even virtuous to stick a fork in a baby's skull, suck his brain
out, dismember him and sell the parts in order to increase your
own range of lifestyle choices. Your tax dollars at work.

at crisis pregnancy centers try to explain the lay of the land a
little more fully. They let the women know that there is more in
the balance than what their high school health teacher and Planned
Parenthood have let on. These counselors are not, for the most part,
professionals. They are not medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists,
nurses or federalized professional baggage screeners. They are just
people who care enough about troubled pregnant women and the lives
growing in their bellies to get off the couch and spend a few hours
listening to concerns and sharing information and options. This
is unacceptable to the ruling elite. Not only are they steering
women away from having abortions but they are not even AFSME members.
They probably vote Republican or even Pro-Life, the Neanderthals.

They talk about
things like the abortion–breast cancer link. The existence of this
link is treated as classified information by NOW, NARAL, NIH and
the rest of the Culture of Death's alphabet soup. In the world of
it-takes-a-village collectivism the "right to know" is
subject to highly the same highly selective application as all other
rights except, of course, the right to a dead baby, which is unassailable.

They talk about
things like the baby parts industry. When a Planned Parenthood counselor
tells a young, frightened, pregnant woman that her abortion could
lead to a cure for Alzheimer's or Aids they tend to leave this part
out. There are a load of people out there making a nice living in
fetal tissue research and its allied commercial efforts. Hey, the
fetal tissue has to come from somewhere. Showing a pregnant woman
photographs of babies who have been dismembered into parts can shed
a new light on this "heroic" research, a light that many
would rather not illuminate. Crisis pregnancy center counselors
show the pictures and they are not pretty.

They talk about
things like brains and hearts and nerve endings and pain. This is
tough stuff but, in the grand scheme of things, not as tough as
being forked and dismembered.

They talk about
tough stuff like the consequences that follow choices.

A government
service drone named Eliot Spitzer, crack Attorney General for the
state of New York, has had enough of this subversive activity and
aims to stop it. He has said as much in a speech made to that high-minded
public interest group, NARAL. Now, if a state's Attorney General
made a speech to a pro-life group indicating his suspicions about
abortion clinics and his intention to get them into step with his
beliefs it would be a sign of his partisanship and lack of sensitivity.
Spitzer's actions have not been so labeled because the people who
print the labels are also NARAL supporters.

Being a cunning
bureaucrat, Mr. Spitzer's first move was to subpoena the records
of all counselors at his first three target centers. His transparent
hope is to intimidate these heroic private citizens with the prospect
of years of interaction with the government's legal proctologists.
These are real people, you see, with homes and families and jobs
and without the political clout afforded dues paying members of
the Culture of Death. They cannot afford to spend their time being
grilled and vetted by government operatives whose only real goal
is to inconvenience and punish them anyway.

Another complaint
voiced by the forces of the Culture of death is that "Abortion
Alternatives" comes before "Abortion Providers" in
the Yellow Pages and therefore many women never even get to their
listings. The alphabet is so unfair. Rumor has it that Mr. Spitzer
plans to sue the Modern Language Association and the New York Public
Library next in an effort to rectify the alphabet's failure to be
sensitive to "reproductive rights."

If that effort
fails there are other alternatives in marketing the Culture of Death.
They say the two color display ads in the Yellow Pages are quite
effective. And red in is available as a second color. In order to
counter the challenge mounted by these crisis pregnancy centers
it might even be worth considering more special offers like the
free abortions Planned Parenthood proffered post 9/11. Now that
was an interesting thought that says much about the mindset that
dreamed it up, wasn't it? Want to feel better about Americans being
killed by terrorists? Kill your baby! Free! Limited time only!

How about this
one? With every abortion they could give away a 10% discount on
that mastectomy that is being introduced into the woman's future
by virtue, if that is the word, of the abortion-breast cancer link.
It would show sensitivity to the needs of the dead baby's mother
and, with the way the value of money is continually trampled by
the Fed, the actual future cost will be much less than the present
dollar value makes it appear. Perhaps they could validate parking

24, 2002

Cobb [send him mail] is
a printer in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. He is a northerner by
birth, a southerner by choice, and a Catholic by the grace of God.

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