The Not So Gradual Degradation of a Nation

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Paying To
Be Raped

Every single
day millions of us are being subjected to the shameful processes
of being searched, screened and viewed naked, patted, groped, fondled,
poked and stroked by badge-wearing strangers – police under
a different name. Every single day. Millions of us, Americans. Being
violated. Being degraded. You know exactly what I am talking about.
I am taking about me, you, your mother, her brother, his brother’s
wife and toddler son, their grandmothers. I am talking about the
systematic degradation of our people. I am talking about being raped
of our dignity, privacy, and decency. I am talking about a daily
systematic rape we actually pay to be subjected to. I am talking
about severe violations we elect people to bring upon us. Yes, I
am talking about traveling, TSA police, and being reduced to naked
and helpless subjects of government police practices.

its short tenure, the motherland police force, aka Department of
Homeland Security, has had a one-of-a-kind success. In less than
a decade it is now the third largest cabinet police department.
It has around 200,000 employees, and that’s without counting
contract employees – which exceed
this number. Now remember, we still have the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA…plus
all the other state and local police forces from before. TSA makes
up over 60,000 of DHS employees. This 60,000 federal police force
oversees 450 airports, so that makes it around 133 police per airport.
And that’s in addition to local airport police.

What do I mean
by not so gradual and systematic degradation? I mean in less than
ten years, they went from this:

to This Degrad2
then to This Degrad3

And now to this, this, this, and this all together:

Next, coming soon, very soon, it will be This

and This Degrad6

Last week TSA
announced that airline passengers should expect to see and feel
additional pat-down procedures at U.S. airports over the coming
weeks to provide another layer of security. They said passengers
should continue to expect “an unpredictable mix of security
layers that include explosives trace detection, advanced imaging
technology, canine teams, among others.”

The following
comes from CNN, thanks to one of its employees who chose to speak
up a little, only a little (all emphasis in bold are mine):

Fitzpatrick, a CNN employee, said she was subjected to a pat-down
at the Orlando, Florida, airport on Wednesday night after her
underwire bra set off a magnetometer. She said she was taken to
a private area and searched, with transportation screening officers
telling her the pat-down was a new procedure.

to Fitzpatrick, a female screener ran her hands around her
breasts, over her stomach, buttocks and her inner thighs, and
briefly touched her crotch.” I felt helpless, I felt violated,
and I felt humiliated,”
Fitzpatrick said, adding that
she was reduced to tears at the checkpoint. She particularly objected
to the fact that travelers were not warned about the new procedures.

Okay, up to
this point I was pleasantly surprised to see this piece being run
by a mainstream outlet, and the fact that this woman didn’t
take the rape in silence and go away the way most do when it comes
to these government sanctioned and implemented systematic rapes,
but then I reached the following:

am appalled and disgusted at the new search procedures and the
fact that passengers have not been made aware of the new invasive
steps prior to entering the security area,” Fitzpatrick wrote.
“It appears once you enter the security area, passengers
forfeit their rights. There were no signs, video information,
etc. at the entrance of the security area at the airport. Why?”

She added:
“As an experienced traveler for work who was in tears for
most of the search process, I have never experienced a more traumatic
and invasive
travel event!”

First, let
me give her due credit for saying out loud that she objected and
felt: helpless, violated, humiliated, appalled and disgusted.
But after that, it is my turn to be appalled. Is the process supposed
to get less humiliating, appalling, traumatic, and disgusting if
the violators give prior notice about the violations, the rapes,
to come??!!! Please walk with me through the following reasoning:

Two rapists
are brought before a judge. One had caught his victim by surprise
through a blitz attack, then violently raped her. The other had
stalked his victim for a while, sent her some disturbing warning
notes, and then violently raped her. Victim one turns around and
tells victim two: Why do you feel violated?! Your rapist gave you
the courtesy of warning notes – and that makes his rape much
less of an offense than my rapist!!

My question
to CNN’s Fitzpatrick is this: Next time, when these people
squeeze your breast, poke your buttocks and stomach, and grab your
crotch, will you feel okay? Far less violated? All because now you
know what to expect?!

After reading
the piece I quickly scanned other news sites, both mainstream and
alternative. Almost all of them picked up the story and reported
it per the original, and the strongest cursory comment at one site
was that the story and Fitzpatrick’s experience was “unsettling.”
Wow! How hard-hitting! But that was not what I found, and find,
so very “unsettling.” Not at all.

What I find
truly unsettling is that we only have a handful like Fitzpatrick
who come forward screaming about the horrifying, humiliating, violating,
traumatic …nature of these federal police practices (abuses)
in all our airports. Now that is truly unsettling, shocking, and
appalling as far as I am concerned. Millions are going through these
routine rape processes (Yes, RAPE: raping you of your dignity, privacy,
humanity, and more. Ok?!) without a peep. What is going on here?
Have “their” systematic humiliation and degradation practices
been so successful that millions take it regularly without any protest,
objection, action, counteraction?!

I am talking
about the hard-core ACLU following liberals. Where the he …
are you?! I can’t hear or see you. Where is the protest? Give
me a holler, and let me know where and when and I’ll be there
to join. Here I’m hollering on the record. And no, don’t
go file a couple of lawsuits and say that you’ve done your
share; that lazy move hasn’t worked for at least a decade!!

I am talking
about those on the extreme right of those mentioned above. What
happened to your slogan of small government and keeping a tight
rein on federal government practices? Isn’t this as close and
personal it gets, when your feds are squeezing your testicles while
breathing inches from your face, and while you are fully paying
for these squeezing and probing services?! I thought you’d
attributed these practices to those commies, shouldn’t you
be barking when it is in your own backyard?

I am talking
about old fashion patriarchal guys. Where are you macho and good
ole cowboy mentality testosterone walking bags when your wives and
daughters are being fondled, squeezed, and intimately probed? Shouldn’t
you be roaring like lions and throwing punches like John Wayne when
it comes to those who violate your “women”? Don’t
you feel your manliness under attack when they make you stand in
front of them, with your legs apart, arms up to each side, while
their hands wrap around measuring your buttocks?

I am talking
about us Americans, those to the right, the ones on the left, the
upper class- lower class, and those in the middle…Here we are,
the entire nation, being violated and raped on a daily basis by
our servants whom we pay for dearly. Last time I checked we were
paying them over $7 Billion – here it is with all the zeroes:
$7,000,000,000. Please, don’t even try to bring up that “security”
punch line so overused and abused, because last time I checked they
were not providing much in terms of “security.”
In fact they couldn’t even secure their own personnel
and records.

Soon they will
be bending us over to give us a thorough cavity search. After that
it will be all cavities… And after that…There will be
one or two who may stand up and scream. And for “them,”
one or two, even ten will be very easy to quash and “eliminate.”
Yet, I am still here, still hoping; hoping that somehow I’ll
get to see that number in the tens of thousands and beyond, and
that’s the only hope I see to stop our expedited degradation
process. They say it always starts with one. Well, here I am, willing
to be one. How about you?

with permission from

November 13, 2010

Edmonds is the founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers
Coalition (NSWBC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding
national security whistleblowers. She has appeared on national radio
and TV as a commentator on matters related to whistleblowers, national
security, and excessive secrecy & classification, and has been featured
on CBS 60 Minutes, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and in the New York Times,
Washington Post, Vanity Fair, The American Conservative, and
others. Her book, Shooting the Messenger, co-authored with
Professor William Weaver, is forthcoming from Kansas University
Press in the fall of 2010.

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