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Stockman Takes Down Krugman Womp.

Why the Prosecutor Killings? Bill Anderson explains.

The Follies of Higher-Ed Universities provide circuses (but no bread).

Ignore the Keynesian Axis of Evil Only the Austrians are right on inflation, says Bill Anderson.

Zombienomics Bill Anderson on the walking dead.

The US Legal System Is Evil And Aaron Swartz is just one of a mountain of victims, says Bill Anderson.

The Feds Might as Well Have Hanged Aaron Swartz Bill Anderson on our murderous regime.

They Want Your Guns for Killer Government Bill Anderson on fascistic Progressives.

Machine Guns for the Soldiers, the Cops, the Criminals Squirt guns for us.

Government Is Their God Bill Anderson on the Progressives.

The Assault on Guns It’s an assault on the truth.

When Officials Are Criminals (When Aren’t They?) Peons have no recourse, decree government judges.

Be Grateful for the Police State And other things Bill Anderson was told in church.

A Nation of Subservients How did it happen?

Surviving Sandy Life lessons from Bill Anderson.

Putting Cyanide in Your Soup Bill Anderson on what the Fed-bankster complex is doing to you.

Your Money and the Government Rathole Bill Anderson on the swindle.

New Depths of Depravity Bill Anderson on our New York Times enemy.

The ‘Heroic’ Louis Freeh Bill Anderson on the butcher of Waco.

Let’s Enslave Your Children Bill Anderson on the latest evil from the NY Times and the power elite.

The Violence Against Women Act It means State violence against innocent men.

Are Entrepreneurs Parasites? To the greedy State, the creators of weath are bad guys.

Let’s Doom All the Greeks And the rest of us, too. Bill Anderson on Krugman’s vulgar Keynesianism.

We Live Under the Heel of Prosecutors Which means the death of justice.

The Economics of State Power And the nefarious joker-in-chief, Paul Krugman.

Prosecutors Rule the Texas Courts So innocents are caged or murdered, says Bill Anderson.

The NY Times vs. Sanity Bill Anderson on why they reject simple economic logic.

More College, More Debt, More Unemployment They’re wrecking the economy, says Bill Anderson.

Make Us Poorer by Any Means Possible Bill Anderson on Obama’s real goal.

A Perpetual Bonfire of the Vanities Bill Anderson strips off Duke University’s coverup.

Highly Trained Regime Bullies Bill Anderson on another progressivist legacy.

The Rand Paul Detainment And the escalating executive dictatorship.

Tough on Crime? No, Tough on Freedom Lew Rockwell talks to Bill Anderson about the American injustice system.

Do We Really ‘Owe It to Ourselves’? Bill Anderson on hoary Keynesian propaganda.

The War on Drugs Is the War for Pain Bill Anderson on maniacal prosecutors and the loss of a humanitarian warrior.

Who’s Ignorant About Money? Krugman attacks Ron Paul.

American Tyranny Bill Anderson on the rule of persecutors.

Prosecutors, Justice, and Penn State Bill Anderson on the inferno that threatens the innocent, too.

The Evangelical Menace Bill Anderson on building the "kingdom of God" on earth.

State Homicide Bill Anderson on the ritual killings of death row.

The Bloody 20th Century How much blame do progressives deserve?

We Need More Innocent People in Government Cages According to Obama and Congress.

Hands Off Lance Armstrong! Bill Anderson on the lawless feds.

The Reich Class The USA’s modern Bourbons.

Hooray for the Casey Anthony Jurors For their not-guilty verdict, says Bill Anderson.

The Unraveling Conspiracy Against Strauss-Kahn It was a hoax from the beginning, says Bill Anderson.

Never Trust a Prosecutor Including Nancy Grace, says Bill Anderson.

Ron Paul or Sheriff Dupnik Bill Anderson on the choice before our corrupt political culture.

Because the Police Are Useless We need private eyes, says Bill Anderson.

The Justice System Is Criminal Bill Anderson on crooked prosecutors and crooked judges.

False Convictions Bill Anderson on another sorry legacy of progressivism.

Duke Lacrosse Victim After escaping the lying, PC prosecutor and university, he is assaulted by the Obamalonians.

The Post-Tucson Propaganda Campaign Civility…or servitude?

Psycho-Cop for the Regime Bill Anderson on Krugman.

The Hate Merchant Bill Anderson on Paul Krugman.

Drug War Deceit From the Christian left.

Animal House Bill Anderson on progressive journalists and state power.

The Drug War Is a Beast So are prosecutors, judges, and the Justice Department.

Budding Totalitarians Bill Anderson on the Progressives.

The Smearing of Ron Paul Bill Anderson on what the left has in store for Dr. Honest Money.

Libertarians and Amazon Bill Anderson on the State’s power to destroy.

Government Insecurity And WikiLeaks.

Media Liberals Lie for the TSA They’re a happy conspiracy.

Supporting Sexual Assault Bill Anderson on the Left and the TSA.

The Federal Porno-Abuse Ring Bill Anderson on the TSA.

Theft, Brutality, Misconduct Bill Anderson on American justice.

More Lies From the NY Times Bill Anderson on "acid" rain.

Free Roger Clemens and All Other Political Prisoners! Bill Anderson on a non-criminal vs. the criminal Congress.

The New Tag Team for Evil Bill Anderson on the judge-prosecutor cabal.

As Usual, the Criminals Are Outside the Bars Bill Anderson on the shocking persecution of Eric Echols.

Economic Dopedom at the NY Times Bill Anderson on just one of the wrongos.

The Soviet NY Times Bill Anderson on our own lying Pravda.

Krugman Warns of Depression Because governments aren’t Soviet enough!

The Feds Wrecked an Entire Town To persecute one kosher butcher.

Please, No More Social Gospel Bill Anderson on Marxists, libertarians, and Christians.

Commie Social Gospel Types Bill Anderson has had it.

Want To Be Poorer? The NY Times can help.

Government Is Magic Bill Anderson on the attitude of Bob Herbert and the NY Times.

Neocon Power Madness Bill Anderson on the case of Charles Krauthammer.

Capitalism Is Racist Bill Anderson on more crazy Keynesianism from Krugman.

The Curse Called Shaving Cream Bill Anderson on how Jeff Tucker and LRC literally saved his skin.

Another Clueless Columnist From the NY Times Bill Anderson on Toyota-bashing Bob Herbert.

The Manchurian Columnist Bill Anderson on Comrade Krugman.

The Keynesian Fantasy It’s killing us, in reality.

Sports for the Depression Bill Anderson on wintertime.

Don’t Worry! Be Happy! Deficits are good! Really!

Strut of the Keynesian Peacock Bill Anderson on Paul Krugman.

Crazy Keynesianism Krugman doesn’t have a clue, says Bill Anderson.

Prosperity Through Shoveling Bill Anderson on Keynesian evil.

Does the Whole US Media Hate Freedom? Bill Anderson on the state-controlled press, radio, and TV.

Keynes Bless Us, Everyone Bill Anderson on Krugman’s Christmas Carol.

The Meaning of Climategate We cannot trust the elites in anything.

Government Is Good And don’t you dare say otherwise.

Freedom for the Bear Bill Anderson on a heartening defeat for the US Justice Dept. and its persecutors.

The Lapdog Media vs. Johnny Gaskins Bill Anderson on the lynching of a real defense attorney.

The Most Dishonest Journalists in the Room Bill Anderson on shills for the prosecution.

The Federal ‘Rule of Law’ Bill Anderson on what the feds did to Johnny Gaskins.

UC-Davis Make-Believe Bill Anderson on distorting rape stats to get more federal funds.

Free Plaxico Burress and All Political Prisoners! Bill Anderson on yet another example of government "justice."

Your ‘Honor’ Bill Anderson writes to a federal judge.

Hi! I’m an Evangelical With the US DOJ And I’m here to lie to you.

Lawyers for a Bad Government Bill Anderson on prosecutorial totalitarianism.

The Cause of Teddy Kennedy’s Life Making others pay.

Is Paul Krugman Becoming an Austrian? Well, not quite, says Bill Anderson.

Not Another New Deal Bill Anderson on the fallacies.

Free Blago! And all other victims of federal persecutors, says Bill Anderson.

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin Frankly, Governor, Bill Anderson is relieved.

Towards a Soviet America Bill Anderson on the Soviet-American criminal justice system.

Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction Bill Anderson on the government justice system.

Another Evil of the Federal Reserve Bill Anderson on corrupting the Amish.

A Clear Case of Armed Robbery Any guess as to the culprit?

Reagan Did What? Bill Anderson on the fantasies of Paul Krugman.

Change We Can’t Believe in Bill Anderson on deadly Obamaism.

The Flu Hysteria Agency Bill Anderson on the CDC.

Government Motors GM is only the beginning, says Bill Anderson.

The Religious Left Bill Anderson on Gantryite fraud.

The Fed and the Golden Fleece Bill Anderson on what you are not supposed to know about money.

My Censored Reply to the Sheriff But he did not write the deputy.

The Federal Railroading of Victoria Sprouse Bill Anderson and Candice Jackson on justice in Amerika.

Our Enemy, the Fed It is destroying society.

Beltway Christianity Bill Anderson on the "emerging church."

Is the Political Class Blocking a Recovery? It’s obvious, says Bill Anderson.

The Evil of Immunity For judges, prosecutors, and police.

Want Justice? End legal immunity for government officials, says Bill Anderson.

The End of the Newspaper Era Yippee!

Leftist Thought Controllers Bill Anderson on faculty PC, Duke, and campus realities.

Ignorance of Money Bill Anderson on the rejection of Austrian economics.

Karl Marx, MD Bill Anderson on medicine and socialism.

Sustainable Fascism Bill Anderson on Al-Gorism.

Against ‘God’s Politics’ Bill Anderson on Jim Wallis and the "social gospel."

Financial Madness Bill Anderson on the Fed and crossing the Rubicon.

The Duke Crimes Continue So Bill Anderson has to straighten out the attorney general yet again.

Nobel Fraud Bill Anderson on the Krugman scandal.

Oily Politicians A parable by William Anderson.

Al Gore, Baptist and Bootlegger Bill Anderson on global-warming thuggery.

The Culture War Again Bill Anderson on Obama and Camille Paglia.

Palin and the Beltway Pundits Bill Anderson can’t help cheering for one side.

The Fellowship of the (Olympic) Rings Bill Anderson on how the athletes feel.

A Sports Hero vs. a Government Villain Bill Anderson on a story of two Mikes.

The American Police State Bill Anderson on Paul Craig Roberts.

Another Murderous Government Fraud Bill Anderson on death, the drug war, and Cory Maye.

Understanding the Fannie-Freddie Disaster A primer on finance from Bill Anderson.

Anti-Speculation Frenzy Is it ignorance, or something even more sinister?

Shock, Surprise State lotteries turn out to be crooked.

Free Jemele Hill And all other prisoners of PC.

Federal Criminals They’re prosecuting innocent businessmen, says Bill Anderson.

Two Lying Men Or one lying leftist?

Oil ‘Addiction’ William L. Anderson on a tired economic fallacy.

Making the Depression Worse William L. Anderson on trying to reinflate housing prices.

Duke: Why the DNA Mattered The Nifongians are still smearing.

Milton Friedman’s Fed William L. Anderson on even more inflation as the "answer."

Paul Krugman Is Angry So he wants to expand the state.

Obey Your Masters in All Things William L. Anderson on A Nation of Sheep, by Andrew Napolitano.

War and Economic Destruction William L. Anderson on what 1971 tells us about our future.

The Laws That Brought Him Down William L. Anderson on Eliot Spitzer.

Poverty and Poison William L. Anderson on Paul Krugman.

The ‘State’ Awakening William L. Anderson on Christian economic leftism.

The Housing Bubble Did free-market ideology cause it, as Paul Krugman says?

Krugman’s Fascist Fantasies William L. Anderson on where Keynesianism leads.

The Duke Whitewash William L. Anderson on legally living a life of crime.

Free Michael Vick Again. William L. Anderson on double jeopardy.

Paul Krugman Smears Ron Paul William L. Anderson on a paleo-Keynesian inflationist attack.

Federal Fibs About medical marijuana.

Criminal Government Or do I repeat myself?

The Brodhead Apology Should we believe it?

Dishonesty, Dishonor, and Duke Read this book, says William L. Anderson.

Capture and Corruption William L. Anderson on Nifong’s cronies and cabal.

Socialists, Duke, and Deceit William L. Anderson on prevaricating PC anti-propertyites.

Duke’s Bourbon Intellectuals They learn nothing, and they forget nothing.

Free Michael Vick It’s the feds who are cruel and barbaric, says William L. Anderson.

Socialist Bridges William L. Anderson on why they fall down.

Nifonged in Narragansett William L. Anderson on the continuing prosecutorial madness.

Cowards and Bullies William L. Anderson on officials and faculty at Duke, and an important new book.

Trouble at the Prosecutorial Hilton William L. Anderson on the two Americas.

Dear Nifong William L. Anderson’s final open letter to the ex-DA.

An Open Letter to the Duke Lacrosse Families William L. Anderson on the trial of Nifong.

In Praise of Ryan McFadyen William L. Anderson on a young man vs. "criminal justice."

Duke Lacrosse Vindicated off the field, not on it.

Celebrating the Rule of Force William L. Anderson on Memorial Day.

The Whitewash Continues William L. Anderson on Duke and Durham.

Executive Orders vs. Law William L. Anderson on the budding dictatorship.

More Crimes By the NY Times William L. Anderson on the lying newspaper of record.

The Duke Crimes William L. Anderson writes the victims: Collin, David, and Reade.

Duke: the End And the beginning.

What To Say When You Drop the Charges William L. Anderson writes the NC attorney general.

Try Telling the Truth William L. Anderson advises the NC attorney general.

The Lies of the State And Michael B. Nifong.

Death of a Hero William L. Anderson on Kirk Osborne and the Duke non-rape.

Hey, Roy William L. Anderson writes an open letter to the NC attorney general.

The Faculty Mafiosi William L. Anderson on the Duke hoax and the death of academia.

The Duke Hoax at One Year William L. Anderson on what we’ve learned.

An Evening To Remember William L. Anderson on watching Duke lacrosse in action.

The Sociopathic State William L. Anderson on Michael B. Nifong.

The Criminal Cover-Up Continues William L. Anderson on Duke and Durham.

The NAACP and the Nature of Evidence William L. Anderson on the Darryl Hunt case.

The Breeding Ground of Tyranny William L. Anderson on "emergencies."

Goebbels Justice William L. Anderson on the Edenton Seven.

The Cost of the Lie William L. Anderson on Duke, the courts, and official hoaxes.

The Duke Meltdown William J. Anderson on racial diversity and elite educational institutions.

Michael Nifong’s Worm Factory William L. Anderson on yet another crime by the prosecution.

Is Duke Liable? William L. Anderson on the university’s persecution of its students.

The Anatomy of a Hoax William L. Anderson on the Duke charade.

Twana Brawley Goes to Duke William L. Anderson on what he learned in 2006 from the famous non-rape case.

Explain Yourself, Nifong An open letter to the Duke prosecutor, from William L. Anderson.

Duke and the Politics of Rape William L. Anderson on the Liefong railroad.

Duke: the Lies Continue William L. Anderson on Liefong.

An Open Letter to the Innocence Project Why are you ignoring the railroaded Duke boys?

The Rape of Justice William L. Anderson on Durham, Duke, and dishonor.

Durham and Scottsboro Bill Anderson on the ominous parallels.

What If the Duke 3 Had Been Black? William L. Anderson on race, athletes, and rape.

Roosevelt the Thief William L. Anderson on the fascist New Deal and the seizure of our gold.

Blogging Against Injustice William L. Anderson on the web opposition to prosecutorial injustice in the Duke case.

The Duke Non-Rape Case William L. Anderson on post-modern prosecution.

The Trouble With Thanksgiving William L. Anderson on a government celebration.

Courts of the State And the state of justice. William L. Anderson on the Duke hoax.

Why the Duke Hoax Continues William L. Anderson on Durham and the politics of entitlement.

Why the Duke Hoax Continues William L. Anderson on the faculty.

Where Libertarians Go Wrong Some libertarians, anyway.

The NAACP and Jim Crow Justice William L. Anderson on the Duke "rape."

Duke and Deceit And the university president who helped railroad the innocent.

The Death of Academe William L. Anderson on Duke, "rape," and the corruption of the universities.

Life on the Reservation Where the Great White Father in Washington would like us all.

Duking Justice William L. Anderson on a criminal prosecution.

Lying Prosecutors, Professors, and Reporters William L. Anderson on Duke’s "Reichstag fire."

Nifonging the Standards of Justice William L. Anderson on the DA and the NY Times vs. the truth.

Jon Benet and Duke William L. Anderson on Boulder, Durham, and sham justice.

The Lying NY Times William L. Anderson on the Newspaper of Record and the Duke "rape" case.

Blogs vs. the Mainstream Media We’re winning, says William L. Anderson, as the Duke non-rape case shows.

The Duke Rape Scandal And a media shill for the prosecution.

Criminal Prosecution William L. Anderson on how Michael Nifong intends to frame the Duke defendants.

Tawana Brawley II William L. Anderson on the Duke scandal.

Why the Duke Case Matters It shines a spotlight on an American sickness, says William L. Anderson.

Free the Enron 2, and All Political Prisoners William L. Anderson on Lay and Skilling.

The Rotten ‘Progressive Era’ William L. Anderson on the founding of the current regime.

The Duke Lacrosse Case William L. Anderson on a "meaning" in search of a scandal.

The Duke ‘Rape’ Scandal William L. Anderson on the evil of government prosecutors.

John Kenneth Galbraith William L. Anderson on the anti-economist.

Soviet Republicans And their drive against "economic crimes."

Lynching the Lacrosse Team William L. Anderson on Duke, DNA, and the law.

Sowell and Spying William L. Anderson on the Chicagoite police state.

The Separation of Powers Let’s have that debate, says William L. Anderson.

Separation of Powers William L. Anderson on that imperial senator Kennedy.

Celebrate the Downfall of Abramoff? Executive-branch prosecutors are more dangerous, say William L. Anderson and Candice E. Jackson.

‘Price-Gouging’ as a Social Duty And public benefit. William L. Anderson on prices and profits.

What Goes Around, Comes Around William L. Anderson and Candice E. Jackson on federal prosecutors.

The Courts and the New Deal William L. Anderson on a Rooseveltian crime spree.

Hugh Macaulay, RIP William L. Anderson on a loss to academic economics.

Backdoor Price Controls William L. Anderson on the anti-"price-gouging" commies.

That Other Statist Pledge This time to Katrina-ism.

The Never-Ending Scandal William L. Anderson on state management.

It Never Was ‘Can-Do’ Government But now it’s obvious to everyone.

On the Beach William Anderson on the Hawaiian price controls on gasoline.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Lessons William L. Anderson on Vietnam.

The Global Struggle Against al-Qatfish Politicians and special interests vs. beneficial trade.

The Taser State William L. Anderson on obedience and subservience.

It’s the Ideology, Stupid William L. Anderson on The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine by Candice E. Jackson.

Is the Austrian School a Religion? William Anderson on the Krugman smear.

Terri Schiavo, the State, and the Culture of Death Bill Anderson on what’s at stake.

Federal Criminal Law It’s a crime.

The Persecution of Hoppe William L. Anderson on "conflicting rights."

If You’re So Smart How come you’re not rich? William L. Anderson on the Austrian business cycle theory.

Adventures in Radioland William L. Anderson on being transformed into a LaRouchite for dissenting from federal "justice."

Police State of America William L. Anderson and Candice E. Jackson on the illegal conviction of Logan Young.

Slimed by the NY Times William L. Anderson reviews the NYT’s review of Tom Woods.

Teaching Economics It seldom happens in economics class.

Wal-Mart-ophobia William L. Anderson refutes the latest socialist fairy tale.

DC Is a Sledgehammer We are nails.

Some of My Heroes William L. Anderson on five of them.

Bush, God, and Functional Atheism William L. Anderson on government and the religious right.

Shape Up, Brothers An open letter to Christian conservatives, from William L. Anderson.

Understanding Booms and Busts William L. Anderson on why it’s important.

Straightening Out the Sojourners Being antiwar is necessary, but not sufficient, says William L. Anderson.

Democrats in Denial William L. Anderson on politics and evangelicals.

Some Free Advice to the Opposition Forget copying the Republicans; become real Democrats, says William L. Anderson.

What Would Patton Say? Who cares? William L. Anderson on a neocon mantra for massacre.

Be Healed William L. Anderson on federally funded miracles and other nonsense.

The State Media Down with this Progressive Era institution, says William Anderson.

Dear Bill Clinton, William L. Anderson writes him about HillaryCare.

Free the Houston One! Ken Lay, of course. Article by William L. Anderson and Candice E. Jackson.

Politics: Inane and Insane It offers no hope whatsoever, says William L. Anderson.

Rhetoric and Reality Bovard takes apart the Bushies.

Another Anti-Capitalistic Hoax William L. Anderson on the food desert.

Martha Stewart and the Two Americas The oppressors vs. the oppressed. Article by William L. Anderson and Candice E. Jackson.

Water Socialism William L. Anderson on the economics of water in the West.

I Am Not Going to Fahrenheit 9/11 Michael Moore is too much for me, says William L. Anderson.

The Gipper and His Legacies Preeminently, he left us less free.

‘Wal-Mart Destroys Communities’ Give me another piece of baloney, says William L. Anderson.

License To Kill William L. Anderson and Candice E. Jackson on US Attorneys.

Victimizing the Innocent William L. Anderson and Candice E. Jackson on another example of federal justice.

‘Obstruction of Justice’ Another made-up offense. Article by William L. Anderson and Christopher Westley.

Politicized = Sick William L. Anderson on our unhealthy society.

Leonard’s Losers William L. Anderson and Christopher Westley on Leonard Pitts, a professionally irritated man.

The Economics of Outsourcing It makes perfect sense, of course.

The Democratic Credit Card William L. Anderson is not signing up.

DC’s Biggest Crime Problem The justice apparatus. Article by William L. Anderson and Candace E. Jackson.

Terry Nichols and Double Jeopardy William L. Anderson on the US of Prosecutors.

The Coming Republican Rout From Bush to Congress, they’re all going into retirement.

The Passion and the Culture War The state seeks to displace God.

The Assault on Martha Stewart William L. Anderson and Candice E. Jackson on federal justice.

To Vorkuta With Her! Martha Stewart is too rich. Article by William L. Anderson and Candace E. Jackson.

The Lynching of Martha Stewart And John Ashcroft wove the noose. Article by William L. Anderson and Candace E. Jackson.

Federal Medicine You might as well be a prisoner.

Shut Up, Roy Judge Moore could have defended our liberties. Instead, he weakened them.

Ashcroft the Nihilist And you thought he was just a statist.

One Christian’s Case Against Ashcroft William Anderson on our totalitarian AG.

The Feds and the Flu A short history by William L. Anderson. See also Burton S. Blumert’s take.

GOPPLAN William L. Anderson on energy central planning in the US.

Who Is To Blame for 9/11? Only one party is exempted by the federal government.

That Reagan Movie William L. Anderson on the political classes.

The Rotten Media Totally subservient to the prosecution.

The District of Imposters And the occasional hero.

Man on Humveeback Enter Wesley Clark.

Paul Krugman, Martyr But William L. Anderson isn’t printing up holy cards just yet.

Hurricane Fed William L. Anderson is still waiting for Isabel.

Krugman Is Another Word for Taxes William L. Anderson on the Keynesian-in-chief.

Welcome to Spy Nation William L. Anderson on being a parent in totalitamerica.

Explaining Gasoline Prices Even politicians and reporters can understand.

Prison Nation William L. Anderson on convicting the innocent.

Mandatory Jail Time It is clearly unconstitutional, like most federal criminal laws. Article by William L. Anderson and Karen S. Bond.

Another Lesson for Protectionists William L. Anderson on exporting capital.

Where Conservative Christians Go Wrong They seek to employ the state.

All About Lying William L. Anderson on government justice.

Siegfried Sassoon Bill Anderson offers a selection of his truth-telling WWI poetry.

The Bogeywoman Hillary is bad, but not as bad as George.

Martha vs. the Media William L. Anderson on the rotten press.

Christian Conservatives and Religious Freedom Time to wake up, folks, says William L. Anderson.

The Tragedy of Affirmative Action William L. Anderson on Jayson Blair.

Sex, Coaches, and Presidents Football is rightly more important than politics.

Weak Dollar, Strong Dinar William L. Anderson on the amazing story of Iraq’s money.

Enemy of Religious Freedom William Anderson on the Christian left.

The Oxford Pledge Reconsidered William L. Anderson on Iraq and Munich.

Why the Continuing Recession? William Anderson explains.

Regime Change? William L. Anderson says Yes!

Christians Under Attack William L. Anderson on the war on religious freedom.

Predatory Justice William J. Anderson and Candice Jackson on our threatening legal system.

The Usurpation Called Roe v. Wade The Supremes attack states rights again.

Franklin Delano Bush Another Establishment autocrat messes with the economy.

Poisoned by Progressivism William Anderson on what went wrong with America and the South.

A Solution to the Alabama Gubernatorial Crisis Forget the Republicans and the Democrats, says William L. Anderson.

Our Ugly Political Elites Not only do they steal our money, they have no class.

The Sniper and the Keystone Cops William L. Anderson on another case of why gun control is evil.

What Brought Down Enron? The same thing that will bring down the economy, if we let it: the state.

The Man Who Helped Make 9/11 a Reality George the First.

Wrecking the Work of Centuries William L. Anderson on Ashcroft vs. justice.

Post-Modern ‘Law’ Enforcement Bill Anderson on Ashcroft, Giuliani, and the denial of truth.

Rothbard Was Right About America’s Great Depression, says William Anderson, and about what may be a replay.

My Stateless Neighbors William L. Anderson on the Amish.

Jail Giuliani And hail the heroic Martha Stewart.

Drug Wars, Terror Wars William L. Anderson on another consequence of prohibition.

The Mafia State Hey, don’t smear organized crime.

Abstain From Abstinence As taught by the government, that is.

The Eternal Drug War William L. Anderson on that quintessential state activity, prohibition.

Krugman’s Great Conspiracy William Anderson on the evil fantasies of a New York Times economist.

Federal Justice It’s as vicious as you might think, says William L. Anderson.

The Hundred Years War Of the Progressive State against life, liberty, and property.

The Trouble With James Dobson He believes in politicians.

Good Riddance To bad rubbish. William Anderson on the retirement of Mr. New York Times, Anthony Lewis.

The ‘NY Times’ Scandal Their man in Moscow was Stalin’s agent, and that fit right in with their editorial policy.

Abolish ‘Civil Rights’ It’s one important way we can fight terrorism, says William Anderson.

Dehomogenizing the Antiwar Movement Bill Anderson says we may be temporarily allied with some on the Left, but only temporarily.

Osama and Goldstein William J. Anderson on the ten-minute hate.

Is It Really Just Good vs. Evil? With the US State in the role of The Good?

In the Aftermath of Slaughter William Anderson on who’s to blame.

End Racial Profiling By ending the drug war, say Gene Callahan and William Anderson.

The Real Katherine Graham She was a champion of the Leviathan state.

Should China Be Barred From Hosting the Olympics? Of course not!

Zero Tolerance, 100% Control William L. Anderson on the latest public-school scam.

Federal Vice "Miami Vice" was a great tv production because it showed the feds for the corrupt bumblers and killers they are, says Bill Anderson.

The Jeffords Defection Yawn, says Bill Anderson.

Drugs, Death, Spin, and ‘Collateral Damage’ Bill Anderson on why tyranny means never having to say you’re sorry.

Murdering Christian Missionaries Another installment in the monstrous US drug war.

California Schemin’ Higher taxes are good, higher prices are evil, according to the California government.

Fritz Hollings Hates the Constitution Of course he does. He’s a US senator.

California, Here You Go It’s time for California to be kicked out of the union, says Bill Anderson.

Politics, False Advertising, and Double Standards Power-lust and TV.

Paul Begala, Victim The monstrous smearer of "red" voters can’t stand the heat.

Roe, Abortion, and the End of Federalism There was another casualty to the Supreme’s usurpation, says Bill Anderson.

Abortion, Al Gore, and the State OK, you libertarians, let’s leave God aside for a moment.

Free at Last The statist Olympics are over. Next time, let’s try individual achievement.

McCaffrey’s War Against Athletes Barry McCaffrey, not satisfied with shooting surrendering Iraqis or ordaining the latest drug raids into the homes of unarmed senior citizens, now wants to clean up sports.

Rights and Roe How the political classes have destroyed the Declaration of Independence.

Clintonian Religion Bill Anderson on the prez and his pastor.

Republicans, Democrats, and the Sitzkrieg of Ideas Bill Anderson says that when Bush was elected, we got Dukakis’s policies. Now we may face Dukakis Junior.

Why I’m Not Watching the Republican Convention Bill Anderson on a festival of statism that reminds him of the first Bush administration.

Racial Profiling and State Abuse of Power Bill Anderson sees a different motive.

The State’s Very Low Standards Government wants one standard for us, and another for its minions.

Injustice and the State The trouble with a government "justice" system.

Taking the Law Into Your Own Hands It’s a great idea, says William L. Anderson, since we can expect anything but justice from the modern state.

Political Prisoners The US has plenty of them, says William Anderson: politically incorrect prisoners.

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