Remember the Maine! And the Other Ships Sunk To Start a War

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15, 1898
: "Remember the Maine." Mysterious explosion
rocks the battleship MAINE in Havana Harbor, Cuba. 266 men were
killed. Initally it was believed a torpedo or mine caused the explosion.
On April 25, 1898 the US declared war on Spain. A 1976 investigation
found that the Maine was sunk due to a self-inflicted blast, probably
as a result of coal bunker fire on board.

7, 1915
: The British steamship Lusitania was sunk by a German
torpedo on the high seas of the Atlantic Ocean. 100 Americans lost
their lives. The result was the the US was brought into WWI. It
was not revealed at the time that the Lusitania, a passenger boat,
was carrying arms.

7, 1941
: How was President Roosevelt going to convince the American
public to enter into war with the Japanese when they were wrapping
up their war in Europe? Japanese bombers, launched from aircraft
carriers, bombed Pearl Harbor and sunk the US Pacific Fleet. Over
2000 died. The US knew of the threat of war and had intercepted
the "East-Wind Rain" secret code of the Japanese Pacific
fleet. Japan had closed all its embassies in the Pacific rim the
week prior to Pearl Harbor, which is an overt sign of war. The US
aircraft carriers had been removed from Pearl Harbor days before
the bombing.

Kimmell in Hawaii was intentionally kept in the dark that the Japanese
fleet was nearby. President Roosevelt appeared before Congress,
declared Pearl Harbor a "day in infamy," and the rest
is history.

5, 1964
: President Johnson orders the US to take retaliatory
action against Vietnam after "renewed attacks against American
destroyers in the Gulf on Tonkin" (Vietnam). There were no
new attacks against American ships.

news media reported a lie, leading over 50,000 Americans to their
death and millions of casualties.

12, 2000
: USS COLE, an American destroyer, docking in Yemen
to re-fuel,
was approached by a small docking vessel that carried a bomb. 18
are believed dead and 35 others were wounded. The bombing occurs
on the eve of the Presidential debates, and as rumors that Iraq
is moving troops in the Middle East, as well as riots in Jerusalem.
Benjamin Netanyahu, former prime minister of Israel, says during
television interview that the same people who conducted terrorism
in Jerusalem bombed the USS Cole.

be duped into going to war solely over reports of bombings of US
Navy boats in far off lands where we the facts of the event are
completely controlled by one source, the government. Remember the

16, 2000

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