They Shall Overcome

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forces of darkness will not go gentle into that good night. Democrats
take political loss more seriously than Republicans do. When they
lose, Republicans generally go back to their jobs in the private
sector and go on with their private lives. Democrats generally have
to fall back on less attractive private sector opportunities such
as digging ditches. To Republicans, politics is disagreeable work
that needs to be done. To Democrats, politics is life itself.

night was a quintuple-play for antistatists: (1) we (probably) got
rid of Clinton wannabe Albert W. Gore, Jr.; (2) all the national
networks made fools of themselves; (3) Hillary got shut out of the
coverage virtually all night; (4) the Democrats (probably) failed
to gain control of either house of Congress; and (5) large and small
“D” democrats got a nasty dose of federal republicanism right between
the eyes: a President (probably) elected without a majority of the
vote. All these wonderful things became possible when the networks,
in one of the great moments in American political history, moved
Florida back into the undecided column.

those who will never say liberty will never say die. They are threatening
lawsuits, demonstrations, an inJustice Department investigation,
and a sophisticated public relations campaign to convince the nation
that Gore should be the next President. They've got people who can
hardly string an English sentence together calling C-Span demanding
a recount and urging people to hit the streets. They are complaining
that some of the voters were too stupid to read the election ballot
and voted for Buchanan instead of Gore. While I am reluctant to
deny that some Gore voters lack reading comprehension skills, it
seems unfair to allow a single pro-Gore county to vote again. It
smacks of the Chicago machine motto: “vote early and vote often.”
I am sure that Bush voters too had their problems across the large
state of Florida – like the Panhandlers not voting because
the media called the state for Gore – but a statewide rerun
is preposterous.

most frightening suggestion of all was made on Election night by
Jonathan Alter, a Gore campaign aide masquerading as a reporter
for Newsweek. He said that given the problems in Florida and Gore's
lead in the popular vote, Gore should be elected by acclamation.
This proposal was so coolly delivered that it appears to have been
thought of well in advance. On Wednesday, Gore aides were spinning
Alter's plan. So Gore supporters are plotting what amounts to a
coup d'etat by liberal media spin. The strategy is clear: tie up
the Florida vote count indefinitely and argue that with Florida
undecided, the only viable candidate is popular vote winner Gore.
Want butterflies in your stomach? Imagine Jesse Jackson and the
troops picketing the quiet suburban neighborhoods of Bush electors
around the country. “We shall overcome – the election. We shall overcome – the
election. . . “

10, 2000

Ostrowski is an attorney practicing at 984 Ellicott Square, Buffalo,
New York 14203; (716) 854-1440; FAX 853-1303. See his website at

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