The Farce of Elections: Why the Republicans Will Probably Lose

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Farrah and other commentators have been roundly criticized by their
conservative friends for slamming Bush Jr. Yet what choice is there?
We can pretend Dubya is a conservative as long as we can sustain
the fantasy, but the truth is quite the contrary. He is just another
shill for the power-mad usurpers who have dragged this country into
a moral and political quagmire.

believe Bush will lose the election for that reason.

can the Republicans lose? Perhaps we can quantify the reasons by
considering why many freedom-loving people think he should win,
and identifying some paradoxes.

  1. Americans
    are sick of the Democrats and their filthy, treasonous, immoral,
    and downright disgusting ways. There is some truth in that.
    Yet ask your friends and relatives, particularly any you may
    have who might vote Democrat, what they think about it. It's
    a dismal feeling when you realize that many of us in no way
    associate the behavior of those people with treason despite
    the fact that many of them have held office where they stood
    up and swore to defend the constitution of the United States.
    They instead do everything in their power to circumvent it.
    If that is not treason, we better stop using the word altogether.

    how do they get elected, how can anybody vote for them? Perhaps
    the answer is in one of most egregious lies of all, the lie
    of "tolerance." Everybody has a right to his own opinion,
    right? As for morality, whose business is that? Never mind that
    the public school system is teaching a moral code based on that
    of Sodom. Disgusting? What is the harm of associating with pornographers,
    homosexual activists, and prostitutes? Aren't we an "enlightened"
    society? And we who consciously exclude ourselves from this
    degraded culture, will we not eventually be coarsened by it,
    simple because of our immersion in it?

  2. Clinton
    has disgraced the office so badly that so-called "Clinton
    fatigue" will give Bush the momentum he needs to take
    the presidency by storm. Really? Guess again folks. Gore
    is not the only person in America who thinks Clinton was a
    great president. It's time to face the fact that Patrick Buchanan
    was spot on when he said we are engaged in a "culture
    war," and it is of epic proportions; and that plenty
    of folks come down on the other side. The victor will dictate
    (literally if the left wins) just what kind of country this
    will become. We have had a taste of it already. Boy Scouts
    are bad, homosexuals are good. So long, two thousand years
    of Western morality.

  3. Bush
    comes from a good family, and his dad was a good president.
    And to those who believe that, there is little I can say.
    His dad is everything he claimed Sadaam Hussein to be: a ruthless,
    militaristic aggressor. A liar. A man who was quite willing
    to play the game of politics and accommodation; who never
    once considered the constitutional implications of his actions.
    George Sr. in fact, was Bill Clinton version 1.0. He used
    the military to pursue a personal vendetta in Panama. He betrayed
    his erstwhile client state, Iraq. He used the US military
    as security guards for his oil industry buddies, just as both
    Dubya and Gore intend to do. Yes indeed, the acorn didn't
    fall far from that particular tree.

  4. Americans
    long for a man of character to lead them. Right. So why
    aren't there any in the race? When has Dubya shown any character?
    Do you want your son to go to war under command of that smirking
    pretender? How is he preferable to Gore? Which one of the
    two has suggested we bring the troops home, and reassign them
    to their natural role, which is to defend this country, period
    the bloody end! Neither of them! On the contrary, Bush Jr.
    and his people are promising more of the same — and plenty
    of it. Dubya was right on board with the horror of Kosovo.
    Has he complained about our bi weekly bombings of Iraq? Has
    he mentioned the mass murders at Waco? Has he spoken an unkind
    word about that those ridiculous and sinister enemies of freedom
    who parade around the United Nations building in those silly
    costumes, posturing for the cameras, and reaching for your
    wallet? Character? Yeah, he's a character alright.

  5. And
    do we really want a "leader?" Try using the German translation,
    "Fuehrer," and see if you really want that. A president's
    role should be merely to preside over a Constitutional republic.

  6. Clinton
    has harmed our national defense and Bush has promised to restore
    our military capability. But really, what has Bush promised?
    To spend more money on the military. Not to kick the sissies
    out, not to de-feminize it, not to purge the "perfumed
    princes," not to bring it home; simply to spend more
    money on it and make it "tougher." Do we want a
    "tougher" military in the hands of such of man?
    I don't…

  7. Our
    public schools are in big trouble and Bush will fix them.
    I submit that the real problem is that we have public schools
    at all. It gives the forces of tyranny an unprecedented ability
    to propagandize our children and destroy their moral balance.
    Bush may indeed, make the schools more "effective,"
    but that is the last thing we should want.

  8. Americans
    are sick of "big government" and want an alternative.
    I question that premise — Americans spend most of their time
    whining and holding their hand out for alms. They may be sick
    of taxes, but they are hardly sick of reaching into each others
    pockets when it comes time for their hit at the trough. Besides,
    Bush is in a bidding war with Gore to see who can spend the
    most of our money buying our votes. Both of those pathetic
    men claim that their expenditures will come out of the "surplus,"
    and Americans nod their heads in bovine appreciation of this
    chance to revel in the fact that they can have something for
    nothing. Yet where is this "surplus"? If we have
    a national debt in the trillions of dollars, we most certainly
    do not have a surplus. Try paying today's bills out of tomorrow's
    money; trot right on down to the grocery store and try it.
    "I'll get straight with you when my tax return comes
    in!" Un huh. It doesn't work that way folks.

  9. Bush
    will cut taxes. That statement is so ludicrous it's not
    even funny. Have you listened to any of his speeches? How
    do you cut taxes while increasing expenditures? Just what
    federal programs is he planning to cut? Just let the list
    roll right off your tongue. It won't take long.

  10. Dubya
    will protect our Second Amendment rights. Yet has he said
    so? Upon what do we base that assumption? He has not spoken
    out for the unborn babies who are ruthlessly murdered routinely,
    in numbers that should shock us. Does he really care for you
    enough to fight for your right to defend yourself when he
    won't stand up and shout his defiance to the abortion industry
    ? Don't bet your life on it.

  11. We
    can't risk letting a Democrat make Supreme Court selections.

which I say, "Ha!" The supreme whores, for what else are
they, are almost as responsible for the cesspool in which we find
ourselves as those pitiful creatures who make up our Congress. In
a country ruled by lawyers and judges, where the votes of the people
who voice their will in the millions, can be over-ridden by a single
piece of human trash in a black robe, how can we pretend to care
which poser appoints the next couple of rubber stamps to an office
that should have been purged decades ago? Those stables need to
be swept clean and if we don't do it soon, we will find ourselves
in a mess from which we may well never extricate ourselves.

you noticed lately how both of those freedom-hating posers have
insisted that the contest for chief usurper of the United States
be focused on what they presume to call "the issues"?
There are issues all right — but the only issue that matters is
not being addressed by either of these pretenders. The very issues
they wish to discuss are un-constitutional by their very nature!
Social security! Public education! Day care! Paid prescriptions
for the elderly! Military aggression and projection of power throughout
the world. Show me please, what part of the constitution authorizes
the federal government to even address such issues?! Or how any
of this is in keeping with the intent of the framers?

appears to me that Bush will lose. I'm not particularly happy about
it, since our freedoms will certainly erode even faster under Gore.
Yet the very things Bush needs to do to win, he dare not do,
because he is part of the problem and it is his intention to sustain
the status quo to the best of his ability. He cannot violate the
Constitution routinely and still rail against the Democrats for
doing so. He cannot pledge additional pillage of the nation's taxpayers,
and still claim to be a tax cutter. He cannot come out in favor
of a strong national defense profile when his projected policies
include doing the very things that put this country ever more at
risk of war. He cannot speak of character when he has yet to make
a speech about the ongoing horror of infanticide or the moral degradation
of homosexuality! He panders to the civil rights pimps just as Gore
does and it won't be long until we see him swaying rhythmically
to the music of the choir in some black church, arm in arm with
Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, promising more money to those betrayers
of their own race.

short, the contest is not about clear alternatives. No, this election
is to determine which side of the same coin wins the toss. Gore,
pitiful and indeed, laughable as he may appear, will probably win.
Why? Because he is, by dint of experience, a better Democrat than
Bush, and they are both running as Democrats. This is more like
a Democratic primary than a national election. Which communist do
you want folks? It's rigged so you will most certainly get one,
so pick that one who is sexiest, or has "gravitas," or
offers you the largest amount money looted from other taxpayers
at gun point. That's all the choice you get.

blood of the unborn is on our hands. We are accessories to mass
murder. Our greed and immorality have approached truly Sodomesque
proportions and one sees similarities to the last days of the Weimar
Republic as we immerse ourselves in wickedness. Yet there is always
hope. Unlike many, I was not dismayed when the whores of the government
and media chose the Boy Scouts as their target. I welcomed it. Americans
are deep sleepers. It takes a mighty loud alarm clock to wake u2018em

Gore may well deliver that wake up call that we have longed for.
He will take our guns away, and sell dead babies and body parts
by the bushel basket, and get our cars off the road and drag us
back to the cities to live in his carefully orchestrated communities
where there is no "urban sprawl" and we are all equal
and tolerant in the brave new world of the future. All that and
more. Will it be enough to wake those Americans who have been snared
by the "strong delusion" of government? We will see.

must be noted, that evil is ultimately, and always, directed towards
the children. Clinton is right on that one, even though his motives
are not as stated. The homosexual activists want your kids. The
state wants your kids. The public school system is preparing them
for this. Think real hard on that. There was a time when sexually
assaulting a child meant a quick hanging, and well it should. What
happens now? Who is responsible? We are. We left the door open and
something awful walked in, cheerfully whistling a dirge.

this scenario: you are going out of town for the weekend. Your daughter
is staying at home and your choice of babysitters is Bill Clinton
or Robert E. Lee. Who would you choose? Then consider which one
of these people is portrayed by the public schools and mass media
as a villain and which as a hero. And don't forget for one moment
which one of the two is head of the government which controls what
your children are taught in school. Get your kids out of those schools
as fast as you can!

is a deadly serious game and we are losing.

suggestion: Boycott this stinking electoral farce. Stop tolerating
these vicious idiots and take your country back! Stop settling for
the "lessor of two evils" and break the ties that bind.
Kiss this farce of a Union off at last, and return to the ideals
that once shouted the word "freedom" to a world that at
it's worst, was no worse than that mess we ourselves have become
today. No King of England ever kicked us around like these wretches
do. Stop giving your lunch money to the bully — stand up and punch
him right in the chops. It's time. Do it for the children…

18, 2000

Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith
side, of course).

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