Unlikely Heroes

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Bush has found himself suddenly the champion of an impassioned right
wing — a role for which is unsuited in every way — even genetically
— if his father is any indication! And sadly, it appears that the
acorn didn't fall very fall from the tree. Did this guy really prattle
on about prescription drug benefits in the middle of national crisis?

remembers Kaiser Frederick Wilhelm, whose Prussia had been soundly
defeated by Napoleon's forces in 1806. By 1813 his senior officers
where begging him to call on the people to rise, his junior officers
had already been in combat against the invader, forming Frei
Korps units to harry the French. General York had defied imperial
wishes and concluded an armistice with the Russians and poor ole
Frederick, not much of a man anyway, did not like the way the winds
of change were blowing.

a sop to his generals, he did indeed call upon the people to rise
up; but warned those officers not to expect too much — after all,
why should the people rise? They had no stake in this! To his surprise,
and dismay, the people rose up in huge numbers; the recruiting offices
were jammed, and there was an outpouring of patriotic sentiment
unlike any the world had yet seen. So the Kaiser, who had scant
sympathy for the opinions of the people, became their unlikely hero,
and rode to glory with his troops at Leipzig, where Napoleon was
finally beaten to a standstill.

forward a couple of hundred years to America. We have calls for
secession, for revolt, for a passionate struggle against the oppressors
and usurpers who have turned our constitutional republic into a
disgraceful and depraved nest of vipers. And George W. Bush saunters
out on to the stage…. "But seriously folks…"

and his Republican backers are the best we can do? Already we hear
the plaintive calls for "bipartisan action." "An
end to gridlock!" "Reconciliation!" As if we elected
a supposed opposition party because we wanted to work hand in glove
with very people who have brought us to the brink of moral collapse.
Actually, it's way past time to take the gloves off, fashion some
nooses, and be done with these rascals.

the recent Supreme Court decision concerning the constitutionality
of police roadblocks in Indianapolis, where they circle your car
with stormtroopers and drug sniffing dogs. You are guilty until
proven innocent, of offenses that should not even be considered
criminal. Fortunately this horror was struck down. Guess who dissented?
Our wonderful heroes of the conservative movement, Clarence Thomas
included, called this "minimal intrusion!" These are conservatives?
They think randomly searching every citizen who drives by is a minimal

must be stated that they are liars, that their claim to strict constitutional
constructionist interpretation is a farce if they can issue such
an absurdity. What of Dubya? Remember he, and the other principled
Republican leaders, such as his Dad, who failed to notice when citizens
of Texas were brutally murdered by government killers. These are
the same fine fellows who thought murdering people in Kosovo was
just fine, but wondered why we weren't using ground troops! After
all, aren't conservatives the guys who like war?

we have a situation where a great many people seem ready to close
ranks behind leaders who have no real ideology at all. Are we lemmings?
Marching happily off the cliff to cries of "bipartisanship!"
Will we accept our piddling victory in Florida as some sort of a
triumph when we see that nothing has really changed? Does Mr. Bush's
pleasant personality make it all better?

Bush, like Frederick Wilhelm, has found himself staring into the
face of history — and more is required of him than he has or wishes
to give. For Mr. Bush, unlike the Kaiser, has no Czar Alexander
to give him backbone. No, he has only those same colorless advisors
who made his father's presidency so "memorable" (and so
brief). He is whistling bravely as he marches past the graveyard
of our constitutional aspirations, seeking "moderation"
in a day that calls for extremism. And it is a very sad day indeed,
when declaring oneself in favor of strict adherence to our own country's
constitution, the very one these usurpers swear to defend, labels
one as an "extremist!"

greetings conservatives! Happy holidays. Enjoy your win. Enjoy your
drug war. Enjoy your new president. Have a ball today because tomorrow
won't be pretty. For you are backing a loser. Where it not for the
outright fear many of us feel for the ruling party, we'd never have
voted with you. Many of us did not.

put up or shut up time, Mr. Bush. You will either get on board with
us constitutionalist "extremists" or sink forever in to
obscurity, taking your moribund Republican Party with you. The Democrats
will flood this country with so many immigrants in the next few
years that your hopes of ever winning again will be minimal. They
own the schools, they own the media, they are utterly ruthless and
completely focused on obtaining power — it's only a matter of time.
You may soon be revealed as man who stands for nothing — whose own
rhetoric will restrain him from speaking against these tactics.
It doesn't have to happen, but already the signs are there for us
to read. There are already enough panderers in Washington DC — something
new is in order. Something real.

Bush have the cojones to smash the NEA? Since the answer
to that question is of course, "no," then we the freedom
loving people of America, will lose. We literally cannot afford
to lose another generation in the mind boggling mess of the public
education system. Those of us who actually understand our intended
form of government are a shrinking minority — when we are gone —
the country goes which ever way venality will take it. That's a
one way street, and it's headed to a place that most politicians
don't even believe in: hell.

the lessons of history — we may assume that this country will be
an outright dictatorship within a few years. The steel fist will
be softened by the velvet glove of a triumphant media, and all the
Hollywood cognoscenti will cheer the advent of "real"
democracy. This in a country that equates nudity in cinema and sexual
promiscuity with freedom. It will be wonderful for some — although
minorities will soon find out that the payoff never comes, and civil
disorder will be an obvious consequence. A mind is indeed, a terrible
thing to waste.

those of us who care about this country, and care about the principles
upon which it was founded, this should be a clarion call to action.
Al Gore nearly took over the leadership of this country in what
can only be called a coup d'etat. That he failed, is a good
thing. That George Bush is the "almost" president elect,
is not a good thing at all. So once again this jaded old rebel has
only one piece of advice to offer: secede! Do it now! Stop sleeping
in a bed with all these scum who call evil good, and good evil;
and come clean. We really do not have to tolerate all this — and
there will be a day when we will be held accountable! How will we
answer the question, "Why didn't you separate yourselves from
those people and their sinful ways?!" And here is a hint —
it won't be Judge Mathis asking the question!

timing for secession is perfect, it may never be this good again.
The "teachers" have subverted the education process but
have not been entirely successful at brainwashing their charges,
yet. The military has been radically purged and feminized, and indeed,
disenfranchised, yet there remains a strong undercurrent of sanity
and patriotism there. But for how long? The people have seen the
Democrats openly try to steal an election — it is common knowledge
that we are in deep trouble. Soon, however, they will change the
station and go back to watching Oprah. And the government will just
keep growing, and the trashcans of history will fill up with outdated
documents like the constitution and a brave new world will unfold
before us.

those who want constitutional government, stop kidding yourselves,
and face the facts. We were spared an outright communist and got
a socialist instead. Somehow it just sort of feels like we lost
after all. We have within us the power to change all that in an
instant. To Washington we must say, "Let our people go!"

30, 2000

Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith
side, of course).

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