Giving Away Our Freedom: Is There a Point of No Return?

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Some particularly sleazy rats have emerged from the congressional
woodwork — here are the names of three traitors for your consideration:
Jack Reed, Charles Schumer, and Frank Lautenberg. These disgusting
wretches have weaseled their way into the United States Senate and
are using their positions of trust to betray the Constitution. Specifically,
these creatures have a bill in the Senate to require federal registration
of our personal sidearms.

For details of their shenanigans, see this
article by Jon Dougherty in WorldNetDaily

You probably noticed my use of the term "traitor" to
describe these people and I'd like to be perfectly clear about that;
I used the term deliberately because it describes them perfectly.
Men who break their oath to defend the Constitution and attempt
to undermine it are exactly traitors. These men should be tried
for treason.

But that won't happen will it? Treason and blasphemy were once
considered unspeakable sins in this country. Men were loyal to their
country and respected their Creator. First we stopped respecting
God's Name and soon after, we stopped being loyal to our country.
The source sin, the one that leads to all the others, is the sin
against God. It is the sin that leads to death. Death of a man,
death of a country, death of an ideal.

We are sinking into a morass of death; we are up to our very eyeballs
in it. Abortion, euthanasia, violence for entertainment — all spiced
with occasional arcade game murders of foreign nationals by our
out of control government. As if government sanctioned killing is
somehow trivialized by it's inclusion in a fabric of homicide woven
together by the entertainment media, the news media and the amusement

While the dark specter of death moves across the land the US government
suggests that it would be best if we gave up our guns. They say
this with a straight face and with the calm assurance that PT Barnum
was right.

Yet none of this is any revelation. Those people have been chipping
away at our freedoms for quite some time. We thought we were protected.
The Constitution and other founding documents make it plain that
our rights precede government — they are inalienable. We thought
we were free through our own pitiful efforts. We were not.

Slavery to sin leads inexorably to slavery under the yoke of some
despotic government. History makes my case. Is it not sinful to
willfully subject our children to government schools even though
we are well aware that those schools are teaching a new age, feminist
and homosexual activist agenda? Yet families driving big SUVs claim
they can't afford private schools for their kids.

People who won't go to the wall to protect their children will
not take a stand for gun rights either. So spare me all the cutesy
slogans about "cold dead fingers;" Americans are losing
their freedom because they won't get up off of their cold dead asses!

Here is how it will happen. Just as they did during the dress rehearsal
in California, the government stooges will declare gun registration
as a harmless effort to keep weapons out of the hands of felons.
Next, they will determine that certain types of weapons, that is
to say, the useful ones; are too dangerous for private ownership
and must be turned in with in a certain time limit.

Hopefully, we will not follow the pathetic example of the boot
lickers in England and Australia but that may be a vain hope. Some
states are already close to that. A majority of "law abiding"
citizens will accept this outrage and give up their freedom of speech
along with their gun rights. Have you considered that one? Ever
try talking back to a man with a gun? You may talk exactly as long
as he is willing to suffer it — no more.

Once your guns are gone, all your other imagined "freedoms"
now exist at the pleasure of moral degenerates like Billy Clinton.
Murderers, thieves, whoremongers, and traitors. Bullies…You'll soon
learn to keep your big mouth shut.

Many other people will ignore the registration and subsequently
fail to turn in their weapons. Tough guys, eh?

Or just buffoons? Because at that moment we have allowed the government
to brand us as criminals, we have allowed them to conduct a quiet
coup, overthrowing the Constitution that announces our rights to
be "inalienable."

After that, they can get you at any traffic stop. So you stop packing.
And guess what? You are now a serf to the feudal lords in that most
degenerate of world capitals: Washington, DC. Learn to like it.
And learn to keep a lid on it — holding weapons illegally will not
guarantee your other Constitutional rights — don't pretend it will
for a second. It merely makes you the moral equivalent of a smuggler.

"To live outside the law you must be honest…" Mr. Dylan
was right in this day and age. But he left out the second half of
it: you must also be quiet and furtive. That is not the same thing
as freedom by the way.

We should have taken action when those liars purported to find
a Constitutional grounds for the murder of unborn children. We did

We should have taken action when we found out that our President
and much of the Congress were agents of foreign governments. We
didn't act then, either.

The sad thing is that we have sold our birthright for a cup of
porridge. I seriously hope no one is silly enough to buy into the
"continuing boom" nonsense. That rise in gas prices was
a test, folks. We failed the test.

We are running out of tests that we can afford to fail. Gun registration
may be the last one. If we let them do this to us, we deserve what
we get.

A Jewish friend told me that personal weapons wouldn't have helped
the Jews in Germany. I told him the story of Treblinka — the only
death camp where the Jews got hold of some guns. Can you guess which
camp it was where the guards died instead of the prisoners?

Can't happen here? Just ask the million or so dead babies a year
if the government will kill you. If that is too extreme for you,
consider Waco. Get a handle on just what kind of wickedness we are
dealing with here. We are ruled by moral reprobates with unlimited
hitting power. This is not freedom, not any more.

Come out of the Matrix folks. Time is running out. We are on the
verge of a new Dark Age and it will not be fun.

And now a footnote for those readers who have chastised me for
describing problems and not offering solutions. Here is my solution:
secession. Now. It's legal, it's Constitutional, and if we ALL do
it — there will be no government army to burn and destroy the rebels
— we will ALL be rebels together. Don't wait to see which phony
candidate lies his way into the presidency — be done with it once
and for all.

I'm suggesting that all fifty states secede, and that they do it
today. Let that infamous whorehouse on the Potomac fester and die.
Let the politicians and pundits and media swine bay at the moon
and wail in their desolation, loneliness and greed — for secession
by all the states means no more of our money flowing into central
government coffers. That's right, hogs — the trough is empty. Get
real jobs or go to Geneva and work for the UN but get the Hell away
from me.

As to what's next? We have the option to create a new union or
to form regional ones. Personally, I have no wish to be part of
a country with New York, Massachusetts, and San Francisco — nor
do I wish to impose my morality upon those folks. I'm surely tired
of them imposing theirs upon me. So let's secede, and then decide.
I'll vote for regional, loosely bound unions of states with something
in common. A happy ending is assured, and for the world as well:
as we sort out who we are, our interest in other people's business
will go away and we can get back to being Americans — regardless
of how it shakes down.

We can be free again — we have that power.

But it's up to you.

1, 2000

Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith
side, of course).

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