I Love John Rocker And Hate MS-NBC Sports

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little over a year ago my wife came in to my office and told me
to come watch this new relief pitcher the Braves had picked up.
I hated him. He made me nervous – I almost had to leave the room.
He fidgeted, and took his hat off and scratched, and wiped his face
and twisted the ball, and then did it all again, at this manic pace.
It seemed he must surely die from the stress of living at that intensity

grew on me. For one thing, he really is a baseball hero – he
can heave that ball. Only Randy Johnson can match him for sheer
intimidation factor. His raw jock vitality is stimulating. I began
to see that he was bringing a critical ingredient to the Braves:
excitement. This nut case acted like Rome rises or falls on his
every pitch. He plays to win and it makes you want him to win. That's
what baseball is about.

the ninth inning roles around, it's time to hold an advantage, or
start a rally. Three hitters up and three hitters down, which happens
a lot with Rocker, can be critical. He strikes out well over one
hitter per inning pitched. He looks like a guy you could sit next
to in a pub and have a nice chat. Although, he might challenge you
to arm wrestle! It is very obvious indeed why Atlanta fans like

is not as obvious is why everybody with a word processor and a liberal
bent has been outdoing each other to damn Rocker and the Atlanta
fans as a very sinister group indeed. It's astonishing. Atlanta
is not heaven on earth, but we didn't need Rudy Giuliani's storm
troops to be able to walk our streets. We are a friendly town. Yes
we carry guns, many of us do that. But don't worry, unlike Northern
guns ours do not jump up and start firing on their own. That apparently
happens a lot in New York, where honest taxpayers are unarmed, and
strangely enough, still get shot now and then. Compare our shootings
in Atlanta to those in any other city, and you' ll find that one,
there are not that many, and two: the loser in the gunfight is not
always the crime victim. Heh heh.

is amused by liberals who view Southern males as some dangerous,
exotic breed of barely civilized and highly volatile Ku Klux Klan
recruit with a baseball bat in one hand and gun in the other, looking
for someone to lynch. They remind me of a bunch of sissies lifting
up their figurative skirts lest they stumble and get their knickers
wet.. But why on earth do we also cheer Andres Galarraga? He's not
white for goodness sake. Of course he is Hispanic but as we found
out recently, at least some Hispanics are politically correct so
no points on that one. Andruw Jones? A fluke. Besides, we probably
don't really like him – it's just a pose. Surely it's a put up job
to elicit sympathy from the media who are far to clever to be taken
in by such an obvious ploy. They've also been pathetically biased
in their writing. Here in Georgia, we are aware that black players
have lived at Rocker's house, with his Mom and Dad. For the propagandists
of political correctness, this could interfere with their mission,
which is to kiss the butts of their masters so that may attain sainthood – or even better, became anchor people.

of the few things the Brits ever got right was that they don't canonize
these silly and facile talking faces that are the icons of America's
evening news; at least on the state controlled media. The Brits
describe them accurately as "news readers." You can take
Tom Brokaw to the Middle East, but when he gets there, he is going
to read the news.

sportscasters have jumped on this train could have amusing consequences.
But not for their careers. They better get out of the posh clubs
where they drink highballs with those self absorbed arbiters of
taste in the news media, and get back to the sports bars where we
think such people are ponces. You work in the real world, tough
guy – you are not a hard hitting journalist – you are calling a
baseball game, and you are required to know about the game and have
a head full of statistics. When you start spouting that statist
nonsense, that none but the very elite of the government / media
conglomerate really pay any mind to, your credibility is gone at
that instant.

pathetic, feminized media, including, to my amazement, the sportscasters,
fear white Southern men, and well they should. We are what stand
between them and their socialist agenda. We are aware of it, and
we reject it. Thus, we are ridiculed. What is appalling is their
hypocrisy. They know full well that if being mugged is a worry,
Kennesaw County is the place to be. Muggers in Kennesaw, who survive,
are given an automatic insanity plea. It's like robbing a donut
shop in Los Angeles. Yet they would never dream of living there
because of their racism. In their hearts, they assume that blacks
do all the crime, so to come down so hard that mugging is actually
dangerous to the mugger, would be racist.

referred to Atlanta baseball fans as racist rednecks because we
routinely give John Rocker a standing ovation when he sprints out
on to the field in that inimitable way of his. MSNBC saw hardly
any blacks in stands, and presumed that they would have of course
have better sense then to cheer Rocker, and intimated that they
were probably in fear for the lives because of raging white Southern
male hormones. Considering that the rest of us saw thousands of
blacks in the stands, and do every time there is a game, I can only
suggest that his power of observation is equal to his keen political
and sociological insight. I'm saying he's blind.

Sutton asked himself, had Rocker considered that one of the umpires
was a Cuban immigrant? He'd forgotten that Cuban immigrants were
no longer an officially protected minority, joining western Europeans
and Christians as targets of opportunity. Sutton was certainly sanctimonious
but the fans noticed something he didn't. That the umpires pick
up steam when Big John is out there – watch their movements, they
start getting into it, too! Rocker brings some excitement to the
game that is catching. And maybe the umpires are just a little tired
of the thought police too.

seemed to sigh and exclaimed of this "inexplicable love affair"
between Atlanta fans and John Rocker. u2018Even though virtually all
of them had been insulted by him.' Yeah, Don, it's exasperating
when people don't fall in line with the politically correct point
of view and think for themselves. You see, most of us, and particularly
Southerners (that includes black Southerners by the way, for folks
in the North who are determined to split our population into manageable
groups), are quite able to like somebody and not agree with them
on every issue. Lots more agree with him. We've been to New York,
and taken the subway.

interesting how the liberals assume that Hispanics are with them,
just because a few paper men like Cisneros spout the party line
in exchange for a hit from the trough. Having lived in Los Angeles,
it seems to me that Hispanics are family people by nature and offer
a lot of hope to this country in that regard. They seem rather conservative
on a lot of matters the liberals live or die by, like homosexual
activism, feminism, and abortion. They cheer, or least the ones
on camera cheer, when Rocker comes on the field.

this is shocking to our self-appointed masters, whose desire is
for all of us to be just like them, in our diversity, of course.
They are the racists, for they fear us. They are afraid of black
people, of immigrants, of white southerners. They are afraid of
our religion, our determination, our hard work. They are afraid,
because after all the energy they have expended indoctrinating us,
we still think for ourselves. We are the people who cheer John Rocker,
and it is because we hate, but not in the way that MSNBC has accused
us of hating. We hate what our country has become, we hate being
lied to, and we hate the contemptuous manner in which these media
buffoons treat us. We hate liars who tell us there are no black
people in the stadium when our eyes tell us otherwise. We hate liars
who tell us we are supposed to be concerned about Rocker's statements
and fail to notice we are cheering him, and we hate being called
racists by the welfare state crowd when it is patently obvious that
they have a vested interest in racism – without it they are going
to be standing in the unemployment line just behind the Grand Dragon
of the Klan.

we admit that we are mean, nasty ole haters, but as a rough neck
buddy of mine used to say, "I must not be wrong, cause I ain't
been busted in the mouth yet!" So live with it, sissies, and
when Rocker strikes out your best hitters, you can throw batteries
at him and pour beer on his wife, and comfort yourselves with the
knowledge that you are morally superior.

you better be polite when you are in reaching distance of him, and
of me. You see, this politeness we practice in the South, which
is so confusing to so many of you, is based on two things: good
manners and good sense. We are polite to all but we don't tolerate
insults. We are your worst nightmare. You can run your mouth down
here but you talk about my momma and I'll drop kick you. This really
upsets you folks I know, because you think that your blatherings
are sacred, and constantly invoke that meaningless first amendment
to support your supposed u2018right' to get in my face. Does it shock
you that I mock the first amendment? How do you think it feels to
patriotic Americans when you mock the second? Want to compromise?
How about if I keep my guns and you keep your freedom of speech?
Frankly, without me and my shooting irons, you and your jawbone
are finished anyway.

here is a suggestion – stick to soccer.

Mr. Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian
Smith side, of course).

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