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September 3, 2001, the FBI shot and killed Mr. Tom Crosslin at his
private campground outside Vandelia, Michigan. On September 4, 2001,
the FBI
shot and killed and possibly castrated Mr. Rolland Rohm at the same
Despite all of the misery following the 9/11 attack on America,
I hope that the murders of these two Americans will not be forgotten.
Vandelia deserves to be remembered alongside Ruby Ridge and Waco.

47, stood for something the local authorities did not approve. He
endorsed the legalization of marijuana. Moreover, he used his Rainbow
Farm campground as a gathering place for like-minded people. Although
there appears to be no substantial evidence that marijuana was consumed
during these gatherings, he was arrested. The court told him, no
more gatherings on your property. He held another gathering. The
court issued a summons for him to appear. He didn't show up. The
cops came to arrest him and he, holding a hunting rifle, told them
to get off his property. Sound familiar?

happened to be in southern Michigan on August 31 and I spotted the
headline about the armed standoff in a local newspaper. I speculated
on the question of how long it would take for the FBI killers to
show up. I was wrong by a week. They not only showed up promptly,
they completed their dirty business almost overnight. The outrage
amongst supporters of Mr. Crosslin's cause had already sped around
the planet on the Internet and plans were underway to import supporters
to the site. Before any of this could happen, the FBI killed the
man. End of protest.

murder of Mr. Rohm is puzzling. After all, their principal target
was already dead. The press reports imply that the two men were
homosexuals, with dark undertones about their relationship to Mr.
Crosslin's thirteen-year old son. This would make Mr. Rohm's murder
a gratuitous hate-crime in any other set of circumstances not involving
the FBI. They say he was also holding a hunting rifle and so they
shot him. Sure. And maybe he castrated himself.

we are assured that the FBI is there to protect us from terrorists.
I wonder about that. True, the FBI has some convincing assassins
working for the department, at least against American citizens.
Now that the Bill of Rights is in the toilet again, they can arrest
and interrogate each and every one of us if they feel like it. They
can torture us for fun or kill us with malice and still go home
to the wife and kids with a clear conscience, if they had one, because
they are protected by the law.

the hell is terrorism anyway? Wherein is the FBI unlike the KGB
or the Gestapo? When the local cops give them a call, don't they
just drop in and murder the malcontents? I'll tell you what, I'm
scared. I'm not scared of anthrax, or even smallpox, and I'm not
scared of Muslims, I'm scared of the psychopathic personality disorders
employed by the state to police ordinary citizens like myself. I'm
scared of our government and its FBI. Is that not terrorism?

2, 2001

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