Gun Control and the WTC Tragedy

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destruction of the WTC last week was the greatest tragedy in the
history of the Western hemisphere. It may be the be the greatest
man-made tragedy in the history of the world, dwarfing the bombings
of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Dresden and the sacks of Rome and Constantinople.
Unfortunately, it was also the most successful military action of
all time.

air-filled politicians and moronic teleprompter-reading TV pundits
are now beating the war drums. Their propaganda and thoughtless
blather may start an almost unimaginable round of attack, counter
attack, and escalation that could eventually lead to nuclear and
biological Armageddon. When the time comes, it will be interesting
to see how many members of these two odious groups will be in the
first wave of assault troops parachuting into Afghanistan.

let me make a simple suggestion that may have eliminated the murderous
hijackings in the first place.

second amendment to the US Constitution did not give, it only recognized
the preexisting and inalienable right of a free people to keep and
bear arms. George Washington of late memory said in his first address
to Congress "no man should scruple or hesitate for a moment
to use arms in defense." On Tuesday the federal government
– against reason, law and history – actively disarmed every innocent
citizen before they boarded the four doomed planes.

one alive in 1970 could imagine a planeload of feminized and unarmed
Americans sitting quietly by while 3-5 box-cutter wielding highjackers
heads turned their plane into third world cruise missiles. Instead
any of the handful of then legally armed Americans on a typical
plane would have dispatched their tormentors quickly. These ordinary
Americans may or may not have saved their plane, but surely they
would have saved the World Trade Center and its thousands of innocent

For thirty years closet totalitarians like Senator Hilary Clinton
and Senator Chuckie Schumer have worked tirelessly to disarm the
US population. Well-financed and unending propaganda has convinced
many sensitive moderns that abandonment of any right to personal
self-defense is the natural state of man.

of our NY Senators travel in armored cars with multiple well-armed
guards ready to protect them. Look at what they do and not what
they say. What is it that they know about their own personal safety
that they do not profess in public and what special privilege are
these worthies unwilling to share with ordinary citizens?

is to be done? I propose the following easy and wholly voluntary
experiment. Airlines should be allowed to offer two separate types
of flights-"Second Amendment Right-to-Carry Flights" and
"Weapons-Free Flights".

flights would not require carry on baggage inspection or intrusive
and clumsy metal detectors at the gate. Citizens using these flights
could drive to the airport swiftly embark and fly off.

thus saved would pay for the delay, sophisticated equipment, personnel
and extra holding rooms needed to do full body searches on everyone
flying on the "Weapons-Free Flights". This money would
also pay for special government certificates issued to each of these
passengers stating that they are, in fact, on a weapons-free flight.

can freely choose their flight of choice.

to form the bureaucrats are already suggesting even more draconian
schemes to disarm free Americans. I heard the improbably named Joseph
Lawless, Public Safety Director of the Boston MPA, say that he wants
to outlaw even plastic knives in the airport commissaries. Is this
jackass for real or did I accidentally surf into some sick Comedy
Central skit?

we should return to our roots and allow any of our 280 million fellow
Americans who wish to protect themselves to exercise their constitutional
right do so. I would feel safer and somehow I feel most of the victims
of the WTC tragedy would agree.

in pace.

22, 2001

Mahony [send him mail] is
the managing partner of Lexington Research Partners a NYC based
investment firm.

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