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was wrong
Now, don’t get worried – I recall this happening once before,
and I recovered from it quite nicely then. But the Democratic
Party has accomplished an amazing feat over the last 18 days.
They have convinced me that I was thoroughly mistaken when I said
it didn’t really matter which party won the presidential race.

matters. It matters, as Anne Coulter eloquently
put it
, because the Democrats are “lying thieves.” And it
is no accident that the lying thieves are concentrated in the
Democratic Party.

Rockwell says
, “Expansive government divides society into
two castes, those who give up their money to the State and those
who take money from the State.” The first group is composed of
the productive members of society, those who can make their living
through voluntary exchanges that benefit both parties involved.
The second group consists of thieves and parasites.

Democratic Party core of support comes from just a few groups,
such as union workers, especially government union workers, trial
lawyers, and those who receive government assistance. These groups
have something in common – they all rely on the threat of
government violence for their sustenance. In other words, the
Democratic Party is the party of the thieves and parasites.

it is true that there are good people in government positions.
There are teachers who really try to teach and earn their paychecks.
There are cops who are trying to uphold the rule of law. There
are military personnel who sincerely love the country and want
to help defend it. There are garbage men who do their best picking
up the trash. There is even, believe it or not, a
who is trying to uphold the Constitution! But
the number of government employees that is just milking the system
dwarfs the number of productive people in government.

is another group, more obscure, but more important to the functioning
of the Democratic Party than those mentioned above. I’ll call
them the immune-system-suppressers for the parasites. They live
in the media, the universities, and the political class. Their
role is to quiet the fears of the productive, to lull them to
sleep, to convince sub-groups of productive people that their
interests diverge from those of other productive people, and align
with those of the parasites. The reward for this service is to
gain a place at the head of the legions of parasites, to get the
first, freshest blood drawn from the host. It must be the sincere
hope of those of this class that the host is quite healthy, and
that the parasitism can continue at least as long as they are

of this latter class is completely cynical. They are educated
enough to understand that the economics of the Democratic Party,
of state intervention, must eventually lead to collapse, as the
productive host is sucked dry. However, in the meantime, they
get to live high on the hog. They can feed their egos by making
important pronouncements on the Sunday morning talk shows. The
whole host of parasites regards them as heroes, and never resents
the high salaries that they draw.

these people know that they are just respectable thieves. Because
of this, they will do anything to retain their grip on power and
prevent their own exposure. If the meaning of the word ‘is’ can
be changed to suit their purposes, grand! If they can shrug off
crimes with a phrase like “no controlling legal authority,” then
use it! If an opponent can be smeared by somehow implying that
he might as well have been at the wheel of the pickup truck that
dragged James Byrd, well, so be it.

some innocent people in some obscure country, like, say, Iraq,
Sudan or Kosovo, have to die so that these thieves can maintain
power. Well, they weren’t voters anyway, now, were they? Perhaps
the immune-system-suppressers have to ignore a law or two, appeal
to a kangaroo court or two, to get their man elected. If they
have to call a woman who is simply enforcing the law a “crook”
and a “Soviet Commissar,” well, she had it coming! Hey, it’s all
about who runs things until the collapse of the host, anyway,
so what does that matter?

is true that the Republican Party is far from being an ideal defender
of the productive. All too often, its promise to us is that it
will allow the parasites to suck up just 35% of our income, instead
of 40%. Instead of allowing the government to force us to give
it money “for our retirement,” the Republicans propose that the
government force us to give Fidelity money for our retirement.
Rather than defending our right to allow whomever we want on our
property, the Republicans protest that we shouldn’t, at any dinner
party for ten, be forced to have exactly two blacks, one Hispanic,
and .5 Asians – a sincere effort to invite minorities will
do. The Republicans are too timid in our defense, too afraid to
have Charlie Rose think they are ill mannered.

time to stop the civility. Our side has been crippled by a failure
to admit just how corrupt the other side is. (Many rank-and-file
Democrats are, of course, not corrupt or evil – they are
merely mistaken. Who can blame them? They were probably educated
in… public schools! Our job is to show these people the
error of their ways. But those at the top generally know how destructive
their policies are.) The Republicans are supposed to take every
Democratic smear with a shrug and a polite denial, while any attempt
to point out what the Democrats are really up to is “hate speech.”
Democrats can crisscross the country saying that George Bush will
appoint Supreme Court justices who consider blacks only 60% of
a person, and the media never lifts an eyebrow. But, as Democrats
attempt to steal an election in broad daylight, the chattering
class considers it “inflammatory” for Republicans to point this

is surely correct when he says: “But the solution to the problem
is more complicated than simply electing Republicans, who can
sound fabulous in opposition but inevitably sell out once in office.”
However, we are on the verge of seeing the American Fascist Party
– oops, I mean the Democrats – install themselves as
the permanent ruling party. As long as they retain presidential
power, they can appoint more kangaroo court judges to decide cases
in their favor. They can continue to flood the country with immigrants,
then rush to grant them citizenship right before an election,
as they have done for the last two presidential elections. They
will change the census laws so that millions of new “citizens”
can be discovered in Democratic districts. And they will continue
their frantic efforts to disarm the populace before their raw
power grab becomes too obvious.

imperfect and flawed as the Republican Party may be, it is the
only major political force standing for the interests of the productive.
We cannot leave ourselves in the position of an idealist who,
when attacked by a vicious beast, disdains the stick next to him
– his best defense – because it is cracked in a few
places. If this stick is the best weapon we have, we must take
it up and brandish it against our foe. 

27, 2000

Callahan is a regular contributor to

2000, Gene

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