They Are Beating the War Drums (Again)

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David Hackworth, for whom I have great respect, has jumped on board
the terror bombing bandwagon. In a column titled "Bring
Down the Beast
" on World Net Daily he advocates slamming
the Iraqis and exhorts Bush Junior to follow in Daddy's footsteps.
He advocates war.

short — he wants Americans to kill people because in his opinion,
Saddam Hussein is a bad man.

this through a little better please, Colonel. The Iraqis have done
exactly NOTHING to the US. Of course they shoot at our planes – they are flying over their country for goodness sake! They are not
sweethearts but so what? Haven't you read the papers of the founders
of this country? As in "no foreign entanglements?" Do
you think Switzerland is having any problem with terrorist attacks?

John Wayne put it once, "Minding my own business is a way of
life." My family is far more concerned by the subversion of
this disgusting left-wing takeover in America than any imaginary
threat from some tinhorn dictator with a towel on his head. Colonel
Hackworth is an advocate of the military men — the "troopies"
or "grunts" as Americans call them. He purports to be
a friend of those who do the fighting and dying, and has himself
paid the price of wounds. He has exposed the charades of scaled
back feminist training techniques, stress chits, and the sybaritic
conduct of the "perfumed princes" of the high command.

needs to read his own commentary. His evidence of corruption and
contemptible conduct by our military industrial complex is overwhelming
but he fails to draw any useful conclusions from it.

like to fight as much as the next man, and had two years in combat.
But I fought for something that mattered, the freedom of the Rhodesian
people. Guess who was on the other side? Britain, Russia, China,
and America. All the major communist powers. I never heard
a peep out of Saddaam Hussein. I still have no idea why I'm supposed
to be mad at him. It's called fighting for things that matter – like principal! Let's clean up our own backyard before we go slaughtering
foreigners again.

seem to be quite incapable of looking out for our own self interest.
The very government that attacks the Boy Scouts for not wanting
homosexuals to prey upon their charges, that murders the unborn
in unbelievable numbers, and teaches our daughters to behave as
nothing more than tarts, gets our immediate support when they wish
to kill foreigners. Is this some sickness in our national soul?
Or is it merely an extension of our love for bread and circuses?

do Southerners, who traditionally have believed in the ways of the
founders, always jump on the jingoist bandwagon? This government
our kids kill for and die for, is the one with the boot on our necks.
It is this government against whom we should take a stand. Have
you noticed that in this, our republic, we have no political power?
These war games are just to take our minds of that harsh fact —
don't let them get away with it, please!

rolled over supinely when they murdered Christians in Serbia — are
we going to do that again? Dare we? Remember the Biblical concept
of corporate judgment. The bill will eventually come due. Perhaps
much sooner than we think.

say this to you, Colonel, "You want u2018em killed. You kill u2018em.
Leave my sons out of it." I've got no dog in that hunt. You,
Colonel, buried many of your friends in Korea — have you noticed
that we are still there? That even though the South Koreans have
asked us to leave, that we have not? Could you tell me why? What
did we win? What are we doing there now?

we should examine some of the reasons we are hearing for blasting
the Iraqis. First of course is the "unfinished business"
nonsense. Because we didn't capture Baghdad, we should do it now.
Sorry guys, that kind of logic suggests that we should invade Russia

real reason, and we are hearing this more and more, is that Saddaam
is a threat to Israel. To which I reply, "so what?" I
support Israel more than most commentators but not enough to suggest
for one minute that my country has any business slaughtering Israel's
enemies. They have plenty of firepower — they did after, back down
the Soviet Union at one point. A few nuclear weapons go a long way.
And the Israelis have plenty of conventional hardware too. Last
I heard, our military exists to defend us — not foreign powers.

talks of our air power, and our V Corps in Germany. We already have
Patriot missiles in Israel. Is this madness spreading? Get u2018em moving,
he says — lock and load. This is what I'd expect from "Mad
Maddy," not a respected commentator on military affairs. The
logic apparently is this, we have the force, let's use it!

guess I should not be too surprised after all. I realized recently
that I no longer agreed with the good Colonel about turning our
military around. Clinton and the other power pimps before him have
turned our armed forces into something of a pathetic joke. Hackworth
makes that point repeatedly and it is quite true.

I am glad.

Because I am consistent. Because I can follow a logic trail. Because
I value freedom above all else in the political spectrum. Because
I don't want the communists who have usurped power in this country
to have a strong military force!

have seen, in the twentieth century, what socialist dictatorships
can do with strong military forces. I submit that Hitler and Stalin
both fall into the category. Roosevelt was another — with the help
of his British war monger friends and the other two listed above
our very own "great" president Roosevelt turned the world
into a place of fire and death. All that was required by these worthies
was a lust for power and a strong military.

logic to this one must ask what did we gain? It was the final nail
in the coffin of our Republic. The rascals in Washington bask in
the imagined glory of being a "superpower" but does it
buy you or me anything? It buys us not a damn thing! We support
it with our sons and our treasure. Well did the prophet Samuel speak
when he warned us against kings who would do that very thing.

let me break ranks here with all the "patriots" who want
a strong military. Rub your heads real hard — get the blood circulating
so you can think clearly. This will be new to many of you "right
wing conservatives" but it only hurts for a moment. The government
of the United States is our true enemy. It is they, who have dragged
the constitution in the mud, and toppled our republic. It is they
who created the public school system which has turned us into a
nation of bleating sheep, unable to think clearly, and unaware of
our own history. It is they who have propagated the lies of America's
greatness. What exactly is so wonderful about a country that betrays
it's own ideals, teaches sexual depravity and calls it freedom,
and kills regularly and whimsically for reasons I no longer even
pretend to understand?

let's follow that a little further — we, or many of us, know that
our government is hopelessly corrupt and that power is shared by
two wings of the same socialist party, namely the Democrats and
Republicans. Neither of these parties has done one thing for you
or me. Neither makes the slightest pretense of supporting anything
but a Godless, evil, depraved and dishonest form of socialism. And
as Joseph Sobran noted recently, as they strive to achieve their
"progressive" and incremental changes, they never tell
us what their ultimate goal is. So I will tell you: it is the subjugation
of the American people under a wicked communist government from
which we can expect only serfdom and death. For mass murder is the
ultimate goal of any leftist movement.

tell me again, why you think this country, under this government,
should have a strong military?

note that since my IQ is over fifty, don't play that lying game
of pretending it is to defend us against "foreign invaders."
Nope, won't fly, liars! Because if that were true, even slightly
true, Colonel Hackworth would be advocating air strikes on Mexico
City. It is from the south where we are facing an invasive migration
that is subsuming our very culture. But they want that, don't they.
All those nice, cheap workers to help them with the very necessary
task of destroying the American middle class? It's so very Stalinist
and so very obvious that I despair when I realize that no one seems
to be trying to stop it.

American citizens are quite sufficient to repel invasion. The Soviets
thought so. That is why I will shock you here, and put my money
where my mouth is: I want the military to be feminized, I want the
training standards lowered, I want them to run out of spare
parts, and I hope their airplanes won't fly nor their tanks roll.
Because despite the patriotism of some in the ranks, our forces
exist to perpetrate evil. It really is that simple, and if one
follows the logic, it is inescapable.

makes me so very sad, is that the boys and girls in our military
will eventually, and perhaps very soon, find themselves in a real
war. And then we, their parents, will wonder in despair, as the
bodies start coming home in large numbers, how we could have permitted
such an abomination to transpire. For it is we who are guilty of
murder. That wicked bunch of usurpers in Washington have only the
power we give them. But we gave them that power, and we let them
keep it. So play the death march, and watch as the fruits of our
indifference come home to us.

Hackworth — you perhaps alone, among the commentators crying for
war, are willing to put your body where the steel rain falls. Why
don't you take up the Cross of St. Andrew and join us Confederates
in fighting for something that really matters: freedom!

21, 2000

Mr. Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian
Smith side, of course).

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