Reclaiming Our Freedom: An Action Plan

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readers have written to me and asked, "What can we do?"
My first answer to that was a simple one: secede from this wicked
and depraved union — now!

it's not that simple is it? The devil is in the details. So now
we will consider the details of effective action.

much of my mail comes from Northern Confederates — I'll address
that first. Pack your kit boys — get the hell out of there. You
are not going to change Massachusetts or New York. Any good plan
is based on reality. You really have only three choices and the
first one should be unacceptable: submission to the devilish power
of the socialist usurpers. Stop playing at it and get out of there.
The other two choices are simple: move down South or out West, and
I don't mean The Communist Republic of California — if you are there
— leave now.

for me to say, eh? Yep — it's quite easy. Most questions that matter
have simple answers and the answer to this one is simple. Walter
Williams first suggested this in a recent column — let's take over
some states. And why not? It's legal, and relatively simple. The
enemy did it in Atlanta — since Georgia has too many freedom loving
folks in the hinterland for them to take the whole state they made
Atlanta a festering hell whole of homosexual activists, civil rights
pimps, corrupt politicians and socialists. They have made it easy
to get on welfare and have the most city workers per capita of any
city in the US except for Washington. They come from all over, to
suck at the trough and debase our Southern heritage. Yet we still
have power here. Come to Georgia folks — there are lots of real
jobs here too, and lots of freedom loving people. Other Southern
states are the same way.

must be admitted that many, if not a plurality, of white and sadly,
most black Southerners have bought into the nanny state. So? I envision
a South full of Confederates — who cares where you were born — it's
about what you believe. If enough of you freedom loving Northerners
come down here we can make things right. Plus, you are the leaven
of the bread up North — leave, and who will support the socialist
state? Thus a massive relocation of hard working, freedom loving
Northerners will both benefit the South and hurt the socialist usurpers.

takes perhaps six months to plan a relocation — you save some money,
test the job market and make some plans. The key is, you do it.
We in the South, combined with you who are coming should organize
resettlement committees to help you get established. We already
have an infrastructure to build upon — League of the South and the
Southern Party come to mind immediately. You folks start a proper
migration and we'll help you get over the hump.

is hardly a new or radical idea. Look at New Mexico, inundated by
loonies from the Left Coast — yet it is a big place and we could
take it back. It's beautiful there as well. Mexicans are migrating
to the United States in their tens of millions in search of economic
opportunity. Is not freedom at least as good a reason to migrate
as that?

it right and we can take our neighborhoods back. The next step is
our towns, then our counties, and pretty soon we have a state. It
would become known pretty soon too, and watch the people flock to
a state where central government does not rule. It could catch on.
Folks are fed up and they need to see a solution. We must be the
vanguard and offer that solution.

have in the freedom movement some very heavy thinkers and economists
— indeed our economists are the only ones that make sense. We have
the brain trust and leadership to turn a few states into capitalist
meccas. Business follows the market, and locates near the best labor
pool in places with low taxes. This is not hard to figure out!

key to it is this: we take over some key states in the South and
the West. Then we start taking the state governments back from the
demoPublicans and institute the one policy guaranteed to change
things for the better. We make our local governments stop sucking
at the sugar teat — we refuse to accept any US government
money, period the end.

are ruled by the proverbial steel fist in a velvet glove. Have you
wondered why your police departments are no longer your friends?
They have been quietly federalized by the massive infusion of money
and weaponry from the central government. It comes at price. We
can stop that, and re-institute local control of our police. They
are after all public servants, and are paid for by us. They must
serve us and not some out of control communist flunkeys in Washington.

government doesn't need force to rule people who exist for the handout
— we have sold our souls for the Yankee dollar. Tell them to keep

is the same thing with public schools. It takes a very small amount
of federal money to corrupt a school system. Have you wondered why
your kid's school is telling him that homosexuality is a valid,
alternative life style? Or why your kid can't follow a logical thought
from beginning to end? Its because that government money comes at
price. When we take over our first state — the first thing we must
do is break those horrific teacher's unions. Without government
money and the wicked influence of those left wing ideologues in
the unions, we could possibly turn the education system around.

leads me to a short-term solution — pull your kid out, for God's
sake! Since I never take His name in vain — I mean it the way I
wrote it. You can raise your kids or you can let the enemy raise
them. It's your choice. You folks who are stocking up on guns might
think about that. Your guns protect what? Your house from home invaders
and what else…? If you have more than a single pistol and a shotgun,
and your kid is in public school — your priorities are out of whack.
The first line of defense for your family is to protect your children
from that alien, Godless brainwashing that occurs in the public
school system. There are many alternatives — select one and use

wise you must ask yourselves about your own materialism. How many
TV sets do you own? You should not have more than one and it should
be shut off most of the time. What about vehicles? Do you really
need what you have? What about debt? Your house? If you really care
about freedom –I'll bet you'll find there is a whole lot of stuff
you can do without. Put your kids first or they will grow up and
become your enemies. Many of you are already living with the consequences
of letting an evil school system corrupt your children.

enough intelligent, freedom loving people in selected states, we
could stop their insane drug war. Do you really claim to love freedom
and think it's OK to confiscate people's property? And to you Christian
brothers I say start using your heads and ask yourself some tough
questions. You claim to want to protect your kids from drugs yet
you are not lifting a finger to do it. Your kids are in public schools,
half of them on Ritalin and the schools are where the drugs are.
You know it, but you are too intellectually lazy to act upon it.
You tell me you love Ashcroft because he is a Christian gentleman
and I tell you Christian gentlemen should not point guns at fellow
citizens and seize their property.

you want to be free to practice your religion you better stop supporting
the very stormtroopers who are taking that freedom from you. Your
kids are your responsibility — you can't serve God and mammon
— put your money where your mouth is and pull your kids out of public
school and teach them your values. And have them read the US constitution
so they can remind you of it next time you want to shout "Rah
Rah" for the drug war.

are very important to the freedom movement — but faith should not
exclude logical thought and patriotism. The drug war is the most
unpatriotic attack on freedom since the War of Northern Aggression.

is no market for drugs if we stop our children from being made into
drug consumers by the public school system

our states, we could throw out the useless communist judges and
criminal justice system swine who allow violent criminals to roam
free. We could pass laws that would make it so dangerous to be a
criminal that only the really crazy ones would try anything. It's
called personal responsibility — make the criminals pay, and arm
yourself, legally.

can't do that in most Northern states — if you want gun rights don't
play make believe — you don't have them and won't unless you take
a stand and make a move. In Georgia we legally carry weapons in
the glove box of our cars — and what effect do you think that has
on car jacking statistics? More to the point is the effect it has
on car jackers.

could take back our National Guard troops and expand our state militias
and police reserves. Again — that means you. Right now — sane men
are getting out of the Guard fast as they can — they know where
they are going to be deployed! In the words of a Nazi Army ditty
from the Russian front: "Everything comes, everything goes,
you'll spend May in your winter clothes…first sink the Fuhrer
then the Party goes." Our Eastern front is the Balkans. Our
Nazi Party is in Washington. Our Fuhrer is the god of this world
— materialism, as preached by the prophets of the state media.

force our boys to take Anthrax shots. Demonstrably unsafe — part
of a legacy of using our troops as guinea pigs. Are these not our
state forces? We must take them back and encourage men of conscience
to be in our state forces, and must forbid their use in anything
but a properly declared war. We could base this improved Guard on
the many regular troops who would be glad to once again be part
of an American military force, and act as a highly professional
cadre of trainers.

founders felt we could never be subjugated because the citizenry
(the militia) outnumbered the regular army by a wide margin. This
is no longer true. We will not be truly free again until it is true,
and the first step is taking our state forces back under state control.

Power, as Mao said, comes out of the barrel of a gun. We have allowed
that power to accumulate in Washington and we must correct that
terrible mistake.

goal must be to keep a small regular military to man the nukes and
the tech stuff. Let the state forces constitute our armour and infantry.
Shazam — see the transfer of power back where it belongs: to the
states. If two states or even one, embarked on such a program it
would catch on in ten more right away.

immediate short term action you can take right now: turn off the
TV and teach your children to read. Teach them history and politics
and teach them about race relations and what is really going on.
Don't roll over every time some communist rabble rouser shouts "racism;"
there are decent black people on our side and who cares about the
rest? Are we fighting to win or is this something to make ourselves
feel all warm and fuzzy? Shout them down. Don't let your kids be
propagandized — they do not need to feel any guilt associated with
being white and if black, they have nothing to gain by shouting
constantly about "racism."

that your children learn hard science and foreign languages — they
won't get that in the public schools.

your kids are hanging around the mall — they have too much time
on their hands. That time could be spent on literacy and learning
a work ethic. Your call, folks, but the evidence is in — change
now or lose your kids.

our own states, where we have gathered in mass — we can control
immigration. Do we want Western culture to go down the tubes? It's
our country folks — immigrants must adapt or get out. Diversity
is just another way of saying "anarchy" and you won't
like it. In fact many of you have seen enough of it to know what
I'm saying is true. So why do you roll over for it? And before you
accuse me of racism consider this: would you like it if several
hundred thousand Brits or French or Germans moved to your state,
year after year? Mostly without legal papers? Since the government
won't stop it, it's up to the states.

the South and the West there are large numbers of Confederates,
freedom loving folks who believe in the old ways. There are not
enough to take our states back from the usurpers but there are enough
to build on — we could easily be a majority. We can do this and
must do it or lose our children and our freedoms to the beast.

can build a house for half of what you think you can — I know because
I've done it. You can drive used cars and do without much of what
the TV media insist you simply must have. Again I speak from experience.
If you are buying your kid hundred dollar tennis shoes to keep up
with the other kids at school — you are plain stone dumb. Wouldn't
it be better if your wife was home with the children instead of
helping you pay off debts for junk you don't really need?

only way we can be free is to accumulate real political power and
to slap away that Yankee hand with the dollars clutched in it. Defeat
your own materialism and your chains will melt away. If you must
have public schools — why not run them yourselves? You can do this.
We can do this. Greed is our enemy, and the devil and the government
(or do I repeat myself?). Know this –you don't have to be greedy.
You don't have to have these things. You can have much finer things.

ancestors fought and died for this freedom which we are throwing
away. Men who refuse to honor their own ancestors are not men at
all. To you Northern Confederates I issue this warning: remember
what Lincoln did to your ancestors. If you had been physically down
here with us — we would have had enough manpower to defeat the invader
— instead we both lost.

are many of us, but we are not enough, unless we concentrate demographically.
We are out of time — the enemy owns our schools and our media, and
are raising our kids as proper little HitlerJugend. Heads
that do not or can not entertain serious thoughts care little for
freedom. You don't miss what you never had. Families that exist
to accumulate goods are failed families — events will show you the
truth of it.

now or stop posturing. This sounds cold but we are out of time.
They are confiscating personal firearms in California. Ted Kennedy
of Massachusetts has openly repudiated the United States constitution.
New Jersey has defeated a proposal to teach the Declaration of Independence
in the public schools because it is "extremist." Yet they
are openly teaching sexual depravity and racist mumbo jumbo in our
schools. The churches, the real ones, are under heavy attack by
this well organized and devilish enemy.

— not later, not planning it, they are doing it right now. They
are teaching doctors to regard human life as a non issue, and that
we are no better than animals. This teachers are called "ethicists"
in the Orwellian parlance of the day. We kill the young, we are
starting to kill the old. In army terms that is called bracketing.
When a mortar round hits fifty meters in front of you, and then
one hits fifty meters behind you, you can be pretty sure that the
next one is going to land on your head. You are next, and your children.
Don't doubt this — read history. It is happening here and it is
happening now.

when we have taken our states back, we can offer refuge to the best
in America and make it a place where the worst will be very unhappy
indeed. Let's build a new South and a new West, and form alliances
based on strength, and politics based on freedom. Let's forget their
ridiculous political parties and form our own. Or take theirs and
make them ours! Why shouldn't we steal the Republican party out
from under them? If they exist in our state they should represent
us! Nobody represents us now — we must stop waiting for Big Daddy
to bail us out and bail ourselves out.

have offered a plan. It will involve discomfort to you, and will
require that you uproot your families and find new jobs. To which
I say, "so?" Freedom is never cheap. If you want it —
you must start paying a price for it. It is not guaranteed and the
constitution as you well know, will not protect you any more. You,
and you only, can save yourself.

come on down. Or head out west. Make a plan and stick to it. A dummy
with a plan can beat a genius that changes his mind constantly.
The left has proved that. Now it's up to us. I'll keep a light on
for you.

14, 2000

Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith
side, of course).

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