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could call it passion. You could call it white hot fire in the belly.
Whatever you call it, Mark Scott has it. For more than a decade,
Mark Scott shared his passion for freedom and reason on AM radio
here in Detroit. But when the host station downgraded itself from
talk to sports, the Mark Scott Show seemed doomed. But as living
proof that you can’t keep a good man down, Mark has retooled his
show as a live Internet broadcast.

again, liberty-loving citizens of the republic can hear a daily
three-hour seminar on what-should-be as measured against the national
outrages of the day, quite like an audio version of LewRockwell.com.
Coupled with his uncommonly literate audience of patriots, the Mark
Scott Show is a breeder reactor of new constitutionalists.

of LewRockwell.com have made the intellectual journey necessary
to thinking their way through the minefields of media lying and
disinformation. Mark Scott’s niche us to provoke and outrage his
listeners to the point where they will educate themselves about
freedom, and its governmental enemies. A long-time advocate of Ludwig
von Mises and Ayn Rand, Mark leads thousands to bookstores to learn
the virtues of capitalism.

its new incarnation, however, the Mark Scott Show has a potential
worldwide audience. Imagine the horror of pockets of capitalism
and self reliance breaking out all over the planet. It’s conceivable
we could Save The Planet – from the socialists!

ex-Marine is a one-man war machine against sloppy thinking and big
government. Join his battle at MarkScottShow.com.

25, 2001

Glabb [send him mail] lives
in Detroit.

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