A Trip Down Memory Lane

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are literally up in arms about terrorism these days, with more than
a little reason. However, that does not excuse American complicity
in creating the worldwide terrorist movement. It also highlights
the ignorance of average Americans who have the time and the means
to become well informed yet choose to spend that time on trivial
pursuits like television. I know more about that than most since
I was fighting terrorists at one time, terrorists who were backed
by America and Britain. Most Americans are and were blissfully unaware
of what their leaders have been doing. Perhaps this will help enlighten
some of us, at least.

charming creature from Zimbabwe has done me the favor of characterizing
the terrorists against whom I warred so enthusiastically by writing
to me. Since most Americans followed the government / media party
line and supported these murderous wretches, this fine fellow has
saved me a lot of words by explaining himself in public, for all
to see. I haven't edited his language or spelling — it is marginally
worse than one expects from American public schools, which is a
very unkind thing to say. It could have been as easily written by
a KLA "fighter" or any one of dozens of other terrorist
organizations but this contained some specifics directed at me personally.

Here America, is what those you supported so strongly, and so wrongly,
think of you and me. We'll start with his words to me personally:


Hunzvi person he mentions was the leader of the so called "War
Veterans" in Zimbabwe who are taking over the white farmers
property, murdering, looting, and plunging their country into chaos
and starvation. Hunzvi, it should be added, is now dead, and unlamented.
Very few of these of "war veterans" are old enough to
have actually fought in the war. Those who did directed most of
their efforts into torturing and murdering black civilians. I could
tell you what I saw there but I won't — suffice to say I'm not exaggerating
in the slightest when I say that these "freedom fighters"
redefined horror in their treatment of tribal villagers. My correspondent
apparently considers Hunzvi to be a hero. Quite a heroic character
indeed, to take the name "Hitler," but it certainly showed
whom he wished to live up to.

our correspondent changes his tune a bit to remind us all how well
loved we are by such as he:

took 10 arabs to f**k 30,000 whitees lets see you hollywood bravodo
jion the bush reservist and troop of to afghan terror/they have
seen off many of
your forefathers the bush is burning ha ha ha"

much foreign aid have Americans sent to Zimbabwe since the defeat
of the civilized people there? How much money have Christians sent
them, even during the war, through liberal church organizations
like the World Council of Churches? I myself blew up a bunker full
of supplies that silly, ill-informed Christians had sent those murderers.
Can you say, "gratitude"? Do we as citizens not have a
duty, yes a duty, to inform ourselves on issues and hold our government
accountable? You wouldn't think so.

a mental lightweight, he failed to notice that it wasn't just "whitees"
who were slaughtered in New York last week.

is really enjoying this now:

of all those body bags mate go to bed more terror coming you way
/bring on those tranquilisers and teqiella/ sun will rise up mate/
its not you weapons of war but our weapons of the womb/ fast forward
2025 brown population ha ha "

there is something awfully funny about thousands of civilians blown
to pieces. His prediction may even be true — it is certain we who
have inherited the traditions of two thousand years of Western Civilization
have no sense of self preservation. We are throwing our freedom
at the feet of government lackeys and mocking our own culture as
if it were somehow inferior to that of others, although the opposite
is obviously true. My correspondent, being ignorant, misses a very
harsh fact of life: if we go down — Africa starves. Not a guess,
not a prediction, just a cold hard fact.

of me, the dark side, is tempted to say, "starve Zimbabwe,
and be damned." But I can't. I have friends there, black African
friends. Men I served with in the African Rifles — musicians I met
in the after hours clubs in Salisbury. Folks in the Tribal Trustlands.
People like the kid I read about in a Christian magazine whose father
had given him his pension money to come to America and attend seminary.
I tracked down the boy's email address and wrote to him. I told
him that I was glad I'd never encountered his father in battle and
wished him well. I didn't say this, but had I encountered his father
in battle, he would not be attending seminary school either here
or anywhere else. You see, we were most appallingly good at what
we did and few of them survived such an encounter. Imagine my surprise
when the boy replied and told me his father had been my comrade,
and served in the RAR, my old regiment! No, I do not want Zimbabwe
to starve.

anyone think I'm merely an old soldier telling war stories, here
is what the US Marine Corps had to say about us
. Read all four
chapters for a fairly accurate telling of the story and a very good
analysis of our operations.

what does the world think of Americans? Is it all like this barely
literate and hateful person I've quoted above?

have seen Egyptians dancing in the street and chanting "bulls
eye," Palestinians cheering the news broadcasts; all over the
world people are rejoicing at our agony. Even in America — a friend
informs me that Middle Eastern types were cheering lustily at a
strip mall in Detroit when the news of our neighbors' deaths came
over the airways. We need to think real carefully about that. Most
Americans have this Pollyanna view of stupid foreigners who just
don't understand that we are trying to help them. Apache helicopters
in Israel, starving children in Iraq, and murdered Christian civilians
in Serbia somehow don't register in our national consciousness.
We have, in our arrogance, failed to consider the consequences of
our actions. We have routinely interfered in conflicts that do not
concern us and are now astonished to find ourselves participants
in the horror of those conflicts.

have allowed media and government to dictate our opinions to us.

I wrote to a friend in the Marine Corps who is preparing for what
comes next. The Marines are our one fighting force that has retained
some standards. If it comes to ground war in some God forsaken place
like Afghanistan, he knows as well as I do that it will be Korea
all over again — where a few elite troops must die buying time while
we rebuild a feminized military. My advice to him was that of one
soldier to another, "Stay alive if you can with honor, we need
thoughtful soldiers." For he knows the things that we know
— that the Empire has created a world in arms and that this was
avoidable. But he also knows that if we don't stop these people,
they will kill again. How terrible to be a soldier at a time like
this. How much worse it must be, to be an adult rather than some
gung ho kid, with an awareness of the reality of this, and the foolishness
of our leaders, and to have to put your men into combat knowing
these things. Don't we owe our soldiers the dignity of a cause that

is not to say we should not fight against these people who murdered
our neighbors. But if we don't change our policies and abandon this
hellish dream of empire, it is all too obvious that it will go on
and on. I'm waiting sadly to see if our masters will reconsider
their policy of supporting Islamic terrorists in the Balkans. I
wish I could say I'm optimistic. I wonder what our soldiers there
think now?

lane can be a cold dark alley, but not always. Let me share another
communication with you from a different kind of man — a comrade
of mine from the war who is now a railroad engineer in Canada. He
called me to express his horror and concern for me and for all of
us. During his run today, the train was ordered to stop at five
minutes to twelve. All on board faced towards America and shared
a moment of reflection and prayer for us. We have friends in this

have blundered around the jungle that is this planet, like a near-sighted
bull elephant, killing and maiming, helping and harming, waving
our dollars and our weapons, and alienating many. Despite all that,
we still have friends. Somehow that matters to me. It matters a
great deal.

17, 2001

Mr. Peirce [send him
] fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith
side, of course).

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