New Zealand Greens Keen to Ban Water

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scare mongering and threats of eco-terrorism are the only contributions
the Taleban-like New Zealand Greens make to the debate on genetic
engineering. If the Greens had their way New Zealand would be a
biotechnological backwater, completely missing the boat on scientific
improvements to food, medicine, crops and forests.

of the hard-line socialist Greens are mainly young unhappy white
non-achievers and anti-everything, the products of a dumbed-down
state education system that has denied them, not only the educational
basics, but the ability to think rationally so they are able to
distinguish between fact and fiction and real and junk science.

citizen who thinks the Greens just plain loopy decided to put his
theory to the test. What better place to start than the office of
a Green Member of Parliament (MP), a former beauty queen turned
feminist, who spends an inordinate amount of time leaping on to
every Green bandwagon going, and using these to create photo and
TV opportunities to impress the gullible.

Greens, as we know, don't like technology. Ah, but they use the
internet. What better way to handle the matter than to trap them
in their own hypocrisy. So our good friend sent an email seeking
support for a campaign to ban dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) "a
chemical used in nuclear power stations, US navy propulsion systems
and many chemical industries. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless
and kills uncounted thousands of people every year…the chemical
is found in pre-cancerous cells and is prevalent in acid rain."

campaign to advance their political progress was, to the Greens,
just what the doctor ordered, so a reply was sent saying that the
MP "would be absolutely supportive of the campaign" and
asking "how she could be of assistance to such a campaign."

went the trap. The Greens took the bait. Just mention of the term
"nuclear' is enough for activists in nuclear-free New Zealand
to lose all sense of reality.

at being made to look stupid by supporting a campaign to ban dihydrogen
monoxide, more commonly known as H2O, or water, the MP shifted the
blame for the embarrassment on to a "temporary secretary".
Where have we heard that excuse before?

to our innovative friend for showing the New Zealand Greens in their
true light.

22, 2001

Robertson [send him mail],
a former officer of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, is a businessman
and writer. He is working on a book on New Zealand’s race relations

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