An American Hero?

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Rockwell recently linked to an
appalling story of the decline of American culture
: a movie
is being made about an abortionist, with that dreadful creature
featured as the er, hero!

small town in New Hampshire allowed a situation to develop where
women were unable to expeditiously exercise their imagined "right
to choose" and the poor "doctor" (one Wayne Goldner)
who dared to speak out was picketed and lost his position at the
local school. At said school his lofty and noble calling was to
give volunteer sex education lectures — what better way to drum
up business for his gruesome cause celebre?

when a hospital merger threatened the abortion trade, this wonderful
man spoke out. Imagine, having to travel to the next town to kill
your child! It's unheard of! What a modern American tragedy! And
it is too, although not as portrayed by the imbecile who wrote that

for the murderous do gooders of the left, here come the Hollywood
producers to ennoble this wretch with a film in which he is shown
as standing alone against the forces of that despicable religion,
Christianity. That's right, that dreadful religion that spoils everybody's
fun all the time. With a typical contempt for the truth, these "artists"
are calling their film, "Live free or die!" I wonder whose
death they are talking about, since the only people to die have
been innocent unborn babies.

the time has come to stop portraying such beasts as this abortionist
and his left wing admirers as simply people who don't agree with
us. People who murder babies are wicked and sinful — writers who
support them are just as bad. Yet it gets worse. There must be a
special place in hell for the Hollywood producers who would make
a movie about this! Where is sanity?! Will the director stand on
a platform of human skulls!?

consider the implications for us, as a nation. Look back in history,
and not the new revised history of the public schools, but at human
history as it really unfolded; and you will find that when nations
began to kill their own children, those nations are doomed.

not only kill our own young, we shout our delight in this dark activity
as some sort of new and wonderful act of liberation from the stultifying
mores of the past. Since the Scriptures warn us against harming
children, this is a very specific way to mock God and scream our
defiance at the heavens, fists clenched tightly around a condom,
that symbol of the age. And we wonder why our children kill? I'm
surprised our culture holds together at all!

those who have a clue about the true nature of communism, this is
no surprise. With communism, comes death. Not just a little bit,
but a lot. One point three million a year is the latest tally of
dead babies, but wait, there's more! Euthanasia, physician assisted
suicide, and soon, if the left has it's way, the government will
take over health care and the death machine can really get cranked

I'm not surprised that democrats should support the holocaust. For
most of this century they have been the front party for communism
and led the charge to destroy decency and freedom. And what have
the Republicans done to top them? Not much… What saddens me the
most, is that otherwise fairly sane Libertarians seem to think this
holocaust is just dandy, too. Where can one turn, for sanity?

"free" media, those propaganda organs of print, tv and
cinema relentlessly suppress original thought and pursue political
correctness as an agenda, along with all kinds of violence and sexual
depravity. For that reason, they are known by the remnant of freedom
loving Americans as whores. So let's follow the trail that harsh
metaphor points to.

– how wonderful that an abortionist should be portrayed as a hero.
I was particularly amused by him taking a stand against the forces
of “reaction” who would deny women that hard won (and totally imaginary)
right to slaughter their own children. Yes, it certainly takes fortitude
to stand up with no support at all except the full force of the
state and media. Where did he ever summon such raw courage? (It
should be noted that in this article the forces of reaction were
the decent, ordinary Americans, plus the 28,000 OB-GYNs in the United
States who will not, unlike their 600 more "enlightened"
colleagues, perform abortions.)

we learn that only a true dedication to the medical profession,
that and the thousands and thousands of dollars that abortionists
make killing babies and selling the body parts; could serve to motivate
the unsung heroes of the death trade. Yes, in case you weren't aware,
they now sell the bodies of the poor little children they murder
to research labs. It's so very efficient compared to throwing them
in the dumpster as they used to do.

was a bit about taking a poor woman who required a “medically necessary”
abortion forty miles in a limousine, which was quite a tearjerker.
But my tears were for the child. I remember a happy time when mothers,
including my own, would gladly die to save their child. Now the
"doctor" who murders their child for them is a hero?

isn’t that sort of like prostitution? Only there are two whores
involved, counting the “doctor.” The price is kind of high, isn’t
it? But that's Freudian politics for you: sex and death go together
so naturally and we're just animals after all. I guess that’s the
price of the sexual revolution. One sex act, one dead baby.

the decks of this new Titanic, we just throw the children overboard
and fight amongst ourselves like savages for space in the lifeboats.
Our motivations are totally lacking in any thing resembling nobility,
honor or conscience.

Americans need a reality check. Try this: it’s against to law to
shoot a doe because the poor thing may have little Bambi gestating
inside her. I quite agree with that law. Yet it is entirely legal
to murder an unborn human. What sort of monsters consider that a
just law?

takes a certain kind of person to painfully murder an unborn child.
May the Lord send them confusion and despair. And perhaps, in His
great mercy, raise us up from their murderous ranks a new apostle
who, like St. Paul, that "worst of sinners," will call
us to repentance.

2, 2000

Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith
side, of course).

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