Considering Secession

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Brian Puckett of "Citizens of America" recently sent me
a copy of an article by him that was published on the Sierra Times
website at Mr. Puckett is a thoughtful and
patriotic man, a leader in the struggle to preserve our constitutional
right to own firearms. Sierra Times is a first class web site for
people who value freedom.

then, do I choose to debate the issue of secession with Mr. Puckett?
Well, for one thing, he is against it. The title of his essay was
"Secession is Not the Best Solution." Here is his opinion
on the matter:

it is all lost, before we are subjugated by socialists, before the
last vestiges of Constitutional rule are subverted, should we divide
the country into states dominated by the two divergent factions?

we should not. We should instead drive the socialists out of our
schools, out of our government,
and out of our lives."

I respect his well reasoned arguments and am aware of his deep commitment
to the cause of freedom, I gave the issue some more thought, facing
the infinitely difficult task of trying to think like someone who
doesn't agree with me. To do this it was necessary to take the approach
that secession is a bad idea. It hurts just to write those words!
Yet it wasn't hard to come up with a lot of reasons why this might
be true. As an exercise, let's look at the issue from that point
of view

the obvious one – our first experiment with secession nearly drowned
the country in blood. Hundreds of thousands of the best men in America
died or were maimed in a war that devastated the South for decades
and left many a family on both sides in mourning for years. Yet
it must always be remembered — it was Northern troops, under the
auspices of an out of control central government, who invaded the
South. What choice was there for Southerners? Sometimes it really
is necessary to fight. The question that confronts us is two fold,
would it come to that? And if so, is it worth it?

are administrative issues as well. What of the Federal government
programs? What of the media? Who gets what? (I don't want Sam Donaldson!)
What of the military, particularly the nuclear weapons? Who would
get the aircraft carriers? How soon could we break up that communist
teacher's union and bring the schools back on board, teaching our
values? Would there be civil disorder?

are serious issues, and must be considered.

done so, it always comes back to same old questions. How can long
can we tolerate this cesspool into which we and our children have
been dragged? We have pretty graphic evidence that the Democratic
party, the party of socialism, depravity, abortion and treason,
will do virtually anything to retain control of the government apparatus.
They already have control of the media and the schools. It is equally
true that about one third of our population supports them, and that
demographic is unfortunately, distributed through out the country.
While heavily concentrated along the coasts, it's a safe bet that
some of these folks are living in our neighborhoods as well. Splitting
this thing up would not be easy.

we all have seen the map displaying the voter breakdown by county.
The population that votes democratic is heavily massed on the coastal
cities and some of the more porous areas of the border with Mexico.
What a surprise.

was the cultural divide more graphically obvious. We, the cultural
conservatives and "joe six-packs" of "flyover country"
went overwhelmingly for Bush. We didn't love him — we were voting
against the Democrats. We want our country back and voted accordingly.
The cultural Marxists however, are very close to winning. Most of
the people who live on entitlements, work for the government, the
media or otherwise suck at the public trough, voted to continue
re-distributing our wealth at the expense of our republic.

that haven for the very communistic theories rejected by the rest
of the civilized world, went heavily for cultural Marxists; many
if not most of the bigger colleges must be considered training grounds
for the enemy. When one thinks of Marxism in the context of our
colleges, it is hard to determine if we should be thinking of Karl
or Groucho! We have a lot of house cleaning to do right in our own
back yards, and since we can't just shoot all these lame brains
we'll be hard pressed to come up with something useful for them
to do. That part of it might just be fun…

saddest commentary of all is this: we may assume that the Christian
Church, in particular the mainstream denominations, has been heavily
infiltrated by these weasels, even in the traditional Bible Belt.
Satan knows his enemy, even if we do not.

we have a political party that supports homosexual activists, labor
unions, including the extremely dangerous teacher’s unions, the
race baiters, feminists, Hollywood elite, and those old leftists
who still cling feebly but enthusiastically to the Stalinist creed.
They were fronted in this contest by "Moses" Lieberman,
he of the elastic morals, and Al Gore, he of the no morals whatsoever.
Admittedly, these wretches are worthy successors to Bill Clinton,
and for those who believe as they believe, Lieberman and Gore are
satisfactory if not inspiring. No soul searching on the left, no
honor or desire to do the best thing for the country. Just naked
venality and an overwhelming lust for power. Even the more principled
leftists abandoned them in disgust, and went for Nader.

this element of our body politic is at war with the principals upon
which this country was founded and the people who believe in those
principals. They want our money and they want our souls. They want
absolute power, and they want it in the name of some bastardized
imitation of democracy where everyone can have all the sex they
want and call it freedom. It reeks of the barnyard — Orwell was
strangely prescient in his use of metaphor.

is time to consider that, and forget this loyal opposition nonsense.
Get it through your heads that these people are most definitely
not loyal. There is no "agreeing to disagree" with
this bunch, no compromise. Study the workings of the communist party
from the thirties and forties and you will soon learn where the
Democrats get this incredible tenacity — they will never stop: every
compromise is to them, a short step forward toward their devilish
goal of absolute power.

will use whatever tactics it takes, and that includes importing
millions of foreigners and declaring them citizens to skew the election
results. They proved that by doing it: both in the recent election
and in '96. At the rate they are flooding this country with immigrants,
immigrants beholden to them, we can soon forget about western European
culture. This benefits no one, not even the immigrants, and will
lead to anarchy.

I say to Mr. Puckett, and to the others out there who wish to work
within the system, that the time for compromise was over years ago.
Ask your kids what they are learning in school. I'm not just speaking
to Southerners here. How about you Northern Californians who are
virtually dominated by the leftists in your state? How about you
westerners, who learned in this recent farce of an election that
your voice is literally a voice crying in the wilderness. Clinton
stole another eighty million acres of your land while the country
was focused on the election! There are additionally, large blocks
of freedom loving individuals in the north east. What about them?
Do you reckon they really like seeing homosexuals flood into Vermont
to participate in the now "legal" mockery of God's own
institution, marriage? How must it feel to live under the yoke of
the socialist upstarts in Massachusetts or New York?

we roll over any longer? Immigration wasn't discussed in this election
yet it is the second most crucial issue facing this country, with
the exception of the slaughter of unborn children. The latter issue
apparently doesn't exist on our political landscape either. Even
those of you who disagree with me on that must admit that there
has been no political or electoral dialogue on the issue: it was
decided by the Supreme Court, the chief agency of our decline. Working
well outside it's constitutional authority I might add. Shouldn't
issues like these be decided by the states?

the midst of this upheaval the government is quietly usurping our
God given right to own weapons of self defense. We don't even need
a constitution to see the logic in that one — if the government
has the guns and we don't, the government owns us, and if you think
that is too simplistic, then consider why the framers wrote so copiously
about that very issue. Indeed, our constitution and Bill of Rights
are designed for one purpose only: to limit government. How sickening
it is to hear these tawdry politicians even mention the constitution
they are sworn to uphold. Can we continue under the rule of such
men? Dare we?

Puckett continues his argument by saying " all of the United
States is ours." Well, it sure doesn't seem like it to me.
If a cop in the Northern states pulls me over and finds my sidearm,
I'm going to jail. If the government has it's way, that despotism
will soon find it's way into the South as well. So no, let's not
pretend all of these United States are ours. In New York, arguably
one of the most dangerous towns in the US, we are required to walk
around unarmed. Presumably, this is acceptable to New Yorkers or
they would not tolerate it. Yet homosexuals dressed as nuns caper
in the streets and no perversity is too vile to tolerate except
the outmoded desire for political freedom. Do I wish to be ruled
over by such people? Is it worth it? Let them have their way, but
only with each other. And make them apply for visas to come here!

on the left of the argument wish to tell us what to do, and are
doing so. We are rolling over supinely and may well be fully cooked
before we realize we're even in the oven. That these people are
often well meaning is of scant consequence to me. A dummy can hurt
me just as easily as a wise, evil antagonist. That they will is
obvious from the state of our education system, and from the systemic
acceptance of the demise of our constitutional republic. For those
slow learners out there, take a look at our penal system, and the
police. Do constitutional republics lock up or shoot people for
smoking a weed? To you Christian brothers let me add that the very
police state being brought to bear in the drug war you have been
supporting, will ultimately be used against you as well.
Time to put on the thinking caps folks.

this recent attempt at an electoral coup will alert people to the
danger we face. And perhaps not… Stealing the votes of military
men must certainly set a new standard for sheer venality yet where
are the public cries of outrage. They may well get away with it.

I've actually heard people on the other side blaming the Republicans
for trying to steal the election. As if the vacuous Republicans
would have the gusto to fight dirty. What we learn from this, however,
is that our country is irrevocably divided. They are not going to
convince us, and we are not going to convince them. Despite the
fact that many leftists are decent people trying to do the right
thing, it's time to realize that their core beliefs are evil and
to separate from them lest we be further corrupted by them.

the traitor Clinton's efforts to subvert the military, that remains
the single largest group in America that do not embrace his beastly
ideas. Military personnel actually believe in the constitution,
at a rate far exceeding that of say, public school teachers, politicians
or TV news commentators. Will that military, most of whom are our
neighbors, shoot us for exercising our constitutional right to separate?
Probably not — but give the democrats another eight years and the
military will purged to the point where it will become the storm
troopers of America and then we better watch out. They are rapidly
weeding out the real soldiers and turning our military into an extension
of the PC police.

eight years of these wretches and another generation will have been
turned against us by the media and the public schools. We cannot
afford to wait. We must raise up leaders among us who will take
a stand and who will get us out of this tainted union with evil.
We are out of time, we must do it now, and we must make it stick.

in America the people who still believe in freedom have reached
the point of no return. It can only go downhill for us from here.
We must act, or we will have to learn to kiss the boot of an oppressor
who is not only evil, but boring. That's right, I said boring. Hitler
was charismatic in his evil — Stalin was downright demonic. Take
a long hard look at Al Gore — his principals, if such a one can
be said to have any, are very much in line with theirs. Yet this
is a mediocre villain of a man who even while grasping rapaciously
for power, provokes a yawn — a tedious despotism may well be the
worst of all!

final consideration for every Christian who contemplates secession
must be this: we are enjoined by the very Word of God to respect
the power of the state. I have considered this one at great length
— to be found disobedient by the One who died that we might have
life would be dreadful. So we must consider the Office of the State,
that second kingdom of God, the one which wields the sword. Our
loyalty to the state is commanded of us in holy Scripture.

America — we the people are the state, and we live in a constitutional
republic which has been usurped. Ours is a voluntary union of states
— an old and familiar argument, in no way obviated by the ruthless
application of coercive force applied by the central government
against us in 1861. We are indeed remiss, but only in that we have
failed in our first duty which is to govern ourselves responsibly.

a Lutheran, I believe more than most in separation of the church
and state, and fear the possibility of a theocracy. I can't imagine
why I'm not allowed to buy beer on Sunday yet conversely, neither
can I imagine why on earth we tolerate leaders who would forbid
us the guidance of the Ten Commandments in the courtroom! It has
been noted that ours has become a country where the unborn are murdered
in the womb yet the dead can vote and run for office. A country
that sins corporately will be judged corporately and I have no wish
to be judged for the sins of those who are currently running this

America was defined as a loose confederation of states, I'm convinced
that we in no way violate the law of God as defined by Paul in Romans
and by Peter in his epistles, when we espouse secession. Secession
was and is, a natural and perfectly normal response of states which
have become dissatisfied with the union into which they voluntarily
entered. Remember that the legality of this was put to the test
when the Yankees failed to try Jefferson Davis for treason, because
they could not find a law under which to prosecute him. Exercising
the rights inherent in our form of government is in no way sedition!

is our legal right (despite the war criminal Lincoln's admonitions
to the contrary) to separate, and separate we must.

real question is this: why have let it go this far, that secession
has become our last hope for an existence as free men?

20, 2000

Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith
side, of course).

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