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anarcho-capitalist Lew Rockwell’s a “neo-fascist,” according to
a Marxist hate group? Why’s that the 20th century’s most potent
political cussword anyway? Why’s that term the standard of political

the hell outta me. Luigi Barzini mentions a fascinating datum in
O America! that few seemed to have noticed. After living
in New York for two years he returned to Italy in 1926. This wasn’t
unusual, he writes. Indeed, one-third to one-half of the Italian
immigrants to the US in that period returned to Italy

wasn’t that Il Duce’s Italy?! Fascist Italy? No
system so oppressed and brutalized its citizens, right?

“Communist?” Nah. Doesn’t carry any punch. Indeed it backfires.
It reflects on the accuser, not the accused. Call someone a “Fascist”
like fashionable types call Pat Buchanan or Lew Rockwell and dark
hints start surfacing throughout the Hive to substantiate it. Call
someone a Communist and you’re in trouble. Why you’re a
yahoo, a paranoic, a zealot, a hysteric, a hard-liner….probably
even — YIKES! — a resident of Little Havana! Get the pepper
spray! The tanks! The machine guns! These crackpots are capable
of anything!

there’s nothing like having lived under them to turn you into a
“crackpot,” believe me.

imagine half of Miami returning to live under Fidel. (Don’t get
excited, you Palm Springs and Broward residents. This is hyperbole.)
Yet tens of thousands of Italians returned voluntarily. to Fascist
Italy. Thousands of Spaniards returned to Franco’s “Fascist” Spain
after their Civil War. Seen any rafts heading south from the Keys
lately? Who returns to Communist Cuba? — voluntarily that is?

the Red Chinese and Korean POWs during the Korean war resisted return
to the very regimes they were supposedly fighting for. The Red Army
pushed a bigger tide of refugees on its way west while “liberating”
than the Werhmacht pushed heading east, while conquering. Millions
of these refugees turned themselves in to the Allied authorities.
Seemed to make sense, at the time. Weren’t the Allies fighting a
holy crusade for the Four Freedoms and all?

Bolsheviks and Partisans didn’t fret. They simply notified their
allies that they wanted some errant subjects returned. Then they
sharpened their knives, snapped in fresh clips, and fashioned more
hangman’s nooses, snickering away.

enough. “Democracy’s soldiers” (Steve Ambrose’s term) prodding with
bayonets, herded the terrified refugees into the cattle cars for
transport to the Communist slaughter pens — those who didn’t
commit suicide that is.

the soldiers’ fault, actually. Orders were orders. To their credit,
many GIs disobeyed. Others fudged, turned their heads and allowed
some refugees to keep fleeing west. Operation
details it for anyone with a strong stomach. I
recommended the book to scores of compatriots during the Elian circus,
to put it into proper perspective.

some neocons, if they really get their dander up, if they
really, really want to insult a Commie, call him a
“Red Fascist.” And moderate liberals might agree that, yes, Commies
are “just as bad as Fascists.”

that’s crazy. People could come and go from the premier Fascist
nation freely. No walls festooned with barbed wire, jagged glass,
and machine-guns incarcerated them against their will. No minefields
blocked their way. No menacing dogs ripped apart any youth with
wanderlust. No patrol boats rammed escapee craft then machine-gun
women and children clutching floating debris. Even stranger, many
waved to the Statue of Liberty on the way out, en route
to live under Fascism voluntarily.

a Pinko who regards Castro or Uncle Ho as more oppressive then Il
Duce. Hell, find me one who considers them as oppressive at
all! To equate Castro with the likes of Benito Mussolini is
blasphemy in Pinko eyes. As well as in mine. At one point in 1961
one of every 17 Cubans was a political prisoner. That’s about ten
times the rate of political incarceration in Fascist Italy
in the 1930s. Stalin and Uncle Ho incarcerated as many but slaughtered
far more.

goons used Castor oil and intimidation to silence his political
enemies — a relative handful, as it was, mainly Reds. This
earned his political movement the top spot in contemporary political
demonology. (The Left didn’t mind his central planning of the economy
or welfare policies!) Castro’s tens of thousands of ideological
enemies found themselves against the blood-splattered paredon
with a gag and a blindfold, or rotting in dungeons a decade longer
than Nelson Mandela. This earned him a warm abrazo from
Ted Turner, George Mc Govern, Jesse Jackson, Robert Redford, Jack
Nicholson, Leo Di Caprio, Naomi “I’d rather go nude than wear fur”
Campbell, Chevy Chase –I could continue but observe the timekeeper
reaching for her gong. Plus he gets a tumultuous standing ovation
at any international gathering….

27, 2000

Fontova’s book entitled Helldiving — about cajun-style
undersea lunacy — will be out this winter.

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