Of the Libertarian Party and Other Useful Idiots

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have a name for groups like the Libertarian Party. Useful idiots.
The capital L Libertarians hurt, not help the cause of freedom.
While the Left chalks up victories, they celebrate that Indiana
went so wild over Harry that Browne captured O.7 percent of the
vote. That showing amounted to nothing compared to what he compiled
in Georgia. As the LP Web site puts it, he "racked up an amazing
1.42 percent."

the LP were only the political equivalent of the Moose lodge or
a Dungeons and Dragons club meeting in the basement of the student
union, I wouldn't care about its power of positive and delusional
thinking. But much to the Left's delight, the Libertarians scorn
Republicans and refuse to back them. Some geek wants to play like
he is a candidate for the U.S. House and the party faithful punch
a hole next to his name over the Republican. The GOP candidate,
they say, isn't pure enough.

don't agree with those who refuse to vote on principle, but they
at least do no harm. Those on the Right, however, who join and vote
for the so-called Party of Principle (as the LP bills itself), the
Constitution Party or Reform Party might as well be voting for the
Democrats and the expansion of the welfare-warfare state. If it
weren't for the millions who followed the pied piper of Dallas,
Ross Perot, Bill Clinton might have ended up a sleazy, divorced
lawyer hitting on waitresses at an Arkansas country club. We would
have been spared his tax increases, his land-grabbing executive
orders and his wife. We would have been spared his two appointees
to the Supreme Court. If only one vote would have gone the other
way, Nebraska wouldn't have had its ban on partial birth abortion
shot down.

the Libertarians and members of the Constitution Party say there's
no difference between the GOP and the Democrats. I beg to differ.
Which party is more likely to send what remains of the Bill of Rights
down the toilet? Which party will take away your guns? Which party
will see to it that the feds, the real monopolists, break Microsoft
in two? Which party wants your children to learn an anti-Christian,
anti-Western diatribe in school, how to put a condom on a banana
and the supposed joys of sodomy? Which party sat out most of the
Cold War but now lobs cruise missiles and dispatches troops with
an alarming frequency? Which party wants to confiscate more of what
you earn? Which party's cornerstone is one of the seven deadly sins,
namely envy? Which party treats killing the unborn as the highest
of political rights? Which party is more likely to sign the Kyoto
Protocol? Which party is more likely to ensure that oil stays unused
under American soil and the price rises at the pump?

certainly isn't the Republicans.

have the LP to thank for allowing the Democrats a 50-50 split in
the U.S. Senate. If it weren't for the Libertarians, Tom Daschle
wouldn't be pitching a fit anytime a microphone or television camera
comes his way that Democrats should be given co-chairmanships. In
Washington state, the Republican incumbent Slade Gorton lost because
LP voters acted like their usual Donatist selves and gave Libertarian
Jeff Jared 2.63 percent of the ballots. Only a 0.1 percent separated
Gorton from his Democat opponent. The statist Left adores such enemies
like the Libertarians. (If only some of the 16,401 votes for Browne
in Florida had gone to Bush, Gore might not have felt he was in
"range" to launch his coup attempt.)

Paul is a case in point of the LP's futility. He left the Libertarians
and joined the Republicans. Instead of playing at running for office,
he is in the House of Representatives. Rep. Paul can raise and defend
Constitutional issues that otherwise might get ignored. He is in
a position to help stiffen the GOP backbone. Perhaps he should trade
all that for skipping merrily for garnering 0.2 percent of the vote
and edging out the Green Party candidate for third place.

has two parties. One at least pays some homage to the republic and
its founding documents and principles. This party's core can be
found in the middle class whose taxes foot the bill for the overgrown
federal government; among entrepreneurs who keep the economy chugging
along; and with those who retain traditional moral and religious
beliefs. The other party has the Establishment media in its corner.
Its supporters by and large are the tax-takers or eaters and those
who hate traditional morals and beliefs and want to see them further

it's not hard to see which party is which. The hour is late. Choose
a side.

15, 2000

Andrew Newman is a writer whose work has appeared in such places
as Modern Age and The Social Critic.

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