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The Case for Peace and Freedom Ron Paul on why we should not attempt to rule the world.

The Patent Scam Stephan Kinsella on "intellectual property."

Revolution and Counterrevolution Tom White on the trouble with politicians, and the Hoppean answer.

Spann and the Afghan War The CIA’s power grab. Article by Paul Fallavollita.

The New US War on Liberty It’s the same old statism, say Karen De Coster and David Theroux.

The Libertarian Caped Crusader Franklin Harris on Batman.

Public Accounting, RIP Thanks to Enron, and good riddance, says Gail Jarvis.

Stonewall Jackson, Civil Rights Leader Well, almost, says R.G. Williams, Jr.

The Argentine Tango Government, default, and the IMF. Article by Ron Paul.

Bitter Bierce Ambrose Bierce, Copperhead bard. More from Joe Pryce.

US ‘Justice’ The case of forfeiture. Article by Leon Felkins.

The Great CD Rate Robbery Martha Langdon on another crime of Alan Greenspan.

The Citizenship Circus Chantal K. Saucier on genealogy, history, and immigration.

I Like My Little Post Office But under the State, there’s no way to know whether it’s a rip-off or not. Article by Tibor Machan.

A Catholic View of Bush’s Unjust War Carlo Stagnaro interviews Vittorio Messori.

The Writer’s Rights An ebook on censorship, freedom of expression, and civil liberties, by Laird Wilcox.

Copperhead-Libertarian Genius Charles Dickens, says Joe Pryce.

Atto, Zepto, and Yocto N. Stephan Kinsella on really big numbers.

Will This Be a ‘War Year’? Ron Paul on the future of US foreign policy.

Beggin’ Your Pardon, Johnny Reb Joe Pryce on Ambrose Bierce.

Time To Blog The libertarian blog manifesto, by Russ Stein.

A Cheer and a Half for John Walker He thought he was obeying God, says Owen Jones.

The Fluctuating Intellectual Tibor Machan on the case of John Gray.

Coming Home Rett Peaden likes Latin for patriotic reasons. It can also be a help since he’s converting to Catholicism.

Another of Jesse’s Dames What the Rev. has done to football at Chris Manion’s alma mater.

A Nearly Perfect Analogy The movie Memento reminds Jack Glaab of some of our fellow citizens.

War – Again and Again and Again Murray Polner belongs to that most demonized of all categories, Jewish pacifists.

A Paleo Guide to the Holidays Alan Turin on January.

Individual Responsibility Gail Jarvis on a startlingly antique concept.

Lord of the Rings It’s an astonishingly good movie, says Russell Stein. And like the books, it’s politically correct from our standpoint.

Womb Envy How women invented agriculture, and men have hated them ever since. According to the Washington Post. Article by Craig White.

Defense of the Federal Homeland Jack Glaab on where presidential imperialism is leading.

Some Hate Crimes Are OK Hating businessmen, for example. Article by Tibor Machan.

We’ve Been Though This Movie Before Leon Felkins on the 82nd anniversary of the Palmer Raids.

Bin Laden Spotted in Cleveland Did he incite the anti-ref riots? Article by Christopher Westley.

What Libertarianism Is Not It’s not libertine. Article by Edward Feser.

The Flight Before Christmas Homeland Defense knows no boundaries. Article by Kent Van Cleve.

Should the US Attack Iraq Again? Ron Paul says No.

World Domination By the US Leon Felkins on an economic disaster in the making.

Magic, Wonder, and Harry Potter Why the Potter books are good for your children, and the culture. Article by Gary Bourque.

Reformation and Counter-Reformation In one sense, it was all about liberty vs. the State. Excerpt from Harry Crocker’s highly recommended new book, Triumph.

A Childhood Memory of War Chantal K. Saucier remembers Benin.

A Tale of Two Southern Books Gone With the Wind vs. To Kill a Mockingbird. Article by Gail Jarvis.

The Most Politically Incorrect Recipe Ever Alexandre Dumas (pere) on how to cook an elephant. Sent to us by Joe Price.

The Truth About Gun Shows Michael Brown on the latest smear: that they are a source of weapons for terrorists!

The Virtue of Patriotism And the evil of nationalism. Article by Dan McDonald.

The Real J.R.R. Tolkien He was deeply Catholic. Article by David Bardallis.

Power Madness Tom White has had it with US foreign policy.

The Sick and the Dying And other likely terrorists. Article by James Waddell.

No Constitution Instead, we have rule by lawyers, says Russ Stein.

Carthaginam Esse Delendam A Beltway think-tank moves from Cato the Younger to Cato the Elder. Article by Kelly G. Black.

Deathwatch Butler Shaffer on the decline and fall of our civilization, thanks to the State.

In Honor of Joe Sobran Chris Manion reports on the secret of his success.

Ignore the Keynesian Dubya And save, save, save for the holidays. Article by Don Mathews.

The Ultimate Holiday Diet Remember, gravy is good for you.

In Hoc Signo Vinces An excerpt from Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church, a 2000-Year History by H.W. Crocker III.

Whose Day of Infamy? Alan Turin on what FDR knew and when he knew it.

Hitler Was an ‘Ethical Vegetarian’ And the movement goes down from there. Article by Eric Englund.

Dropping the Crowbar of Righteousness Patrick O’Hannigan has had it with the Left.

Confessions of an Alien Patriot Chantal K. Saucier loves America, despite the government.

Whom Do You Trust? Leon Felkins on car salesmen, politicians, tv newsmen, and some logical dilemmas.

Subversive Quotes On government, compiled by Ronald Bradley.

If We Get the Despotic Draft Let’s take congressmen first, says Ron Paul.

Afraid To Be Free Despite the State, there is much we can do to be free. Article by Butler Shaffer.

Lies About Waco From an at-first surprising source. Article by Cletus Nelson.

Environmentalism Is Nuts As even a prominent ex-Green admits. Article by Charles Curley.

Want To Live Longer? Eat less, says Ian Goddard.

War and Defense Here’s a Biblical view, says Ron McKenzie.

The Hippy Market Hippies have created a free market just for themselves. If only they would recognize it, says David Barnes.

Gun Control Kills Let’s tell the unvarnished truth, says Jack Duggan.

Feds Read Your Mail Adam Young on the North American precedent.

Greens Are Anti-People They even hate water, says Colin Robertson.

Nobody’s Talking About Gun Control In part because we’ve entirely won the battle of ideas, says Michael S. Brown.

National (Socialist) ID Ron Paul condemns a dastardly idea.

War By Terrorism An Orthodox monk speaks out.

Irrational and Violent Butler Shaffer on the real nature of the State’s laws.

Three Cheers for ‘Petty’ Concerns Jeffrey Tucker on why fast-food sandwiches and teeth-whitening strips are the real milestones of history.

Was Flight 587 Sabotaged? Robert G. Anderson on how the terrorists might have done it, no matter what the federal-media-industry spin-doctors claim.

The Military Draft Are the feds about to resurrect this monstrous violation of individual rights? Article by Robert Higgs.

Hate Your Thighs? Many feel your pain, says Don Mathews.

Air Roulette, Anyone? It’s another federal cover-up of an airliner shoot-down, says Jack Duggan.

Irony Strikes Back And it will so long as the State lives. Article by Franklin Harris.

How To Avoid WWIII Thomas E. Woods outlines a proper US policy.

An Angry American Asks What the heck is happening to our airports, and our country? Letter from Alison C. Hofley.

Is This a War Against Civilians? Of course it is. Article by Mark Weisbrot.

Training Day A new movie shows why we don’t want the State in charge. Article by Anders Mikkelsen.

World War II Is Finally Over Hitler won. Article by Butler Shaffer.

Evelyn Waugh on War and Honor The great Catholic novelist on the hubris of the State and its acolytes. Article by Milton Batiste.

The Wrong Response Stephen Carson on the war and Holy Scripture.

It’s Not Only ‘Foreign Policy’ Sean Corrigan on the Federal Reserve’s financial crimes, and the overseas hatred they have stirred up.

Patriotism, Old and New Love of our home vs. promotion of empire, and hatred of other people’s homes. Article by Donald Miller.

State Success=People’s Trouble Rich Wilcke on how the State is always ready to expand.

Whom the Gods Would Destroy They send to war under the Emperor George, Junior. Article by Clyde Wilson.

Heil, Abe Jeffrey Dantré on the worship of Adams, Lincoln, Wilson, and Roosevelt.

9/11 Was Preventable All we had to do was take George Washington’s urgent counsel. Speech by Ron Paul.

The Essence of Government Doug Casey on what distinguishes it from the society it loots and oppresses.

They’re Not Called Turkeys for Nothing Jeffrey Tucker on fashions in Thanksgiving eating, as related to the business cycle.

Driving Dixie Down The war against the South continues. Article by Mark Royden Winchell.

Thou Shalt Kill Leon Felkins on how the State gets us to do it.

A Paleolibertarian Foreign Policy David F. Israel says George Washington had it right.

The Thin Red Line Rick Gee on an overlooked but great antiwar film.

We’re Losing the Other Germ War Bill Sardi on the dangers of antibiotics like Cipro.

Whispers From Sarajevo A lesson from World War I by Paul Miniato.

Kink-y Paleos Not all popular music is leftist, says Clay Waters.

Is the Defense of Liberty Unpatriotic? Jason P. Sorens revisits some wartime fallacies.

Stop the Bombing And don’t send in ground troops unless it’s for a John Wayne mission. Article by Paul Clark.

The Case for Optimism A letter from famed libertarian scholar, Butler Shaffer.

Gun Control Is Dead Thanks to 9/11, says Michael S. Brown.

God Save America From the government, says Steven Greenhut.

Recovering America It’s about more than waving the government’s flag. Article by John Taylor.

Why Terrorism And why war is not the answer. Article by Thomas E. Woods.

Your Papers, Comrade Mark Thornton on the new airport "security."

Like Most US Wars… Does oil have something to do with this one? Article by Bill Sardi.

The Origins of the War in Afghanistan By Mark Twain.

Heroic Oregano Oil Unlike antibiotics, it’s effective against drug-resistant bacteria. Article by Bill Sardi.

Shut Up! Political cartoonist Elena Steier on freedom of speech under W.

‘Paths of Glory’ Another great antiwar film. Rent or buy it now. Article by Rick Gee.

FreeRepublic Going Down Sealed lips sink website. Article by Malcolm Garris.

The Case for a National ID If you’re a communist. Article by Florin Milea.

Iosif Vissarionovich in the White House W. praises a little girl for giving him her father to kill and be killed in war. Next: acclaiming a Stakhanovite worker.

Mr. Rumsfeld’s War It makes no more sense than the Cold War, to which it is being compared. Article by John Taylor.

The Economic Cost of Evil Don Mathews adds it up.

‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ Watch this great anti-war movie now. Article by Rick Gee.

The Trouble With Conservatives They tend to become statists. Article by Brian Carlson.

No Genetic Evidence for Evolution Of course not. Article by Bill Sardi.

What Would the President Do? From the highly recommended Roosevelt Myth by John T. Flynn.

Want To End Middle-Eastern Hatreds? A modest proposal from Stephan Kinsella.

A Post-Wilsonian America How to achieve this desperately needed goal? Donald Miller has a 14-Point Plan.

What Do We Do Now? Antony Deden on navigating Alan Greenspan’s financial thunderstorm.

No National ID Christopher Powell on what a really bad idea this is.

‘Homeland Security’? It reminds Patrick O’Hannigan of the Soviet Committee for State Security.

Is This the Wrong Time To Question Foreign Policy? Of course not. Article by Jacob G. Hornberger.

The Nazis Were Socialists And, need we mention, pro-war. Article by Adam Young.

What the Feds Tell Each Other About ‘Homeland Security’ Chilling information from their own websites, by Jeff Greenspan.

‘Mr. Speaker, Mr. President Pro Temporariness’ The first accurate transcript of W.’s Homeland Security speech.

Remembering Bessie Smith And how the great blues singer’s death was used to smear Southern whites. Article by Gail Jarvis.

Citizen Air Marshals An armed people is the answer to hijacking. Article by Kevin Southwick.

A Libertarian View of Government? Patrick O’Hannigan returns to the architectural wars.

The Gun, Not War Is the proper answer to the terrorism. Article by Dan Mahoney.

The Coming US Fascism John T. Flynn feared it, the neocons welcomed it.

Neocons and Demagogues If Steven Greenhut doesn’t repeat himself.

Words We Do Not Want To Hear A Tolstoyan response to war and terrorism. Article by Jeff Snyder.

Hamburg Delenda Est We need massive bombing of someone, anyone, says John Galvin.

Terrorism, War, Death, and Destruction Environmentalism’s secondary characteristics. Article by Eric Englund.

The Useless State On Sept. 11, the failure of the political model became obvous. Article by Butler Shaffer.

Randians for Mass Murder The two main Objectivist factions can agree on one thing. Article by Milton Batiste.

Dancing in the Streets So whom should we attack? Article by Hunt Tooley.

Anarcho-Capitalist Defense Revisiting Hans-Hermann Hoppe in light of the terrorism. Article by Rick Gee.

Leviathan Goes to ‘War’ David Bardallis on the lumbering beast that will seek to step on us first.

The White Man’s Burden A hoary and ever-new excuse for imperialism. Article by Charles Curley.

Killing Without End Franklin Harris on what may await us.

Look Before We Leap Constantine Gutzman on where we stand.

‘Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Murder Rag’ With apologies to Country Joe and the Fish.

Bigger Isn’t Better As the attack shows, says Paul Clark.

Escape From New York Only private enterprise could be counted on amidst a government powergrab. Article by James M. Sheehan.

The Rise and Fall of ‘Pan-State’ Airways A tale of business-government partnership, by Adam Young.

A Jeffersonian View of the Civil War The South was right, says Donald Miller.

Public School Hell Why are government schools so awful? The feds, of course. Article by Gail Jarvis.

The Fed Corrupts Everything Including the language, with dire consequences, says Eric Englund.

Uncle Sam Goes Red in Belarus Why, Daniel McAdams wants to know, is the Bush administration interfering in an election to support the communist candidate?

Retirement Kills Don’t do it, says Rick Gee. It’s too dangerous.

Poor Gary Condit Anybody the media, the Republicans, and the Democrats hate can’t be all bad. Article by Stephan Kinsella.

Blame the Teachers Public school teachers are the real villains of the government education system. Article by Greg Perry.

Letter From a Homeschooling Mom Laura Haire on why Karl Marx favored public schools.

Macedonian Disaster Daniel McAdams on the latest Nato crime.

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