Why Democracy Failed in America

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we must determine if the basic premise is correct: has democracy
been a failure? For those in doubt, consider Bill Clinton, three
trillion in national debt and twenty wars and /or police actions
since 1945. The two party system no longer functions, and we are
ruled over as surely as if we had anointed a king. Did you vote
for the tax measures that consume close to sixty per cent of your
income? Un huh… I didn't think so.

yeah, democracy has been a failure in America. Now to the real question:
whose fault is it? This answer is simple too, it's our fault. Our
ancestors went to war with the "world's only superpower"
(Britain, for those who went to a public school after 1980) over
a tax structure they considered tyrannical, and one that we would
kill for. My metaphor of course, is nonsense, if we would
kill for a decent tax structure, we would have one.

forward, our ancestors again rose up over restrictive tariffs and
were not content to let the government ride roughshod over the constitution.
That second revolution, as some of us recall, was suppressed in
fire and blood. It was not so cut and dried as our modern propagandists
(educators?!) would have us believe — the North had a large number
of patriots who spoke out freely, and of course, were suppressed

New York, troops had to be recalled from the front to put down the
riots that erupted over the draft, and yes, citizens fired on the
Federal troops. Earlier, the same thing had happened in Baltimore
where the patriotic citizens tried to block the troop trains who
were carrying soldiers to invade the South.

starts getting really scary when you study that second revolution,
because despite the wretched excesses of the Federal troops who
devastated the South, an awful lot of them were pretty good folks
and would make good neighbors. They claimed to fight for the "Union,"
and the old flag; conveniently forgetting that those two items are
based on a more important item: the constitution. Ours was theoretically
at least, a voluntary union. My point however, is that even in serving
an unjust cause, these men were morally superior by a quantum leap
to the disgusting sybarites of modern popular culture.

the failure of democracy in the United States was a foregone conclusion,
from that time on. After "Honest Abe" threw out the constitution,
Bill Clinton was inevitable.

system we call "democracy," and which was actually set
up as a republic, could stand only when men where principled enough
to make it stand. The old adage held true, that as soon as the masses
realized they could vote themselves "bread and circuses"
they would, and they darn sure did. Another writer in that distant
century noted that as long as Americans were good our experiment
would work. It's not working — care to draw any radical conclusions
from that?

contemporary America, politicians debate issues that are essentially
meaningless, eschewing dialog about the issues the concern the voters;
and we let them get away with it. Consider Lazio versus Hilary Clinton
— both of them stand for exactly the same thing: despotism. Yet
the "free press" remains enamoured by this "race."
The only contest here is to see which hog gets to dip its snout.

know about this in Georgia too, where we thought we'd voted for
a conservative and instead got a blowhard, who turned out to be
a womanizer, and turned his senate seat over to Johnny Isaakson,
another one of those "moderate" republicans that are keeping
us away from the polls in droves.

one of the biggest failures of democracy is that people with double
digit IQs are not voting because we can see through the farce of
elections. Who has a chance that I want to see in office? That you
want to see in office? The lessor of two evils eh? Not for me, thanks…evil
is evil is evil. I don't want evil period.

groups have marginalized themselves as voting blocks, as opposed
to voting individually, on principal. In exchange for a few token
black faces in the ranks of leadership, who themselves get a cut
of the vigorish, blacks for instance, vote for Democrats routinely
and supinely. The Democrats are worse, if possible, than the Republicans,
in their indecent haste to trash all that is good, and to repudiate
the constitution.

The elderly vote based on which politician lies hardest about the
farce of social security. Have any of these folks read the constitution?
We vote for the candidate who promises to steal the most from others,
and give it to us. This is a relationship between voter and politician
that is very much like the one between pimps and whores. The whore
(voter) sells herself expecting a profit; the pimp (government)
confiscates all that she gets.

story goes that once, in Stalin's Kremlin a plan was discussed that
was so blatantly dishonest that one naïve true believer actually
spoke up and said so. Stalin and his henchmen broke into gales of
laughter. That same hollow cackle reverberates in the halls of our
own congress. Like Hitler, they say, "Who compels us to keep
the promises we make?" No one, that's who.

key to serious analysis is to correctly identify the problem. The
problem in America is that we have made a mockery of everything
that was ever good about this country, and now, in the words of
Tom Petty, we "revel in our abandon." Mark this well —
we are not in good shape — the ship of state has run aground
and the crew are all drunk on the hearty grog offered by the pop
culture. Nobody is minding the store, nobody is speaking up for
decency and it is because we are lazy, and because we are stupid.

words those. Let's address lazy first:

been too lazy to pay attention to what our leaders are up to — we
woke up one morning and found we were being ruled by executive order.
Did we act? No, we yawned. Is that lazy? For a people who swore
they would not bow the knee to any but God?

schools have become indoctrination centers for a corrupt ideology
which is so wicked that discussing the details of it in mixed company
would have been considered bad form among civilized folks for most
of recorded history. Now, these things are presented to third graders.
Yet we are too lazy to attend to our children's education and let
the government do it. We are indicted by our own words. Ask any
American if they trust the government and the answer will be a resounding
"Hell no!" Then ask us why we let that same government
raise our kids. But we already know they answer. We are lazy.

been too lazy to say anything when our government launched its campaign
to suppress the Christian religion. So now the Supreme Whores have
dictated to us the astounding proposition that it is un-constitutional
for children to pray at sporting events, while they have discovered
imaginary rights to propose sexual perversion and promiscuity as
"normal" in taxpayer supported schools. Have we dealt with
them yet? No?

lazy, folks.

not neglect the second premise either, that we are stupid. Here
is what constitutes stupid, the short list.

businesses routinely use the government as a tool to fight each
other, maintaining huge staffs of eager, imaginative lawyers. The
unintended consequence is that government routinely horns in on
commerce, and prices go up. These same business leaders whine about
the high cost of regulation. So exactly who are we rooting for when
we cheer the government bozos who are destroying Microsoft? It's
a safe bet that we won't be cheering when software prices go up.
So we lose money as prices go up, and then lose more money to pay
the government hacks that handle the regulatory agencies.


most dangerous government in our history, which has presided over
the destruction of our culture, attacked our religion, promoted
the murder of millions of unborn babies, waged aggressive war against
foreign countries, and allowed illegal immigration to proceed at
a mindboggling rate, wants us to give up our guns. They tell us
that the culture has become too violent for guns to be in the hands
of ordinary citizens. That statement says it all. That is so patently
stupid and illogical that they would only dare suggest that to stupid
people: us, the Americans.

the violent culture is a product of failed government programs and
the breakdown of conventional morality! So more of that is better?
Much of the violence in this violent culture stems from the government
and it's ill considered and imaginary "war on drugs."
It should be called the "War on Freedom." Gun control
has subtly crept into this country at such an alarming rate you
will soon find it very difficult indeed to purchase a firearm,
let alone carry one. Yet politicians are slamming each publicly
other for not being sufficiently in favor of gun control. Try basing
your self-defense on the promises of an American politician. You'd
better take some harp lessons first — you'll be needing them.

murderous buffoons like Bill Clinton talk about the rights of hunters
to have shotguns — yet the constitution made no mention of hunting.
Hunting is not a right. Guns are for keeping power where it belongs,
with the people. Self defense, now that's a right!

find ourselves at a time when we dare not even enter certain neighborhoods
for fear of our lives and our leaders tell us it is in our best
interest to disarm?!. Are we that stupid? Have we dealt with
them yet? No?

stupid, folks.

is a very harsh thing to call Americans. So let's devise a test
to see if I'm right. Turn on your television, you know, that high
priced thing with the gazillion channels. Turn it on, and channel
surf until you find something that is clearly produced for consumption
by people of character and intellect. Take your time, this is a
tough one.

look out the window, and moisten a finger, and hold it out in the
breeze. See which way it is blowing, and having noted that, note
also that what ever freedom you thought you had, has blown away
on that same breeze. The country that was America is no more. We
let it slip away. And that was stupid, folks, criminally stupid.

asked the other day, "Do you think God will judge us for the
things that are going on in America today?" One has to laugh
at something like that, a question that silly. To that question,
we could apply "lazy", since modern Christians are often
too lazy to even open their Bibles, or we could look at "stupid",
too. Because in that Bible, the answer is quite clear, no Clintonesque
waffling for God's prophets.

we going to be judged? We are being judged now! These
things are consequences, not warning signs.

Yankee general named Dan Sickles lost his leg and his command, after
an ill fated tactical movement at Gettysburg. As he was being carried
off the field he noted that "Man proposes, God disposes."
His will be done.

30, 2000

Mr. Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian
Smith side, of course).

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