Parliamentary Dorks

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laugh. It's true.
My poor bloody country!

the New Zealand parliament is in one of its all too frequent recesses,
which exacerbates the problem of taxpayers not getting value for
money out of these people. But recesses do give us a respite from
the inanity of the main political players, while providing an opportunity
for the lesser lights to hit the headlines.

hitting the headlines is just what two of them did this week. One
was named Supreme Queer of the Year at the Queer of the Year awards
2000, and the other, a Rastafarian, achieved notoriety because he
uses a skate board as a regular mode of transport, risking the possibility
of his meter long dreadlocks tangling with the undercarriage.

the socialist politician named "Queer of the Year" has
been paraded by the liberal left media as the world's first transsexual
member of parliament, it is not an international honor that fills
the whole country with great pride. A swing to the left as well
as slick packaging by the gay lobby and their apologists got this
person in to parliament. Nothing else. It certainly wasn't brainpower
or an affinity with the average citizen. After falling for the pre-election
hype, it is now difficult to find anyone admitting to voting for
the ex-prostitute.

the "Queer of the Year" award is little more than an over-publicized
non-event. It is simply a gay lobby stunt that on the one hand praises
and publicizes gays, and on the other vilifies those in positions
of responsibility who are against such things as same-sex marriages.
This is the same lobby which seeks to ban certain Christian videos,
while loudly proclaiming its right to freedom of speech and the
promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism in street parades, partially
financed by public money.

Rastafarian politician is a member of the neo-Marxist New Zealand
Green political party. Clearly, this fellow was unelectable, but
he got there under a proportional representation voting system that
gave the Greens a certain number of parliamentarians because 5%
of the people voted for them. While there is a lot about this man's
history that has not been made public, we do know that he was involved
in left-wing protest in Britain. This apparently stood him in good
stead in coordinating the activities of the Wild Greens, an extremist
group within the New Zealand Green party. Last year they took "direct
action" (code for eco-terrorism) against genetically modified
food by vandalizing a potato crop, thus curtailing a significant
project and costing three PhD students a year's work.

Green parliamentarian smokes pot and justifies this on Rastafarian
religious grounds, despite the fact that it is illegal to smoke
the stuff. He spends a good deal of his time traveling the country
and visiting schools at the taxpayers' expense promoting the decriminalization
of marijuana.

is said the people deserve the politicians they get. But wait a
moment. Nobody in New Zealand voted for this guy. Eternal vigilance
is the price of liberty, and more so under a crazy proportional
voting system that provides for un-elected members of parliament.

17, 2000

, a former officer of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand,
is a businessman and writer. He is working on a book on New Zealand’s
race relations industry.

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