A Reply to Jonah Goldberg

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Mr. Goldberg

may be that us “denizens” of LewRockwell.com don't have much respect
for conservative Republicans because they embrace every imperial war
that comes down the pike. Does this mean I'm “rattling my spoon against
the side of my high chair,” as you so blithely dismissed us in your

could it be that we are still waiting for an end to abortion, or
at least a condemnation of it, by those very Republicans who include
that in their platform yet ignore the enormity of it when elected.
You know the ones, those fine men of principle who continue to support
the teachers unions, the unconstitutional Department of Education
or the NEA? The very conservatives who promised they would do something
about all this. Think “Contract with America!” 

Gee, why
don't I trust you?

could be a lot of things, but note this: we are not stuck with you
despite what you may think. Allies who contribute nothing to the cause
make one long for the French. There is always a Frenchmen or two with
integrity, even while the rest are bailing. As for Republicans with
integrity — they seem mighty thin on the ground and buy us nothing.
Many of us stayed at home for this last election — so don't kid yourself
— you do not own us.

one of Rockwell's columnists, I must tell you that I make no claim
to being a libertarian either. I've never read Ayn Rand (gasp!)
and find the open borders and free abortion ideas espoused by some
libertarians to be anathema. Yet Marshall Fritz (who campaigns gallantly
against public education) gave me the “test” and it says I am after
all, a libertarian. So who knows — I like labels not at all so it
matters little in the end.

does matter is that when Clinton was slaughtering Serbian Christians
in aid of Islamic Narco Terrorists, the conservatives where right
on board, shouting “rah rah” as the bombs fell on hospitals and
schools. “Dubya” was arm in arm with Clinton so perhaps you can
identify for me, what choice the Republican Party offers me?

renounce the conservative Republican label for the same reason I
renounce the liberal label. It has been corrupted by those who bear
it. As for the “way things used to be that never were” — I remind
you that there was a time in this country when the constitution
meant something to people. As you have stated in your own recent
(excellent) column on the farce of “black history” month — that
stuff isn't taught in college much anymore. Here is some more bad
news, it isn’t taught in High School either. It took both conservatives
and liberals working in harness to replace American History classes
with the bilge taught nowadays. 

took both conservative Republicans and liberals to destroy the second
amendment as well. Unarmed serfs are of course the best kind. We
are to meekly lay aside our weapons and embrace the farce of “two”
party politics. Not me baby.

— watching Republicans in “battle” against the liberals is something
of a bad joke. I feel much the way Field Marshal Rommel must have
as he watched his Italian allies run away yet again. Watching people
who won't stand up for the very beliefs they espouse is very sad,
and it makes me feel very much like I'm on my own. 

not that I don't need you, it's that the conservative movement as
it is today buys me nothing. You roll over so much it's like watching
a pussy cat with a ball of yarn. It makes me wonder at the disconnect
between your words and your actions!

now you are all joining hands and shouting “Bomb Iraq” again. How
many foreigners must be murdered before you folks are satisfied?
What is the difference again, between you all and the liberals?
Perhaps I've missed something. But the last time I looked you were
linked arm in arm with the warfare state, calling for blood. 

me, I once thought that conservative Republicans were constitutionalists.
They certainly sing the song. But I've grown up now and don't believe
in fairy tales any more.

tell me I've got no where else to go — there is a Southern conservative
movement growing fast and we truly can get along without you. We
want you, but not as you are. Grow some principles, take a stand
on something that matters and fight like you mean it sometime —
try it just once — you might actually like it. Be warned, here in
the South us true believers may just be the Borg of you worst nightmares
— “you will be assimilated.” These are our states, and we are sick
of it, so we are in the process of taking the Republican Party back
from you neo-cons. Wouldn't you just hate that — we'd insist on
principle and that could ruin everything. No more of this “vote
for us and then we'll mock you” nonsense like you do with the Christian

enjoy a joke as much as the next man but this one ain't funny any

remembering every once in a while that big government really is
the enemy of freedom — don't take my word for it, study history
and let the facts sink in. That there is a Republican in the White
House is hardly cause for celebration. His platform included a strong
stance against abortion. Let's count the babies that have been brutally
murdered since he took office or examine his non-existent proposals
to limit government, and see what principle really means.

Republicans are cheerful co-conspirators with the left on the immigration
issue as well. So much for your constitutionally ordained duty to
protect our borders. Do I really care if my country is occupied
by Mexico as opposed to Russia or dare I say it, Iraq? What really,
is the difference? Why did you waste all that time and effort on
the Cold War when you are in favor of this country being overwhelmed
by foreign invaders? What is the point of having a military, one
which I must add, seems always to need more and more and more of
everything, if it can not or will not defend our own borders? Are
Mexicans better somehow than Iraqis? That you send our military
half way around the world to “protect” us from the latter and yet
let us be deluged by the former is a hypocrisy that has not gone
unnoticed out here in fly over land. Well might we wonder what your
true motives are. The Iraqis have done exactly nothing to the United
States by the way — so tell me again, why must we slaughter them?

Republicans want me to see you as some kind of opposition party
that stands tall against the ills that beset our country. Yet you
conduct yourselves as if this is merely a game and what really matters
is whose side gets the ball. It is a whole lot more than a mere
game — we are routinely murdering people both at home and abroad.
Our police are militarized and our military feminized, and our schools
are hell holes that teach little but political correctness, sexual
depravity and wacko environmentalism.

I consider myself dependent upon conservatives and Republicans who
share the blame for these developments? Are we as few as your condescending
article would have us believe? Maybe not… And if we are, does
that matter?

didn't used to matter, and I'll close by sharing with you some words
of William Barrett Travis in one of his last dispatches from the

am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like
a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that
of his country — Victory or Death.”

5, 2000

Mr. Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian
Smith side, of course).

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