Fixing America?

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live in a country where our primary institutions are badly flawed:
church, state and school.

care is catching up fast and having recently had occasion to see
affirmative action at work in that realm, the prognosis frankly,
is poor. That may be good news to those that adore third world cultures
but I've noticed that such people have rarely spent any time in
an actual third world country. Your chance is coming soon folks
— I hope you like it!

are ruled incongruously enough, by lawyers, whom everyone purports
to despise. Since 1865 a fair sized portion of the country has lived
under the heel of an occupier and our erstwhile republic is long
dead, and un mourned. It seems to me that we have a lot of problems
and that obviously there is much that needs fixin'.

devil is in the details and to busy Americans, understanding those
details is often more of an intellectual challenge than they wish
to address. Many in fact, think everything is hunky dory. The parasites
get their checks, the politicians are happily dipping their snouts,
we are not currently ducking bombs or missiles, and who cares if
the kiddies can't read. It doesn't take much to understand Ted Turner's
environmental hero cartoons — after all, the adults who created
them have the same intellectual capacity as the little mush heads
who watch them.

all children are dumb (yet). My grandson is only two but much smarter
than most adult Americans. One, he can tell when something isn't
working, and two, he instinctively understands the implied relationship
between children and adults. What he lacks in words he makes up
in communication skills: "Broke Paw Paw!" is more than
a mere observation. It carries with it the assumption that not only
will I concur with his analysis, but that I will take immediate
remedial action.

who pursue the politics of the barnyard and call it freedom, not
only cannot discern when something is broken, they acknowledge
no duty to fix it regardless of whether it is of importance to their
children. Yet they are concerned about the issues we face and it
behooves us to consider their concerns. So let's look at what folks
are truly worried about, and see if we can come up with some quick

Those pesky Chinese are harvesting organs from executed criminals
and plotting to take over the world — I have it on good authority
from both the left and the right. (Both of whom conveniently forget
that in America, we harvest body parts from murdered children) The
Christian right has joined in crying as always, that something must
be done. That "something" means government action of course,
for who would dare to assume that individuals might be of some use
without the protective umbrella of Mother State?

consider the options then: what should be our policy toward China?
We are mad at them, and fear that they will attack some remote province
of theirs that has seceded from the mainland. Since we know secession
is always bad and is only practiced by racists, we should bomb
Taiwan?! No, wait, that can't be right — we're supposed to love
them and hate the mainland. That's why we periodically send warships
and spy planes over there in the name of peace. Yet the Taiwanese
are not building world class weapons despite having that capability
so it must be that we need to fight the mainland Chinese
just because we, well, want to.

considered all the facts available, the only option I see is to
nuke the Chinese. No, I haven't been sitting on Jonah Goldberg's
haunted sofa, I've been applying the logic that is presented against
the facts as they exist and I don't see another option — unless
of course, we just did nothing at all and minded our own business.
But that would be too rational. "It wouldn't", as Mr.
Hearst once put it in reference to another war, "sell newspapers."

the facts — our feminized military couldn't handle a street fight
with the Crips without calling in tac air. Those Chinese fellows
kicked us out of North Korea in the middle of winter, wearing tennis
shoes. They truly are some tough hombres. Plus, they are bound to
be a little annoyed if we stick our noses in their business. Like
Dear old Father Abraham was, if you recall, when the French and
British considered intervening on the side of the South during our
second attempt at winning and keeping our freedom.

sanctions? I think we tried that with the Japanese, didn't we? Since
the goal of such sanctions is obviously war anyway, why bother with
a boring intermediate step like that? Besides, like the "Americans"
in California, the citizenry would rise up in outrage were they
deprived of cheap Chinese goods. They'd call for price controls
and even more of the socialism that caused our domestic prices to
be so ridiculously high. Thus war is the only answer.

if we want a war with China we better think it over real carefully.
It's a pretty safe bet that after we run out of "smart"
bombs it's back to "dumb" grunts and we've feminized the
testosterone out of them so that leaves one thing: nukes. If you
don't like that answer, don't worry — the decisions are made without
any recourse to what you like. That's were the logic leads
folks — if you want a war with China, get out your lead lined underwear.
You'll have to count me out though — I'm not mad at the Chinese
despite the failings of their political leadership. Since our leaders
are arguably more corrupt than theirs, and we imprison hundreds
of thousands more of our own citizens than do the Chinese, I just
can't work up a head of steam for that.

examine some more issues that obsess our people and see if we can
solve those problems as simply as we did the minor problem of China.

National Rifle Association certainly gets the socialist media weenies
in an uproar — and must therefore be a problem that requires some
fixin.' Yet this one eludes me. Who would profit by getting rid
of that bunch? The NRA is a limp wristed bunch of statists at its
core and were it to disappear I'm afraid all that would happen is
those poor pathetic bimbos who profess to be "journalists"
would have to find some new organization to hold up as a "straw
man" in their attacks on the US constitution. So that's no

about the church? The enemies of freedom are sure the church triumphant
lurks in the background, preparing some new assault on their sacred
right to murder their babies and copulate like animals in a barnyard.
Would that it were so. Examination reveals the opposite to be the

mainstream churches in America, except for providing employment
for many high toned n'er do wells, might as well close the doors.
The churches no longer worry themselves with issues like salvation
through grace — too trivial a concept for the modern theological
savant. They have moved to the left or the right but the bottom
line is they have moved, and that movement has left them standing
at government's door, hand out as supplicants. So the moral authority
of the church, which comes from Christ, no longer exists. It would
be intolerant to base a church on but a single means of salvation.
Besides, there is so much going on and so many real issues to worry
about. The Methodists wish to support abortion and prop up the Korean
communists while the other "progressive" churches are
busy ordaining lesbians and worrying about the weighty issues of
sex — very much like anything but a church. So who puts the moral
brakes on government? We don't need no stinking brakes!

what are the "conservative" churches worried about? China,
apparently, and getting some of Uncle Dubya's largess. That storm
troopers are kicking people's doors down in America using pretexts
that can and will subsequently be used against the non apostate
churches is of no moment to them — the "non apostate"
clause you see. So from what I'm hearing, the media/left/government
conglomerate considers churches places that should be closed down
because of their "intolerance"– yet all the mainstream
churches support them! Why even Jimmy Carter, the poster
boy for government incompetence and slippery Christianity, has said
that the church is bad and is even forming his own, new improved
church to make up for the many deficiencies in those ones he encountered
that teach Biblical verities. What to do? No wonder liberals and
other fellow travelers spend so much time in therapy.

try another. Education is something everyone purports to care about.

schools are hopelessly flawed but what are Americans worried about?
Classroom size! More pay for teachers! Prayer in school. Well folks,
here is the latest word — the decent kids are praying every day
— praying that the day will end, that the nonsense they are hearing
will not destroy their minds, that the idiots sitting next to them
won't erupt in violence, and that real teachers will one day appear.
Those kids are wondering what on earth is wrong with their parents
and why did those lazy bozos send them to such a horrible place.
But after a while, they stop thinking at all, crank up MTV, grab
a handful of condoms and get with the game plan. They will make
fine citizens of the new world order where little is required and
much is guaranteed.

only choices available with public schools are to throw petrol on
the fire in the form of more extorted money, or of course to close
them down! I'm leaning towards the latter idea myself. Americans
however, will saunter along merrily with their masters and trust
the folks who broke the schools to fix them, only for lots more
money extorted from who? Me…

schooling anyone?

gears again, let's see what is being done to keep Alice from going
too tall.

of people seem to be really in an uproar about drugs. That of course,
should spark a lot of debate in a free society but for some reason
it does not. Left and Right, they both agree. People who take drugs
without prescriptions offend the masters; they offend the AMA, and
the pharmacy cartels, why those folks are just plain bad! Shoot
u2018em or lock u2018em up and be done with u2018em. So its awfully hard to
propose a fix when the fix is in. The drug war rages, and the guns
are pointed at us. We don't mind though, it's for the children.
It's enough to make you want to get stoned, but then, that's enough
to make Mother State unleash the whole tamale, right on top of your

complains constantly about the government so there must be something
we can do there.

won't discuss the failings of government here, but rather the achievements.
Getting that constitution out of the way was a big one. Soon they'll
be able to destroy the last vestiges of it and get rid of the guns
and that annoying internet that upset poor old Hillary so badly.
As our right wing friends have reminded us frequently, you have
to give up some freedom to keep it. Seems strange how left and right
agree on so many important issues! Sometimes it just blows my logic
so badly that I have to reboot! Since we have no choices with government
I can't suggest much in the way of fixes. My nuke u2018em logic is safely
ensconced in the war plans of the Pentagon anyhow so they don't
need me to tell them that.

there is always the Hero, John McCain, who will fix government by
cutting off debate. This idea appeals to many so maybe it's a good

there is another choice available. We could bring our troops
home and stop poking our noses in other people's business. We could
live by rule of law under a constitutional republic. But we know
all too well that it won't happen under this government and
that leaves us only one choice if we wish to opt out: secession.
I like that one but folks seem to get mighty irritated when I mention
it for a whole variety of reasons. So it follows that the default
choice here ultimately will be to fight a war with somebody, and
probably pretty soon. Gets the citizenry back on track, builds patriotism,
and is of course, good for the economy. So they tell us…

Middle East is looking mighty messy these days, and for reasons
that elude me America supports both sides in that endless quarrel.
I've mentioned that a lot of folks want a war with China. My money
is on Europe though — that's the one place where war is always guaranteed.
I'm just playing the statistics but I think my logic is sound —
besides, it's time to finish off that western European cultural
mess and fill it back up with culturally diverse immigrants anyhow
— just ask any of the former governments of the former states in
the EU. (Just don't ask the citizens)

won't consider the logic of government and war too much — because
there isn't any. Just remember that they go together like murder
and mayhem. But hey — no problemo. Since the churches got out of
the faith business, it's only natural to direct it toward Mother
State. And when you send little Buffy off to war, remember, it's
your duty and there is no doubt some weighty reason that we simply
haven't got time to go into. Remember, as one particularly cogent
reader pointed out to me recently, "If you don't like it here,

willing, I will be leaving soon. But mark this; I plan to take my
state with me!

16, 2000

Mr. Peirce [send him
] fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith
side, of course).

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