Boycott Ford

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CEO's talk, managers listen. When CEO's at Fortune 500 companies
say "Jump!" managers ask "How high?" When Jacques
"Jack the Knife" Nasser, the CEO at Ford, says "Diversity!"
managers say "Fire the old white guys!" And 33 old white
guys who believe they were fired by Ford for the twin crimes of
whiteness and manhood are mad as hell and they are not going to
take it anymore. Free the FoMoCo 33!

old white guys in question range between 41 and 61 years old. Sounds
like me and my golfing buddies. All worked for the Ford Motor Company
for somewhere between 11 and 36 years. Their common story includes
excellent performance ratings throughout their careers. Those ratings
began to change when Jac Nasser took over in 1998 and commenced
his diversity jihad. Boycott Ford.

looking into this story I learned some things about Nasser. He tends
to refer to the Ford Motor Company as FoMoCo. Really, no kidding.
FoMoCo. It has a condescending, faux hiphop ring to it that probably
appeals to people with no clue. He also appears to love his nickname,
"The Knife." It is his street name for when he is gettin'
down in the MBA hood; proves how tough he is.

who want to be called by tough guy nicknames, especially guys in
suits, tend to have other issues but that's not my main point here.
Anyway, think of him as "The Knife," anti-whit lord of
the FoMoCo Clan and all around bad person. And he is dissin' me
and my old white boys, big time.

33 former Ford managers (Free the FoMoCo 33!) say they were sacrificed
the altar of PC. It seems their performance ratings all took the
same sudden
and mysterious turn for the worse after Jac's Jihad began. You see,
have their bonuses and their own continued employment tied to the
of "diversity goals." (Collectivist code word alert!)
By a happy accident,
their subsequent firings made room for promotions among the company's
minority and female employees. Lucky break, that. Lucky unless,
of course,
you are a 50ish white man who has paid his dues, worked hard, and
done a good job and who can no longer support his family for the
PC crime of success while white.

have become accustomed to the code words of the totalitarian left.
"Bipartisan" means do it my way or I'll demagogue you
in the media. "Risky scheme" means let me spend your money.
"Mean spirited" means someone is rational rather than
emotional. "For the children" means watch out, Bill of
Rights, here we come again. "Harassment" means whatever
she wants it to mean. And "diversity" means fewer whites.
George Orwell was probably the visionary genius of the 20th
Century and he nailed the totalitarians and their use of language
before we ever heard of PC.

their diversity, training seminars for top executives one of the
lowlights is a videotaped message from Knife Nasser. During that
address he says, "I do not like the sea of white faces in the
audience and FoMoCo (See, I told you. He actually says FoMoCo!)
must ensure that in the future the company reflects the broad spectrum
of Ford's customers." Boycott Ford.

balance might be a great way to choose a tie and equal representation
of the sexes is a good idea if you are planning a dinner party but
they strike me as singularly poor reasons to hire an engineer. But
they are great reasons never to buy another car from these people.
Boycott Ford. If he doesn't like to see a sea of white faces why
should we inflict one on him at his dealerships? Those Ford dealerships
are another excellent reason to boycott their vehicles but that's
another story. As for me, my face is white, my money is green, and
my car is ABF – anything but Ford. Boycott Ford.

to that the fact that you will be buying a car designed and engineered
by someone chosen for his job based on some attribute other than
his mathematical aptitude and mechanical reasoning ability. You
think Ford transmissions are bad now? Boycott Ford.

Nasser has a strategic plan called "Equitable Representation
– Vision Objective." It outlines a drive to reduce the number
of white males in various levels of management by anywhere from
17% to 34% between now and 2007. Boycott Ford. As David Murphy,
the VP of Human Resources, says, "You aren't going to do that
by pleasing everybody, by having some kind of consensus." Or
as another great HR guy cut from the same cloth once said, "You
can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs." That was
Lenin. He'd fit right in at FoMoCo. Boycott Ford.

the race toward their evil, phony diversity goals why should they
stop at race and gender? The idea is to reflect "the broad
spectrum of Ford's customers," right? FoMoCo certainly has
its share of stupid customers. Why not quotas for dopes? They would
have a natural mentor in the HR VP. Boycott Ford.

you probably guessed, I intend to Boycott Ford. The first car I
ever bought was a 1960 Ford Galaxy. The rear right quarter panel
had been smashed in a collision and I got it for $100 as an 18 year
old kid in 1970 with my first paycheck from working construction.
I loved that vehicle. It is tough to leave old loves behind but
I will never buy another Ford. Not until Nasser is corporate history.
Not until the FoMoCo 33 receive justice. Free the FoMoCo 33! Not
until Ford judges their employees by the content of their personnel
files and not the color of their faces. Boycott Ford.

won't take one as a rental. I won't cheer for Mark Martin. Sorry,
Mark. I intend to root for the hit men in the Charger (Go Dodge!)
the next time I watch "Bullitt." Sorry, Steve. And no
more "Mustang Sally." Sorry, Mr. Pickett, but evil is
evil. Boycott Ford.

me. Boycott Ford!

    26, 2001

    Cobb [send him mail] is
    a printer in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. He is a northerner by
    birth, a southerner by choice, and a Catholic by the grace of God.

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