Entangling Foreign Alliances: Let's Get Rid of Them

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been a whirlwind three months for the military-industrial complex,
for whom killing is a business and business as of late has been
very good.  A little more than two weeks after the official
October 7 kickoff of the War on Terror [really War of Sanctioned
Terror Under the Pretense of Fighting Unsanctioned Terror], U.S.
forces had dropped 3,000 bombs and missiles on Afghanistan. 
By early November the number of expended munitions had doubled. 
And this just a little more than 10 years after the Gulf War campaign
when 250,000 bombs (85,000 tons) had been dropped on Kuwait and
Iraq.  In the Kosovo campaign, more than 11,000 bombs had been
dropped on Serb positions just by B-52 bombers alone.

And despite the most absurdly grandiose progenitors, no operation
or munition is ever sufficient.  Take the 15,000-lb. Daisy
Cutter bomb (BLU-82).  A truly horrifying weapon, even those
not within its immediate 900-foot lethal radius can suffer massive
internal injuries to body organs.  "You start bleeding
from your eyes and ears – a weapon of tremendous destruction,"
one retired general enthusiastically gushed to MSNBC’s Bryan Williams. 
Yet not long after the U.S. started dropping the 15,000-lb. bomb
on Taliban positions outside Mazar-e Sharif, Northrop-Grumman proposed the development
of a 30,000-lb. version of the weapon which it named Big BLU.  Even
a week after the Tora Bora cave campaign ended, the Pentagon deployed
10 new "thermobaric" cave missiles (BLU-118B).  With
his Eastern Alliance lackeys firmly in control of Southeastern Afghanistan
and bin Laden and al-Qaida operatives having long fled the country,
Undersecretary of Defense Edward Aldridge nevertheless insisted
that the new bombs were “something we clearly have a need for
in Afghanistan, and they’re on their way over there.” 

Since the end of the Cold War, the military-industrial complex has
lumbered on like the insane robot Box who rules the Ice Caves outside
the City of Domes in Logan’s Run.   Having once held
a legitimate role long ago, it is now engaged in mindless edifice
building and murder.  As surreal as the Pentagon’s wanderings
are the reports concerning a massive espionage operation carried
out against America by one of its staunchest "allies." 
The reports first appeared in a four-part series on Fox News Channel’s
Special Report with Brit Hume.  Conducted by reporter Carl
Cameron, the series laid out the details of what could be the most
massive spy operation ever carried out against America on its own

More than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained since the September
11 terrorist attacks including several active members of the Israeli
armed forces who failed polygraph tests when questioned about surveillance
activities against the United States.   Cameron claims that
"[t]here is no indication that the Israelis were involved in
the 9-11 attacks, but investigators suspect that the Israelis may
have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance, and not
shared it. A highly placed investigator said there are ‘tie-ins.’ 
But when asked for details, he flatly refused to describe them,
saying, ‘evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified.
I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified

reports indicate that the gears of the espionage operation were
actively turning nine months before the September 11 attacks (and
even in June 2000).  Classified documents obtained by Fox News
detail the arrest and detention of as much as 140 Israelis.  
The investigation, about 5 years old, has uncovered hundreds
of incidents in cities and towns across the U.S. where Israeli operatives
posing as art students "targeted and penetrated" military
bases, DEA and FBI offices, "dozens" of other government
facilities, and even the private homes of law enforcement
and intelligence agents.  The Israelis, when questioned, confessed
to being active in Israeli "military intelligence, electronic
surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units."

Of course the most explosive charge unearthed by Cameron was the
contention that Israeli intelligence agents had uncovered information
about the September 11 attacks and withheld it from the U.S. 
Cameron told Brit Hume that there is "a great deal of evidence
that they [U.S. investigators] say they have collected — none
of it necessarily conclusive.   It’s more when
they put it all together. A bigger question, they say, is how
could they not have known?  Almost a direct quote" 
[italics added].

reports in the Jerusalem Post and elsewhere, this particular
exchange raised one heck of a ruckus in the Zionist corridors of
power, for the following night Hume and Cameron returned with much
more equivocal claims:

HUME:  There was a report, you’ll recall, that the Mossad,
the Israeli intelligence agency, did indeed send representatives
to the U.S. to warn, just before 9/11, that a major terrorist attack
was imminent.  How does that leave room for the lack of a warning?

What investigators are saying is that that warning from the Mossad
was nonspecific and general, and they believe that it may have had
something to do with the desire to protect what are called sources
and methods in the intelligence community.  The suspicion being,
perhaps those sources and methods were taking place right here in
the United States.  

So in other words, the problem wasn’t lack of a warning, the problem
was lack of useful details?

Quantity of information.

course careful reading of the transcripts of Cameron’s investigation
reveals that his last-minute equivocation doesn’t change anything. 
Backpedaling aside, Cameron’s work raises many more questions than
it answers, particularly about two Israeli companies that could
have been in the thick of any espionage operations.  Those
companies are Amdocs Ltd., a corporation which produces and has
access to records of almost every phone call placed in the U.S.
and Comverse Infosys, a corporation which has been granted a monopoly
on the production and administration of wiretapping systems for
U.S. law enforcement agencies.         

great tempest has been whipped up about the "fact" that
the Cameron investigation had been mostly exculpatory about the
possible role of the Israeli government in misusing Amdocs
records of U.S. phone calls.  This is to take advantage
of the rather sketchy nature of Cameron’s report in certain places
(no doubt representing further equivocation to placate the Zionists). 
Both Cameron and Hume have noted the suspicions of U.S. investigators
that certain September 11 spy suspects (read:  Israelis) had
been tipped off to the direction of the investigation by phone call
information supplied to them by Amdocs.  No one in their right
mind believes that Amdocs unilaterally sent its employees from Israel
to the U.S. to spy on Arabs or Americans.  Such behavior by
a ostensibly private company (with no nexus to profits) is incomprehensible. 
To report such a tip-off of suspects and then nonchalantly declare
no government involvement in such a scheme is to engage in an intellectually
dishonest collective leg pulling.

plot sickens with Comverse
.  Comverse, like Amdocs, is an Israeli firm that
sells wiretapping equipment and software to U.S. law-enforcement
agencies.  Comverse equipment records and saves wiretapped
calls to computer memory before forwarding them to law enforcement
agents.  The problem is that Comverse’s software is anything
but secure – the wiretaps can be easily accessed by unauthorized
parties.  None of this would be such a problem if not for the
fact that Comverse is not much more than a de facto arm
of the Israeli government, receiving as much as 50% of its research
budget from the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade (IMIT). 
In yet another underplayed bombshell, Cameron adds that investigators
from DEA, INS, and FBI told him that "to pursue or even suggest Israeli
spying through Comverse is considered career suicide." 
Oh, so the Israeli government really isn’t involved here either,
is it Carl, old boy?   That sure clears things up.   

Cameron reports that the FBI is deeply divided over Comverse. 
Its Quantico, Virginia office, staffed by a few key players who
awarded the wiretapping contract to Comverse, has seen those same
players curiously leave the office to go to work for Comverse. 
Many FBI sources say those same players were asked to resign from
the FBI under "troublesome circumstances" that are still
being investigated by the Justice Department.  Meanwhile, agents
still investigating the September 11 attacks have seen that, time
and again, suspects they were just about to wiretap suddenly and
uncharacteristically change their behavior and modes of communication,
apparently from being tipped off that they were under surveillance.

been no concurrent reports on Israeli spying on non-Fox networks
or any analysis whatsoever by the establishment pundit crowd of
the four Cameron reports.  In alternative sources, Justin Raimondo
[here, here, here, here, and here] has been alone in
producing the best analysis anywhere.  What makes his columns
so effective is his steadfast refusal to allow Cameron’s opportunistic
backpedaling from obscuring the shocking details of the espionage
operations.  The one glaring chink in Raimondo’s armor is his
fantasy that if
the story of withheld information about the September 11 attacks
gets out to the American public, Israel will be "finished as
our principal ally in the Middle East."  Zowie!  
Talk about naive.

[Blank] Little Country’

naivete would not likely be shared by the current (and no doubt
soon to be erstwhile) French ambassador to Britain, Daniel Bernard. 
Bernard was attending a private dinner at the home of Conrad Black
when he was overheard telling some members of the gathering that
all the current troubles in the world could be traced to "that
sh-tty little country Israel."  "Why," Bernard
asked, "should the world be in danger of World War III because
of those people?"  The comments were reported by Black’s
wife Barbara Amiel in
a column
in the Daily Telegraph.  Amiel used the remark
as evidence that “anti-Semitism and its open expression has become
respectable at London dinner tables.”   Amiel’s conclusion
is absurd and, given her own fanatically Zionist leanings, likely
a vindictive pretense for getting the French diplomat in hot water
over his undiplomatically expressed views.  It’s quite a stretch
to label Bernard’s remark about "those people" as anti-Semitic
since he was referring to Israelis collectively and not Jews in
general.  Unfortunately, as a result of Amiel’s smear campaign,
Bernard’s career as a diplomat is likely over, he being the latest
victim of Zionist thought police.

Political correctness aside, such recognition of the threat war
Zionism poses to world peace is definitely more prevalent in Europe
than in America where there is, in at least some way, a much less
contrived discussion of the roots of the Middle-East problem.  
True, Europe has a plethora of totalitarian regulations against
"hate" speech and "hate" crimes.  But America,
with its backstage management of political discussion, creates only
the appearance of being freer.  Not 4 days after the entire
Cameron investigation was posted on Fox News Channel’s Web site,
it was inexplicably pulled.
 In the aftermath of the Cameron investigation, the Jewish
Telegraph Agency reported that Fox was in
negotiations with (among others) Israeli government officials over
its news content.  Zionism, as a imperialist war ideology,
has got to be on a roll when its representatives get to dictate
to a large American news organization what the content of its news
reporting will be.  [Tonight – Friday Dec. 28 – Fox, almost as
if to atone for the "sin" of Cameron’s reports, is running
a long, fawning interview with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,
a cold-blooded murderer and war criminal who should have been locked
behind bars years ago.  It speaks volumes about the current
state of Israeli politics that this thug is now prime minister of
a supposedly civilized nation.]    


great contrast to relative European sophistication on the Israel
question is found in American Protestant Evangelical Christians. 
Led by dogmatic Zionist blockheads such as Pat Robertson, Jerry
Falwell, James Dobson, and Gary Bauer, and influenced by know-nothing
Zionist gas bags such as Cal Thomas, Joe Farah, and Rush Limbaugh,
few demographic groups match Evangelical ignorance of the origin
and dynamics of the Middle-East conflict.  Yet no other portion
of the electorate has so significantly tipped the balance of U.S.
policy in favor of Israel to the point of giving it a blank check
for the commission of bloodshed, violence, and destruction, all
horrifically carried out in the name of God.
 Evangelicals, with
their purely selfish interest in preserving their Holy Land tours
to worship physical artifacts, have become the "useful idiots"
of both the military-industrial complex and War Zionism.  As
the demographic group large enough to bring about positive
changes – yet unflaggingly supporting the status quo – they
remain the largest demographic obstacle to true Mideast peace. 
Marx disowned Marxists, and one has to wonder what Christ would
think of the fantastically self-serving group who wear His mantle
among American Evangelical Protestants.       

the Meddling, Stupid

upshot of all this is that Americans will continue to have to arrive
at airports three to four (even five) hours early for their flights,
be subject to extensive and invasive searches of their persons and
baggage – the latest absurd iteration being the humiliating removal
and x-raying of smelly shoes.  The economic costs of all this
(especially the cost in terms of precious time consumed waiting
in lines) will be enormous.  And yet what will have been accomplished? 
NBC news broadcast a segment on December 26 showing that enough
plastic explosive to fill a hard-shell sunglasses case can bring
down any jumbo jet and was completely undetectable by ANY technology
that will be implemented in airports in the foreseeable future. 
In other words, by our rubber stamp on our government’s world meddling,
we have fatuously brought the Intifada to our shores and
if we don’t change course we will quickly come to live in an increasingly
fortified, barbed-wire, fenced-in, guard-patrolling, checkpoint
state just like Israel (and even all those measures won’t protect
us from smart, determined terrorists).  Americans certainly
don’t want this.       

Only Way Out:  End the Wealth Transfer

Here’s a modest proposal.  Let’s unconditionally end all government
foreign aid to Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pakistan, the
Palestinians, and any other nation or government who currently receives
it.  If private parties wish to contribute funds to any cause,
fine.  But as long as government dollars flow in the direction
of any country, an entangling foreign alliance is created and trouble
is sure to follow.  This is an easy argument and foreign aid
is a difficult sell to the vast majority of Americans, especially
if the issue is framed effectively.  The way the argument should
be couched is, "Voluntary foreign aid, ‘yes;’ tax dollars ‘no.’ 
We don’t have a federal budget large enough for every ethnic group
to argue for aid to their home nation.  What would these nations
do if the U.S. never existed?"

the next presidential election perhaps there should be a national
referendum on the question.  The referendum would ideally be
prefaced by George Washington’s famous quote from his Farewell
Address about the dangers of political connections with foreign
nations (quoted in my
last column

There’s no doubt that such a referendum would be a horrifying development
for the military-industrial complex and gentile and Jewish war Zionists
who make a very comfortable living ensconced in their countless
government agencies, policy institutes, defense contracting firms,
anti-terrorism consultancy firms, ad nauseum.  This
evil crowd knows that a national vote would never go their way and
one can only wonder what sort of bogeyman they would dust off in
the days leading up to such a referendum.  The defeat they’d
suffer would be sweet beyond description.  Let’s all make 2002
a year in which we begin to work feverishly to bring their wonderful
defeat to fruition.  Shalom and happy new year!!

3, 2001

F. Israel [send him mail]
is a contributor to Against
the Crowd


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