Thirteen Stars Are Enough

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triumphs over politics — at least in my household. My wife and I
have long disputed over what flag to fly but last week we hit upon
a compromise that satisfied us both. Can you guess which flag we
are chose? Here are the facts and from them it should be easy to
deduce what flag we are displaying, and why.

is the flag of rebels who rose up against despotic government over
the issue of tariffs. That government despised the rebels as an
agrarian rabble that owned slaves. Those rebels mocked their lawful
rulers and actually attacked government troops and installations,
setting off a lengthy and terrible war that set brother against
brother. The flag of the rebels had thirteen stars, and the men
who served under that flag rarely had proper uniforms, often went
hungry, and froze in the winter. The outcome of that war was decided
in the Southern states.

you guessed that we are flying the St. Andrews Cross of the Confederacy
you are wrong. (I said we had compromised!) We are flying the revolutionary
flag of the original United States of America. When we can find
the streamer with "Don't Tread on Me" that will be flying
under it. We found this flag in a gift shop at the Chickamauga Battlefield
Park — a must see for any American patriot. To those few government
hacks that have any knowledge of this country's history this flag
is a direct challenge and it is meant to be. At the same time, displaying
this flag is meant to show our patriotism and our belief in the
concept of a free Republic under a constitution. You can see why
government hacks wouldn't like it.

Americans won our first Revolution and lost our second. But the
cause and the folks involved were pretty much the same. The loss
of our second war for freedom wrenched the mechanism of state from
the hands of the governed and led us inexorably toward the socialist
warfare state that now rules us with an iron hand. This is the government
which has turned our country into a confusing paradox of a place;
a feminized warfare state — truly a study in contradictions.

am reminded that we are currently at war, and I shouldn't say such
things — that unity is to be treasured above all else. To me, unity
is nothing without unanimity. That is why I remain a secessionist,
there can be no unanimity in this country where all are ruled from
the city state of Washington, and freedom is defined by the state
media organs headquartered in New York and Los Angeles. We are under
the yoke of a politically correct system of cultural Marxist origin
where our constitution is only invoked in the name of infamy, such
as the imaginary right of a woman to destroy her unborn child. The
free spirited people of the South and West cannot live under such
a system without conflict. Our beliefs are not those of the ruling
classes, the media or academe. Nor can we give our wholehearted
support to a government that oppresses us and whose function is
inconsistent with the rules we the people laid down for it to follow.

this current war: it appears that only one side is at war; the terrorists
are hitting their targets and killing Americans. The Americans on
the other hand, are bombing Afghani tribesman who couldn't find
America on the map and probably had scant to do with the WTC. One
might wonder why we didn't go into bin Laden's base camps the second
day of the "war" and kill every thing that drew breath,
then followed by sticking his head on a pike and declaring victory.
The government after all, was able to murder over seventy armed
Americans in Texas without bombing Houston and without all that
hot air about years of war and suspension of the Bill of Rights.
(Not that anybody in Waco had any reason to assume the Bill of Rights
had not been suspended!)

have been called a lot names lately: traitor, wimp, communist and
another of those pesky fellows who always blame America first; as
if I were some leftist media pimp. I'm not sure how these conclusions
were reached — my detractors usually refer to me as a right
wing wacko or neo-confederate — has something changed? Something
has changed all right — the American people are no longer
reading history, many of them couldn't if they wanted to, their
perception of the state is inculcated into them by those who support
big, intrusive government, and this is the fault and intention of
our government indoctrination centers. Many Americans still delude
themselves into thinking that school teachers are among our best
folks and grossly underpaid. They might get a surprise if they talked
politics or religion with their children or saw the test scores
achieved by their teachers.

patriots are kidding themselves. This is not America any more nor
will it be if we don't make it so. The America our friends the knee
jerk patriots are defending suffered a mortal blow in 1865; it has
been dying the death of a thousand cuts ever since.

great contradiction has revealed itself. The welfare / warfare state
wished to impose upon us the chains of ignorance, assuming that
poorly educated, highly indoctrinated people would, in a feminized
culture, fall in to step readily. Americans are taught to believe
that diversity is the source of our strength when it is obvious
that Western European roots and Christian culture created the America
worth fighting for. We are told that violence is bad, that our kids
should be kept away from guns and even from the imagined horrors
of dodge ball, yet we know that this is a dangerous world and we
better hope at least some of our kids grow up to be warriors. We
are told that self esteem is more important than achievement and
George Bush is certainly one for claiming that we are wonderful
while failing to base that claim upon anything specific.

are not as dumb as they are perceived to be by the government. We
can tell when the government is lying, when it is fumbling, and
we are not deceived by our media. Enough of us are deceived
to destroy any hope of unity and therein lies the conundrum. Neither
freedom loving rebels like me nor statist blowhards like Jonah Goldberg
can honestly claim to speak for anyone. Nor can the left. The red
zone and the blue zone could realistically be broken down into many
shades of gray. The government has destroyed our sense of nation,
ruined any hope of unity, and left us little in return. Yet we the
people still love our country but damn few of us trust our leaders.

it has something to do with the fumbling attempts at leadership
we have experienced of late. You don't need a Harvard education
to see that something is badly askew at the seat of power these
days. In fact, it is probably only at Harvard that people
could miss it. Current affairs remind of something a woman told
me once, "Everything you know is wrong!" I just didn't
realize then how right she was. Americans aren't as smart as we
used to be — but we are not stupid enough to miss seeing the nonsense
unfolding before our eyes.

examples of our current madness include nonsense like this:

  • We
    were gravely warned not to take Cipro unless actually infected
    by Anthrax — it can be dangerous to take antibiotics we were
    warned. Somehow that changed when Congress was exposed to Anthrax
    — now they and their "wonderful patriotic young men and
    women" (their office staff) are drowning in Cipro.
  • The
    postal workers were told to stay on the job — they are frontline
    soldiers (we are told) in the war against terrorism. Congress
    on the other hand bugged out so fast it was mind boggling. Postal
    workers were not even examined — yet even the police dogs used
    in Congress got medical testing. Postal workers have died from
    these attacks — no congressmen have been diagnosed with it so
  • We'll
    soon get to the bottom of this Anthrax attack, we were told
    by government. Yet who is sending these poison pills? One senator
    wanted to just go ahead and bomb Iraq. Proof? We don't need
    no stinking proof, quoth that worthy gentleman. Since we can't
    seem to figure out who is doing this, our leaders have decided
    to make some political hay while the sun is shining and blame
    those pesky right wing militants, whoever they may be. Maybe
    there should be a five day waiting period for buying Anthrax?
    Or did those rascals get it at a gun show?
  • Is
    it Weapons grade anthrax? Hmmmm. "Honest Tom" Ridge
    says it ain't. "Honest Tom" Thompson says it is. Other
    government clowns are claiming one or the other position and
    all points in between. To this observer, it looks pretty damn
    lethal and Tom Ridge is pissin' on my leg and tellin' me it's
  • The
    response of government includes the "brilliant" idea
    of making a new and improved anthrax, and then creating a vaccine
    that will save us from it. But what about the anthrax that is
    already killing Americans? Didn't they court-martial some soldiers
    for refusing their anthrax vaccines just recently? What about
    that vaccine guys? Does it work or not? If not, why did
    you give it to our soldiers? Remember TEOTWAWKI? That's "the
    end of the world as we know it." It's what happens when
    idiots create new diseases that can't be stopped by existing
    medicines. Only lemmings and human beings would even consider
  • Government,
    which tells us that the "plan" is on track, has simultaneously
    asked the public to help come up with ideas to defeat our enemies,
    whoever they are. If there is a plan and it is on track, I'm
    unaware of it. A new terrorist alert was just issued — but no
    information was given and just what we should do to prepare.
    Is that part of the plan or is this terror thing just becoming
    like the weather — we check it before bed and don't go to work
    in sky scrapers if there is an alert? Is this too weird?
  • The
    FBI, contrary to all common sense wants to consolidate all the
    Internet servers ostensibly so they can be monitored for terrorist
    messages. First off — this is stupid, criminally stupid, since
    that makes the internet much more vulnerable to attack. It's
    called the "one big depot" theory and it was discredited
    before Julius Caesar was born. Second, what about Carnivore?
    Can't those bozos already monitor every email and phone call
    that goes out? Why do we suffer these buffoons?
  • Government,
    which has announced that it will not rest until the world wide
    phenomena of terrorism is eradicated, continues to support Islamic
    terrorists in the Balkans, where the destabilization of Macedonia
    is well under way. Considerable military resources are tied
    up assisting these Islamic war criminals in their ethnic cleansing
    operation in Kosovo. That gang of thugs has destroyed thousands
    of Christian churches and yet we are supposed to be concerned
    about fighting on Fridays, the "traditional Muslim day
    of prayer." Well, we sure wouldn't want to offend anyone's
  • Our
    President speaks often of eliminating "evil doers"
    which sounds so silly that many of us are just shaking our heads
    in disbelief. The same man professes to be a practicing Christian
    yet has only to open his Bible to learn that we are all
    evil doers and will remain so until the return of Christ. We
    are paying this guy big money to defend us from attack. There
    are terrorists all over the place and he bombs Afghanistan.
    This has a very strong odor of expediency — what's the one country
    in the world you can bomb (besides Iraq!) and not offend some
    business interest or the other? While he is smiting "evil
    doers" the terrorists are walking around laughing at us.
  • The
    most horrifying example of government stupidity came when some
    ridiculous air force general, no doubt of Clinton vintage, announced
    that those darned Afghanis just aren't rollin' over as quick
    as "we" thought they would. His body language was
    that of a thoroughly whipped sissy. At first I assumed this
    was an aberration but several days later Donald Rumsfield was
    blathering on the same topic, and noted how "dogged"
    the enemy are for standing up to our horrendous bombardment
    for over three weeks. Well, hello, is anybody in Washington
    aware of happenings on the planet Earth? Everybody from the
    wino on the corner to the normally ignorant news media have
    privy to the state "secret" that Afghanis are among
    the toughest fighting men in the world. They fought the Soviets
    for ten long murderous years and suffered over a million deaths
    without complaint. When no foreign invader is available they
    fight each other. To men like those, fighting is quite natural.
    We should be really worried because our leaders apparently went
    in there "thinking" that with all our gee whiz gear
    that these fuzzy wuzzies would just roll over but it ain't gonna
    happen so now what?
  • It
    was particularly embarrassing to hear that our special ops guys
    were pulled out after meeting "ferocious" resistance
    and were astonished that the enemy counterattacked them almost
    immediately. Casualties in this "desperate" battle
    were zero. I'm guessing that the politicians who are micro managing
    this fiasco are more to blame than the men on the ground. Elite
    troops expect to take casualties but politicians think this
    can be bloodless — yet expect civilians (other than themselves)
    to be prepared for heavy losses. Did someone put magic mushrooms
    in the soup at the last state dinner? We better remember that
    this special ops guys are all we have, despite what you'd think
    from watching Hollywood epics where even the chef is a Navy
    Seal waiting to unload on any "evil doers" that may
    turn up. Total special ops troops available? Maybe 2000, maybe
    a few more if we count SAS and various Brit commandos. After
    that folks, it's Clinton's Army, in all its feminized glory.
    Do you think Bush changed all that? In nine months? Want to
    bet your life on it?
  • Islam
    is the religion of peace. Right. The government wants us to
    believe that. The media wants us to believe that. The real question
    is why do they want us to believe that?
  • England
    is our natural ally. Huh? Special relationship? What?! Who burned
    the White House? Who did we fight for eight years for our freedom?
    Who got us into the First World War, and by extension, the second?
    What has that socialist state done for us a) ever, and b) lately?
  • Israel
    is our natural ally. Again, Huh? Says who? Why should we support
    a socialist government anywhere in the world? Why should we
    go to war to defend a country that can defend itself?
  • Government
    inattention to enforcing the laws of the land allowed thousands
    of potential enemies to enter the country. Yet the first thing
    government wanted after the attacks was more laws directed against
    us the citizens of this country. We should have given them something
    all right — a kick in the butt.
  • It
    is our patriotic duty to fly even though we can expect that
    grandma will get the same miserable treatment as Mohammed the
    terrorist poster child. Our money was extorted from us to bail
    out the very airlines who routinely abuse us yet are unwilling
    to defend us. Just how is it my duty to submit to humiliating
    treatment by guards who are obviously foreigners, obviously
    incompetent, and obviously enjoying themselves a great deal?
    How does this help the war effort?
  • The
    Pakistanis are our great friends in the war against terror,
    and just never you mind what goes on in Kashmir. But our brilliant
    leaders, always ready to reinforce the confidence of an ally,
    are leaking the news that there is a joint Israeli / American
    plan to snatch the nukes from Pakistan "just in case."
    How helpful that news must be to the Pakistani leaders who are
    trying to keep the lid on things in their volatile country.

we can look at these anomalies and be relatively certain that we
as Americans, are in deep trouble. This war is very close to getting
out of hand. The Afghanis have indeed turned out to be more "dogged"
than those lightweight Pentagon planners had imagined. One Afghani
fighter told a reporter in Pakistan that they were shamed because
the Americans have hardly hit them enough for them to notice it
— he noted that when Ivan came calling he'd attack a single village
with sixty planes and a hundred tanks, and sometimes actually take
a village. He felt insulted by our efforts so far. No, they are
not impressed by our military efforts and they are not going to
bend to our will if this is how we are going to play the game.

may be wondering one thing though — why we are doing it.

say this now as an old solder. Bombs going off course, or "collateral
damage" do not particularly shock me. I know what war is and
expect that sort of thing as natural. That is why I always counsel
caution when drawing the sword. If you don't want systematic murder,
stay away from it. Sometimes a country must defend itself and at
such times we should call down the horrors of hell upon our enemies.
Nothing has occurred to convince me that the Afghanis have done
anything to warrant that. I must ask why bin Laden, whom we are
told was the perpetrator, is still alive. Of course the answer is
obvious — we are giving the Saudis a pass, pretending that Syria
doesn't exist, and trying to build a useless coalition because our
war aims are different from our foreign policy — both of which
are being pursued simultaneously.

Afghans asked for proof that bin Laden pulled the WTC "stunt."
They didn't get it. Now I'm asking for proof. Our government's
track record is so bad that I have that right. They do not
have my trust. I back this up by saying that when you show me convincing
evidence that the Afghanis are culpable; I'm willing to help kill
them. I'm well aware of how tough they are but I'm tough too. Yet
a real warrior will not kill lightly. So listen up Sam, put your
cards on the table if you want my support. John McCain, hero of
the neo-cons, wants to send in ground troops now. Is it unpatriotic
to ask what their job would be and just whom he wants them to kill?

you fire breathing America love it or leave it types, I ask you
one thing: did you trust your government before 11 September 2001?
If you did we have nothing to discuss, I've not time to present
reasoned arguments to children. If you didn't trust them then, why
do you trust them now? Is it a need to trust? I warn you that of
all reasons you can ever have for trusting someone, that is the
worst. There is actually only one reason to ever trust anyone, and
that is that they are in fact, trustworthy.

think back, and ask yourselves, "Who was going to throw open
our borders just a week before the attacks?" And if you now
trust the media, ask this one, "How come 8 million illegal
aliens suddenly, in the space of a couple days, were suddenly being
reported as three million by the media?" Could it be that they
too were in favor of Dubya's amnesty proposal, knew that we the
people weren't, and tried to soft pedal it? Should we forget that
our open borders policy set us up for attack? Should we dare to
ask the question, "Are you going to go back to your open borders
nonsense once this war is over?" It looks like business as
usual to me — Dubya was just on the news talking about how we "needed"
immigration but must be more careful in the future. Yep, three hundred
million people is just not enough, and despite the economic downturn
and millions of unemployed Americans, we need more immigrants.

why was it you said you trusted these people?

who say I'm a bad guy for blaming America first need to pump the
air of their heads and use that thing for thinking instead of blowing
smoke. Read the documents of the founders. Examine the public school
system. Examine our immigration policies, and review our system
of laws. You'll soon find our leaders have passed literally thousands
of laws that have no constitutional basis whatsoever. So no, I'm
not blaming America first — I'm blaming the American people for
rolling over like a bunch of supine sissies while despotism was
quietly implemented under the guise of democracy. I have little
time for the jingoist crowd who are happy to avoid thinking and
as a result are harming the cause of freedom. We seem to have an
abundance of "good Germans" just now when what we need
is thoughtful, brave patriots.

just maybe, it's time to hold these government people accountable
and bend them to our will. Since the will of the people in New York
is different from that of the people in Georgia, I tend to prefer
secession to oppression. The one thing that is absolutely certain
is this: what we have now is not working. A couple more attacks
and our country will degenerate into a poorly organized and inefficient
police state. It is mildly amusing that a government that claims
"democracy" is the key to all that is good, allows us
no say in anything. Even more ironic is that Johnny Rebs like me,
who still believe in the Republic, don't trust the government enough
to tolerate a Republic with them at the helm. Something has to give.

have been numerous conspiracy theories about these WTC attacks which
include but are not limited to, the following:

  • The
    government did it
  • The
    Israelis did it
  • The
    Russians did it

this government competent to pull off such an operation and keep
it secret? Hardly. The Israelis? Well, they are certainly the folks
with something to gain, and they are efficient, but how much
do they stand to lose if they did it and it was found out? The Russians?
Well, there are a couple of folks who think that but I certainly

truth is, I don't know who did it. I'm not sure Sam knows who did
it either. I want to kill the folks who did it, and if the Afghanis
were part of it, then bombs away. I must confess however, that I'm
mighty queasy about killing these folks when I'm not sure of their
guilt, and while my own government stubbornly clings to a crazed
policy of supporting terrorists in the Balkans. That really worries
me and it certainly has nothing to do with unity of purpose. And
while I'm pretty darn sure that the attack on the World Trade Center
was done by some flavor of terrorist, the attack on "freedom
itself" is being organized in Washington DC.

31, 2001

Mr. Peirce [send him
] fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith
side, of course).

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