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soldiers like myself have wondered for years why the terrorists
(of various flavors) have done such a pathetic job against this
country – terrorism is so ridiculously easy! Finally, they did what
statistically was inevitable – they got it “right.” My contempt
for them is not based solely on their murderous attitude – these
guys have been trying for years and they really are just second
rate buffoons – but the odds where, sooner or later – this would

government as well – look at them. They are pathetic in their incompetence.
That they get it right ever is just again, a thing of statistical

Bush tells us to get on an airplane and get back "to the business
of America." He will defend us. I submit that failed government
policies were already in place and "defending" us when
the WTC went down. Now, in typical government fashion, they will
to defend us by doing more of the same — treating airline passengers
as if we are all potential terrorists. I for one, will not submit
to that. Yet despite my contempt for their "safety precautions"
at airports, I'm given no possibility of defending myself. Worse,
I'm being forced at gunpoint to bail out airlines who have routinely
treated me with contempt. For reasons that escape me, I have never
once boarded a plane without being shaken down by ludicrous people
dressed up in security costumes. I don't like it, and I will no
longer submit to it.

find ourselves in the middle of an extremely dangerous situation.
Let's consider various options with which we are confronted. First
let's consider the obvious with our newest war — not what should
happen, but will happen. The media is considering the former, one
hopes the government is for once, considering the latter.

will hit "comprehensively" in the words of the president.
That means we will hit a combination of targets, pretty much simultaneously,
with land, sea and air attacks. Though we aren't saying it, a concomitant
of this response will be a stern warning to others to stay out of
the terror business. That means horror is coming to someone, maybe
a lot of someones.

to the nature of the enemy, the results are apt to fall into one
of several categories.

— we are relatively successful in hitting our targets. The attack
is made in "surge" mode so that the targets are revisited
over and over until satisfactory results are obtained. This means
that whatever we attack will be destroyed utterly. Ground ops will
be a reminder to potential enemies that Sam has a long arm. Such
an operation, since it is unlikely that we would get everyone on
the target list, must "play well" non the less. It will
be powerful and bloody enough to both satisfy angry Americans and
intimidate bloodthirsty foreigners. Best case on this one is not
pretty. It is less pretty when one considers that we haven't even
decided which of many possible "host countries" we are
going to attack!

— we perform a bungled version of the above, fail to be sufficiently
intimidating to "host" states like Afghanistan and Syria,
fail to hit many targets, and are ridiculed by our enemies. Think
Clinton. That could happen. If it does we lose in a big way — more
people hate us, less people respect us, Americans are angry with
Washington and Bush specifically. The situation deteriorates, and
the terrorist attacks escalate.

third option is all too possible: it gets out of control and something
really terrible happens. A world war could break out, particularly
when one considers how the First World War started, over much less
than this. If it comes to that, nuclear weapons are a sure thing
and best case is that it doesn't go on too long.

enemies have the initiative; a very dangerous situation from the
military perspective. We are sending Johnny off to war again to
try and seize that initiative back from them, but it remains to
be seen if we're not merely acting in a predictable fashion. Predictable
means "ambush" in military minds — or it should. The best
we can hope for is that we get the folks who did this, and don't
touch off a world war. We must face the fact that we allowed ourselves
to get into a position from which there are no obvious good options.
Our neo-conservatives, who are a blend of hard left communist converted
to an empire building "right" are proposing all the things
necessary to make this a global war. If you doubt that, see Buchanan's
on the "open letter" signed by forty one leading
neo-cons suggesting to Bush that he shoot up all the Middle East
and occupy Iraq. That is not a good option if we wish to avoid world
war and international calamity.

mention these possible outcomes because I don't see any other possibilities
as likely, and because I want to bring home the dreadful situation
in which we find ourselves. One with no possible outcomes that hold
any charm to the civilized man. Remember always that the geniuses
that got us into this war now expect us to count upon them to "lead
us to victory." Victory has been defined as "eliminating
evil" which is a pretty broadly defined war aim! Remember that
George Bush, who looked so resolute as he gave his "war speech"
was, less than three weeks ago, about to be equally resolute in
throwing open our border with Mexico. The mass migration from Mexico
and elsewhere is every bit as much of a threat to this country as
we are facing from the terrorists. Both threaten our way of life.

Southerners, and indeed to all Americans, I note that I have not
seen the Confederate flag flying as our troops march off to war.
For those of you who can only think in terms of the last few weeks
or years, I remind you that American troops have, since 1865, flown
Confederate flags and cherished the rich warrior heritage of the
Confederate Army. Ethnic cleansing? You bet, but even though they
are destroying all we stand for, and destroying our history and
our heritage, they still expect Johnny Reb to do the fighting. There
is something very wrong with that picture.

brings me to discussing our options as Americans, our options for
the future. We have for too long, had the "duty" button
in the off position. With our many government departments caring
for our security, however poorly, we have considered that handled.
And thrust our freedom into the hands of others. We are now, many
of us, facing the prospect of family members going into the hell
that is war. We are patriots, saddened but resigned.

suggest that we do not understand patriotism. It is not, not
ever, about loyalty to a government. It is about a people who
have chosen a way of life, and a place to live, and loving what
they have created. About defending what they have created. Why must
we worship leaders? Haven't these same leaders opened our borders
to the very people who are attacking us? Haven't they in many cases
armed them and trained them? Aren't they doing it this very second
in Yugoslavia? That's right — in case you hadn't noticed our government
is still arming, training and supporting terrorists in the Balkans.
Osama bin Laden has called upon the Albanians to join him in his
fight against us. Is President Bush aware of this? You can bet he
is, but has he done anything to correct that appalling situation?

are we willing to send our sons and our daughters too, thanks our
to lack of common sense, off to war? Why do we do it so lightly?
I know many of you are agonizing over this very thing. The time
to agonize is before it happens. Why weren't we paying attention
when our government entangled us in affairs that are not our business,
involving us in wars that are not wars of national defense, and
in the case of Yugoslavia, are actually wars of aggression? That's
a very real question — couldn't we take the time to think through
issues like these? That we who will give up a child to the god of
war, will not sacrifice a few moments away from the TV set to actually
consider that the actions of our leaders will have consequences
for us.

we think about these things but do not think them all the way through.
My brother Christians support Israel at a gut level, which is fine
with me. But when they pressure our government into supporting Israel
as well, they are making a big mistake. American Jews are at fault
here as well. These well meaning religious folks are involving their
country in wars that are not our business. To them I say — go there
and fight if it means that much to you. If you take it that seriously
— carry your self over there and pick up a gun! I did…

my family out of it.

business is at fault here too. Despite their prattling about "free
markets" they use their money to buy American troops from politicians
who rent them out as security guards, pocketing the profits and
sending the bill to every American. Have you asked yourself lately,
"What do I gain by having troops in Yugoslavia supporting Muslim
narco-terrorists?" If you haven't considered that question,
you are at fault. Actions have consequences. This country is in
your hands. If you don't drive, Sam will and he is not very smart
and does not have your best interests in mind. Do you like the place
we find ourselves?

the time to considering national affairs now, use your brain and
cold hard logic. Ask good sound questions and be prepared to buck
the mainstream. Do this if you love freedom and hate killing needlessly.
It is your job. Those are your kids boarding those transport planes.
You owe it to them. Along with an apology — your candle light vigils
and pathetic singing of "We Shall Overcome" has led the
military to sensitivity training instead of knife fighting. Now
we need some knife fighters to protect ourselves and they are thin
on the ground. If you want peace, stop thinking with your emotions
instead of your brain.

those of you on the other extreme, you neo-conservatives, consider
this. In this barbarous world in which we find ourselves, the opportunities
for war are endless. It will find you. Going out and looking
for it is crazy at a level that would make Jeffrey Dalmer blush.

how about this once we do something right? This is not a war to
end war, it is not even a war that will end terrorism. Let's just
finish this nasty business at hand, as best we can. And then for
God's sake, rethink how we are living our national life. Did anyone
ask you if you wished to dispense with national sovereignty? Did
you get to vote on whether our Southern border should be opened
to millions of migrants or whether to bring in hundreds of thousands
of Muslims? Who asked your point of view on whether we should murder
Serbian civilians to aid Muslim terrorists?

point here is simple — we do not have any good options. Government
has ruled in our place so long we have atrophied as a people. We
must shake ourselves and rub the sleep out of our eyes, like the
slothful nation of Rip Van Winkles that we are. I warn you, the
long sleep must end or the long war will come. There will be wars,
but cursed is the country who starts them. Even if that country
is a collection of sissies, wailing "I didn't know…"

try a parable here — you have a gun, and across the street is a
bad guy with a machete. You cross the street and try to disarm him,
but he attacks you so you shoot him. Can you be tried for murder?
Abso-damn-lutely! There was no need for deadly force until you created
it — your right to self defense does not include the right to create
lethal situations where there was none. This law is just, and was
written back when men still understood certain moral verities. Back
before America went to sleep and offered her children into the devilish
care of the left wing wackos of the teacher's unions. Back when
the past was to Americans, our link with our selves, our nature
as a country, and our purpose. Whether by design, or by accident,
our masters, and their public school system, have eradicated the
past in a truly Orwellian fashion. I often remind people not to
mistake incompetence for malice — yet in this case, it might as
well have been malice for their activities have nearly destroyed
our Republic.

means to me, as a citizen, that I must influence my leaders to keep
us out of situations where we might find ourselves having to kill
people. If you think you are obeying the Ten Commandments, and don't
understand that, I must wonder why. It means that we must put men
into government that will ride herd on it, and bind it to rule of
law. That will resist the fistfuls of cash proffered to them by
companies for help with projects like the Caspian Pipeline. Companies
that put their interests ahead of the lives of our families and
are clearly breaking the law by purchasing our politicians.

time to consider religion. Religion is an issue that can no longer
be ignored and it's time to consider that and make some decisions.
Religious tolerance is a good thing. Pretending to think a non Christian
religion is quite as valid as Christianity is not. Not if you're
a Christian; indeed it is utterly moronic for a person of any religion
to assume that other religions are equally valid. There can be only
one. It's common sense — if Christ died for your sins, then Christ
is Lord and all the rest are pretenders. But then, we have heard
a lot of blathering about prayer and God lately, but I can't recall
anyone mentioning the name of Christ. It's called "religion
light" folks, and it is meaningless. The parallel with Stalin's
rehabilitation of the Orthodox Church to support the "Great
Patriotic War" is unmistakable — religion is fine with the
government as long it can be used to support their policies. And
as long is it is not taken too seriously. Yet our National Day of
Prayer could not be observed in our own schools, because that same
government which piously calls for God's blessing, has determined
that prayer in our schools is harmful. Are we worshipping God or
simply calling upon some nameless god of war to support our military

hold to our beliefs, some of us, and they to theirs. For this, we
are called intolerant and insufferable. The Crusades are routinely
referred to by people who have never heard the phrase, "The
sword and the crescent." Who have no idea that Islam made it
to the gates of Vienna and that it took Spain 700 years to finally
eject them. Instead we hear how advanced they were and how peace
loving. If you really wish to know how peace loving and gentle the
Muslims have been over the years, study up on the wars against them.
It takes a strong stomach.

intelligent men informed me recently that the terrorist attacks
were symptomatic of fundamentalist religion. On a par with Christians
blowing up an abortion clinic. I reminded them that when Muslim
bandits kill seven thousand people there is rejoicing among many
of them world wide and it is considered no moral problem to Islam.
When a Christian kills it is widely regarded by us as sinful conduct
by other Christians who condemn it loudly. You certainly will not
see Christian demonstrators applauding the act. Nor do Christians
consider it moral to kill "infidels" as if they were some
how beyond the pale of traditional moral restraints.

Christians have started wars and done all kinds of dumb, sometimes
murderous things is sinful. Which is the whole point — when a Christian
acts outside the tenants of the faith, he is considered a sinner.
There is no provision for a glorious paradise for suicide bombers.

must stop allowing Muslims to immigrate here if wish to live in
peace. I say this not because I hate Muslims, I don't. Nor do I
say it because Christians can't live next to Muslims — as long as
they don't control the government we can. In countries where they
do control the government, we cannot because we are under
interdict and there is no precept of religious freedom in Muslim
countries. Islamics have no concept of separation of church and
state — they achieve power, you lose. The real issue is apparently
too subtle for the news analysts but it's actually quite obvious.
Muslims can't live with secular humanists. The conduct of
the secular populace, and sadly, many of the lapsed Christians in
this country is abhorrent to Muslims, whose faith is entirely works

say that Muslims are a "works" based religion means that
their religion teaches that salvation is awarded to those who follow
a specific set of procedures. To Christians, this is heresy because
we believe we are saved by the blood of Christ. It is possible though,
that educated men from both faiths can live and work in harmony.
Both religions have moral codes that suggest that is possible. Given
our public school system, and theirs, where will we find these educated,
thoughtful gentlemen?

attempt to keep themselves from temptation by veiling the girls,
banning the porn, the booze and the TV, and kicking people around
if they don't buy into that. This is not just true of the jolly
old Taliban but you see it all over the Middle East and where ever
the government officially enforces Muslim religious law. Those are
folks who are emigrating to the United States in large numbers,
finding prosperity and a lot of temptation. Our secular culture
arouses strong disgust, even hatred and fear. In a Christian culture,
as we once had, men didn't seek out pornography so there was little
of that. Prostitution and all the rest were nothing like now — they
had far fewer customers. Homosexuality was in the closet. Muslims
see us in our decline, fear we will drag them down with us, and
get fighting mad.

why are we importing so many of them? Is there some kind of national
death wish?

suggest that we expel all illegal immigrants right now —
whatever the nationality or religion. Then we should adopt a sane
immigration policy based on some model currently in use — preferably
a successful one. Like that of say, Mexico?

are at a crossroads now, maybe the last change we get before we
head too far down the road to nowhere. We are at war. Worse, we
are in an essentially un-winnable war that may in fact, lead us
right into World War III. The "War to End Wars" started
over far less in 1914. Despite the sadly inept efforts of our diplomats
to explain to Muslim countries that this is not a war against Islam
— when the shootin' starts, they are going to see it that way. Since
in the world of realpolitic we have to hit back after such
a vicious attack, we find ourselves in a very tight spot.

watched the leadership of the United States singing "God bless
America" and was at once nauseated and moved. For they are
the ones who got us here, and it would have been quite easy to stay
true to the Republic and avoid all this trouble. Among these leaders
where dreadful people who espouse any ignoble cause, and vote for
any new restriction on freedom. Who glory in the deaths of millions
of unborn children. To see Ted Kennedy singing "God Bless America"
was to witness an act of hypocrisy that simply defies imagination.

were also those among them whose intentions are good, who for reasons
that seemed good at the time, betrayed the Constitutional Republic.
This is their moment if they want to seize it. America can be great
again; its greatness was never about becoming an empire, rather
the reverse. It was about being a place where the job gets done
right, and fair play is the norm. We were great when we respected
the will of God and had the humility to question our own motives.
I'm not just blaming this on non-Christians either — my Christian
brothers at some extremes would ban beer, boxing and feeling good
yet claim to be major patriots and have flags flying everywhere.
That is not loyalty to our country — that is using a flawed system
to impose upon others. To them I say, "You have supported the
War on Drugs, the creation of empire, and sold the rope to your
own hangman."

all of you in Congress, Christian and non-Christian alike, I offer
this challenge: make this war worth fighting. Give us our country
back. Defeat our enemies because they backed us into a corner no
country could endure, and then come home. Forego your usual "total
war" response and reacquaint yourselves with the concept of
the Just War. Close our borders and return to pre u201860s immigration
policies. You are destroying your country just as surely as those
terrorists destroyed the WTC. Come home — be an American again!

the Augean Stables, Hercules faced a task of well, Herculean proportions.
So do we. It requires more of us than most are willing to give.
It is well to remember that no matter what we may want, doing nothing
is simply a way of casting a vote for the status quo. The status
quo in this case is about perpetual war and continued decline.

shall we proceed? Get your kid out of government school. You decide
how and what they should be taught — it's your job. Do it.
Stop voting for Republicans and Democrats. Unless you can take over
their local apparatus in your state — then do that. Never vote for
any politician who has plans he wants to finance with Federal money
or is even willing to accept money from the federal government.
Politics is supposed to be local. While that Federal money is of
course, ours, it's better to let it go then let them buy us a set
of chains with it.

out any and every politician who speaks against your inalienable
right of personal self defense. They are scofflaws, and should be
jailed because they mock our constitution after taking an oath to
defend it. Remove any politician who votes in favor of overseas
alliances. Remove any who fail to see the insanity of having our
forces in one hundred six countries. Demand an end to the war on
civil liberties they call the Drug War. Resist their crazed attempts
to destroy our Southern heritage!

any politician, and jail them, if they were or are in favor of feminizing
our fighting forces. A country that minds its own business is still
a country that lives in a dangerous world, and needs to be able
to defend itself. Most of that defense should come from an armed
citizenry. You will not lose your freedom in such a country — you
will have the power to dictate terms to Washington, not the reverse
as we have now.

Minister Berlusconi of Italy has outraged politically correct government
leaders world wide by daring to suggest that Western European culture
is superior to all others. Well — it was at one time, and could
be again. If you don't believe that, why on earth are you supporting
a war against another culture? Just roll over and surrender — why
should it matter to you which way of life we adopt, if all are of
equal merit?

is it perhaps a real good idea to have national boundaries behind
which we can each live the way we please? If one culture is superior
to another then the proof of the puddin' will be in the eatin'.

short, take a long hard look at who you could have been, and weep.
Then get up, dust yourselves off and get to work rebuilding our
Constitutional Republic!

29, 2001

Mr. Peirce [send him
] fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith
side, of course).

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