Conservatives Get Uppity

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Boehlert's recent article "Out of Control" on
attempts to make it clear to all that while Republicans have flown
off the handle and denounced Gore and the Democrats with every breath,
The Democrats have remained calm, collected, and professional. It's
fortunate for Boehlert that he doesn't have to read the article
aloud because I can't imagine that he would be able to keep a straight
face. Apparently, Democrat histrionics have become so run-of-the-mill,
that columnists like Boehlert don't notice it anymore.

astounding that while Jesse Jackson is running around accusing Republicans
of disenfranchising voters on racial grounds, and leading protests
for a re-vote, Joe Lieberman is busy denouncing Republicans as using
the "rule of the mob." For years, the Democrats have been
waving the bloody shirt of civil rights and poverty. Now, they are
enraged that the shirt has been stolen from them and is now held
aloft by Americans tired of being disparaged by bureaucrats, intellectuals,
and politicians.

hear the rhetoric coming out of universities and government agencies,
one would think that there is not a decent human being living anywhere
between New York and Los Angeles. That big piece of land between
the urban areas is full of selfish ignorant gun nuts whose only
wish is to subvert all the good that government does in order to
protect their own self interest. They have been saying this for
a long time, and unfortunately, a lot of people believe it. The
intellectuals know that middle class self-hatred is the first step
in introducing their new vision for America. As soon as they can
get those middle America types to admit that they are loathsome,
hate filled, oafish human beings, then they will be perfectly willing
to just admit that the intellectual and government classes were
right all along. Ordinary Americans will finally see that any resistance
to the plans of the urban elites is simply bigotry that horrible
people have learned from their even more horrible parents. Just
as the French bourgeois classes were convinced to hate themselves
and their country in the days before their bloody Revolution, it
is the goal of modern leftist pundits and intellectuals that recalcitrant
Americans would also learn to hate themselves, and thus surrender
to the new America.

was the type of conservative that people like Eric Boehlert were
used to seeing. They like conservatives who know their place, and
would never think that their ideas ever be taken as anything other
than academic oddities. By taking to the streets, ordinary Americans
have gotten "out of control". To liberal pundits, the
realm of politics is to be left to the truly knowledgable and enlightened
classes who see the true nature of politics and do not indulge in
the idle fancies of things like private property and local government.
Only moderate dissenters are to be allowed into what Boehlert calls
"The respectable conservative media."

problem that liberals now have is that conservatives (respectable
and otherwise) have gotten uppity. That whole scam about diversity
and the unique culpability of the American people worked for a while
to keep those rural and suburban Americans back, but then they got
tired of taking all that abuse. They got tired of having their history
trashed, and their philosophies ridiculed. The young people who
were fortunate enough to miss the brainwashing of the 60's got especially

liberal establishment has no one to blame but itself for all the
anger circulating in conservative and libertarian communities. Not
only have they been forced to endure the high taxes and rampant
regulations imposed on them by intellectuals and bureaucrats, but
everyday they must endure the condescending moralizing of megalomaniacal
liars like Bill Clinton and Al Gore who declare in all seriousness
that they are for the people and not the powerful.

Clinton-Gore cabal is the author of its own illegitimacy. It is
they who have mangled the Presidency so badly that many Americans
have few qualms about openly calling the president and vice-president
vicious and colorful names. Boehlert assumes a tone worthy of the
haughtiest British Tory when incredulously reporting that the Weekly
Standard "referred to the vice president of the United States
as u2018the jerk' throughout the campaign(!)" These people which
are so shocked and appalled about disrespect for the office of the
president and vice-president should really get over themselves.
They are the ones who have defended the notion that as long as "the
public" approves, anything goes. Well it turns out that "the
public" does not include all Americans, and those people who
weren't included are now going to give the presidency the respect
it deserves. (That is: no respect.) Clinton and his buddies have
made it abundantly clear that the White House is there for the blunt
usage of raw political power. Why shouldn't the quest for that power
be equally raw and blunt? In the dominant media, deference to the
mob has always been fine as long as it supported a clintonesque
agenda. Now that the Democratic rabble rousing self righteousness
has become a little stale, the call for civil and dispassionate
politicking has arrived. The fact that this type of bloody shirt
politics is their own creation is lost on them. They just hate being
on the receiving end of it.

liberal pundits believe that modern conservatives, like uppity women
from days of old, need to be put back in their place. "Where's
the conservative self loathing?" they say. Eric Boehlert's
"there goes the neighborhood" attitude toward impassioned
conservative rhetoric is ignorant at best and delusional at worst.
To try to tell readers that Republicans have overstepped the bounds
of civility while Democrats are content to win this battle in the
halls of lofty ideals can hardly be taken seriously. Like all battles
for immense political power, this fight is dirty and impassioned.
The stakes are high because the leftists want them to be so. Now
that it appears they might lose the game, they want to take their
toys and go home. If only they'd stay home for good.

7, 2000

McMaken is a graduate student in American politics at the University
of Colorado. He edits the Western

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