Compulsory Government Education, By What Standard?

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Aunt of mine recently wrote to me and reminded me that she’s a former
government school teacher and that I offend her with my comments
on the government schools and, especially, the teachers.

reminds me:

  1. I must use smaller words and easier sentences for my readers who
    do teach in the schools.
  2. I, too, am part of the problem because I taught in a government
    school for 5 years. It was at the college level. I’ve since asked
    forgiveness from many friends and neighbors and promise never
    to do it again.

MANY in my immediate family have been involved in compulsory government
education. My mother retired after 30 years of teaching. A huge
percentage of Aunts and Uncles from BOTH sides of my family tree
(I’m often told that in my family tree I’m the sap) were or are

get complaints. But I have yet to receive any arguments as to why
government schools or teachers are justified. I would ask, BY WHAT
STANDARD should we support the school system?

  • By the test scores?
  • By the amount of drugs given to students to calm them down?
  • By their intensive support for safe sex (“Have sex with anything
    as long as you use a condom!”)
  • By their expense per student versus the expense at private schools
    per student and versus the expense per student educated at home?
  • By the past two National Spelling Bee champions? (homeschooled)
  • By the National Geography champion and runner-up last year? (homeschooled)
  • By Reid Barton, the first person ever to win gold medals four
    years running at the International Mathematical Olympiad against
    500 students from over 80 countries? (homeschooled)
  • By the intolerance of the public schools to traditional American
    beliefs? (i.e., George Washington, Christianity, chastity, non-relativist
  • By the social graces of many in public schools versus the social
    graces of those taught at home or in private schools? (You’ve
    heard the weak attempt to stab homeschooling: “I worry that those
    kids won’t be socialized properly.” RIGHT. That’s the #1 goal
    of homeschooling! Homeschooling parents prefer that their children
    have respect for their elders, can communicate with adults, understand
    issues in the news, and, above all else, show a genuinely happy
  • By the refusal of the public school system to allow prayer in
    the schools?
  • By the public school system’s strong support of Halloween, Satanism,
    and environmentalism (all strongly related)?
  • By the forced taking of dollars from me to pay for someone else’s
  • By the public school’s use of behavioral drugs as opposed to traditional
  • By the distribution of Planned Parenthood Kits for teaching “sexual
    activities for young homosexuals”?

WHAT STANDARD I still ask?

  • By the National Parent Teacher Association’s President Ginny Markell’s
    announcement in February that her organization “would be making
    available a video which embraces same-sex families”?
  • By the NEA’s support for abortion and their constant attack on
    religious groups?
  • By the Head Start program that forged a parent’s signature on
    a consent form to cover up a wrongdoing in January when a Head
    Start mobile unit gave the 3-year old child 7 fillings without
    anesthetics in Vista, California?
  • By these questions: Which gets more time in public schools: Sodomy
    or phonics? Lesbianism or polynomials? You know the answers, right?
  • By the fact that there is more freedom for religion in Russia’s
    schools than in America’s?
  • By the teaching of a false sense of self-esteem? Self-esteem is
    indoctrinated at the expense of every other subject. Homeschooled
    children and many privately-schooled children have learned that
    if you teach a kid how to read, write, and do math, the child
    has a lot of self-esteem. Of course, absolute morals must be taught
    first, but that's against the law in the public schools.
  • By the DARE program which, nationwide, has brought about a vast
    increase in drug use everywhere it’s implemented, at a cost of
    $750 million each year?
  • By the answer that an acquaintance of mine always gets when he
    asks elementary school children which would they rather save:
    a tree or a baby?


told, “Why should you worry about it, you don’t have children?”
Many on the Left love this kind of argument. My money is being taken
against my will for a system that destroys the nation, but I should
have ABSOLUTELY NO SAY IN IT. But the product of the government
schools bothers me far more than the money.

around any school… Are the children lining the halls of public
schools kind, genteel, obedient, respectful of their elders? Are
their countenances full of innocence and joy? Even if we could raise
test scores 50% tomorrow, we would still have disrespectful, obnoxious,
soul-less, unlawful kids.

visited our home last year, and I told their oldest boy that he
could come back some time with his father so we could hunt some
of the local copperhead snakes. The boy looked hurt and said, “You
shouldn’t kill anything.” Fifty years ago, no boy would have responded
that way. But the schools are accomplishing their goals.

public school teachers, I don’t blame the parents for the failure
of the schools. I blame the teachers who taught the parents. The
government schools are a complete and utter failure. They should
be closed.

31, 2001

Perry [send him mail]
is the author of 70
books on computer programming

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