The Heartland Shrugged

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is shaping up as the most important election since 1860. In fact,
the electoral map looks eerily similar to 1860. Unless Gore succeeds
in stealing Florida, Bush will end up with every Southern state.
Even if Gore wins Florida, we can still say that Bush won the entire
South, minus one apartment building in Miami. He also won two "border"
states, Kentucky and Missouri.

1860, Lincoln won no Southern state. In fact, he did not receive
a single vote in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee,
Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, or Texas. (Source:
D. Howe, Political
History of Secession
(New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1914),
p. 446.) The last time a President was elected without carrying
a single Southern state was 1924. Perhaps the Southern electors
can meet in Richmond and elect Bush President of the Southern States
of America. I am sorry, make that the Southern and Mountain States
of America.

of Sunday afternoon, it appears that while Gore may not have won
on Election night, he is kicking Bush's butt in post-Election machinations.
I don't blame Bush, but his political mechanics and lawyers appear
to have made a monumental blunder in failing to timely request a
hand recount in all counties. As any idiot would have guessed, the
hand recount produced more votes for Gore since the Machiavellian
Democrats only asked for a recount in Democratic counties. Had the
Republicans threatened a hand recount of all six million votes,
the sheer absurdity of it would have convinced all reasonable people
to stick with the electronic recount, which Bush has apparently

supposedly shrewd Republican operatives may have outthought themselves
out of an election. Apparently realizing their mistake, too late,
they made another error and went to court first, federal court of
all places. Of course, the goal in going to court was to end the
recount, not to order a new election like the slimy Democrats wanted,
but such details are lost on the dim-witted media and thus it was
a public relations loss. That is unfortunate because this election
is going to be decided in court: the court of public opinion.

of Republican bumbling, the election crisis has given us a valuable
and accurate insight into the leaders of the Democratic Party. They
are absolutely ruthless. They will do just about anything to win.
Here's why. After the election, they spoke the language of coup
d'etat by suggesting that Gore should win, regardless of the Electoral
College. So much for the Constitution. Liberals have always been
willing to spit on the Constitution when a particular provision
did not suit them. The Second Amendment comes to mind.

they encouraged Jesse Jackson and crew to hit the streets and threatened
to turn the election into a mob scene such as Americans have only
witnessed overseas. Next, they talked about going to court to seek
a re-vote. Now here's the thing. They knew at the time that there
is no chance whatsoever that these lawsuits would succeed and no
chance whatsoever that a new election would be held. The only reason
they did this was to exclude Florida from the election entirely
so that Gore's narrow electoral vote advantage would make him president.
The deceit and hypocrisy are amazing. In the name of making the
votes of all Floridians count, the Democrats are pursuing a strategy
whose only possible purpose is to make the votes of no Floridians
count! Now they are trying to steal Florida from Bush by artificially
and arbitrarily boosting their vote in four heavily Democratic counties
out of sixty-seven. And they say with a straight face that this
is a fair way to select a President. Clinton has taught them well.

do we do if the election is stolen from Bush? Personally, I would
be mad as hell and I voted for Harry Browne. I can only assume that
people who voted for Bush would feel the same way. If you Bush people
are not ready to fight when the Constitution has been stomped on,
what would you fight for? Violence is not necessary, however. I
read a novel once that has given me an idea. I would call my idea,
"The Heartland Shrugged." Bush people and Buchanan people
and Browne people should simply, in Randian or Gandhian fashion,
go on strike. Let's see how long this country operates without
the vast majority of its most productive citizens. I would estimate
about one week. After that, the people who cannot read an election
ballot or punch a hole in a card would be begging the B-people to
go back to work and turn the water and the electricity and the Internet
back on. Sure, we'll go back to work when "W" moves into
the White House.

if Bush wins and the Gore people go on strike? But do I repeat myself?
Many Democrats already refuse to work. The reason they vote Democratic
in the first place is so they can live off the hard work of others.
Other Gore people are doing "work" we could surely live
without: tax collecting, drug warring, foreign adventuring, business
pestering, producing clueless public school graduates, and so on.
Gore people on strike? Go ahead, make my century!

13, 2000

Ostrowski is an attorney practicing at 984 Ellicott Square, Buffalo,
New York 14203; (716) 854-1440; FAX 853-1303. See his website at

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