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Asians Beat Everyone Else Why isn’t that controversial?

I Wish I Had Known I Was Poor It’s a good deal, says Fred Reed.

America Is the Most Hated Country on Earth Fred Reed on a few of the reasons.

Departments of Anti-Male Resentment? Not in Mexico, says Fred Reed.

When Did This Become a Hive? Fred Reed on gun control and the declining American character.

Amnesty Si, Amnesty No Get used to it, says Fred Reed.

It’s a Clash of Civilizations Fred Reed on the donnybrook over guns.

Who Kills More Children? Ritalin-addled boys in America, or the US Air Force in Moslem countries? Article by Fred Reed.

‘Crush Their Skulls and Eat Their Faces’ Fred Reed on how soldiers think.

I Believe Neither in Gods Nor in Evolution Well, maybe Pan and Bacchus, says Fred Reed.

I Have Been a Bad Person Fred Reed didn’t vote.

Headed to Hades in a Handbasket But enjoying the ride.

Fred Reed Throws His Sombrero in the Ring And what a platform!

No Hope for Peace? Because men love war, and women love warriors?

Soldiers, There’s No Honor in Aggressive War Nor in butchering people on orders from some general, says Fred Reed.

The Eye of Sauron Fred Reed on something new and ugly under the sun.

The IQists Fred Reed on why we can often ignore them.

Fred Reed Admits He’s the Worst Kind of Racist Earth wobbles in its orbit, markets plunge.

Robbed by a Bank Fred Reed on the crime committed against his family.

Poor People Do Not Have To Be Underclass Fred Reed compares Mexico to the US welfare state.

The Truth About the Public ‘Schools’ Yuck, says Fred Reed of these correctional facilities.

Cops, Race, Reporters Fred Reed on some facts of American life.

Welcome to 3rd-World USA Actually, it’s worse than that, says Fred Reed.

We Were Taught To Suppress Conscience, Morality, Empathy Fred Reed on the real purpose of military training.

Hard-Boiled Self-Publishing Fred Reed on how to circumvent – easily – the dying dinosaurs of books.

Another Angle On the illegals, from Fred Reed.

Can They Eradicate Religion? Only Communism and Americanism have tried it, says Fred Reed.

Machismo Is Dead Fred Reed on the truth about Mexico, not that it makes the feminists happy.

Vote? Nope, says Fred Reed (unless Ron Paul is on the ballot).

The Pentagon Hasn’t Won a War Since 1945 And now the Republicans want to attack Iran.

DC Is Wrecking Mexico The only hope may be a peace treaty with the drug business.

Looking Like America Fred Reed has fun with quotas.

One Man’s Angle Fred Reed on Mexico.

Presidential Timber, Kindling, Sawdust Fred Reed on the candidates.

Creeping DC’ism Fred Reed talks to Hant in rural West Virginia.

Bottomless Self-Admiration Devoid of knowledge or curiosity. Fred Reed on the typical American.

About Your War on Half the Population Fred Reed talks to the DEA.

The Cultural Night Closes In Our hopes are homeschooling and the internet, says Fred Reed.

Hey, Conservative Bozos Your country is wrecking mine, says Fred Reed.

Forget the New York Publishers Fred Reed chooses Kindle for his new book.

Hitmen for the State Fred Reed on military honor and other myths.

Banana Republic Without Bananas Fred Reed on the US as gringo Guatemala.

Disengage From the US Government It’s time for domestic expatriation, says Fred Reed.

White Trash Fred Reed on the American experience.

The Official Religion of Darwinism Fred Reed is a non-believer.

The Church of Muslim-Killing Fred Reed on smiting the in-fiddle. NB: strong language.

Patriotism Is a Mental Disorder It is nothing but the cohesion of the dog pack, says Fred Reed.

How We Were Fred Reed on growing up in the America that no longer exists.

The American Military Is a Predatory Joke Fred Reed explains how they think, and what it means.

Ruining the Great Nation of Mexico Fred Reed on US narco wars.

A Brief History of the United States As only Fred Reed can tell it.

We Need an Asteroid And Fred Reed knows right where it should land.

Bring the Legions Home. Now. We can’t afford the empire, and even if we could, murdering people is a great evil.

US Intelligence It’s criminal and stupid, says Fred Reed.

People of Egypt, Arise You have nothing to lose but your American chains.

The Fantasy of American Exceptionalism Deadly fantasy.

Just the Facts Fred Reed on what we’re not being told about the US war on Afghanistan.

The American Monkey Can’t Let Go Fred Reed on how and why the empire is going down.

Flag Proliferation Is a Bad Sign A venomous nationalism now poisons the air, says Fred Reed.

Let’s Invade Mexico! Fred Reed on the head criminal of Texas, Rick Perry, and his bright idea for the next imperial war.

Want To Move to Mexico? Fred Reed on the facts.

Let’s Attack Iran! Lindsey of Persia calls us to the battle.

A Good Way To Spend a Slow Afternoon South of the border.

Sorry-Ass Lawyers in the Cubicles of DC Fred Reed prefers the people of West Virginia.

Democracy and Other Illusions Oh help, says Fred Reed.

Guerrilla War in Mexico? Fred Reed on the American drug mania, and Afghanistan II.

Little Boy Expelled and Tormented Over a Toy Gun Fred Reed on public school sadism, and left and right loonies.

Pat Buchanan Is Wrong About Islam Fred Reed on remembering who’s doing what to whom.

When America Was Free And Fred Reed was an armed Southern boy.

The Pentagon Fears You the Most That’s why WikiLeaks is so hated, says Fred Reed.

The Feminist Marine General Who enjoys shooting his betters.

The Beltway-Journalism Cabal Fred Reed on our oppressors, and those who lie for them.

Immigration A slightly different take, from Fred Reed.

The Case for No Navy Dump the platinum murder-yachts, says Fred Reed. They can’t even protect themselves.

Want Decent, Cheap Medical Care? Go to Mexico, says Fred Reed.

Soldiers Hate Fred Reed on the hormonal adventure of armies on the march, and where it leads. NB: Some strong language.

Government Halloween Comes to the NY Subways Fred Reed on laughable and dangerous US "security."

Nullification It’s our last hope, says Fred Reed.

US Narco-Imperialism The Pentagon and the drug war are wrecking Mexico, says Fred Reed.

The Psychology of Evolutionists Fred Reed on Darwinist hate mail.

The Alleged Price of Freedom Fred Reed wants a quantity discount.

Worse Than War Criminals Fred Reed on Santa and the elves.

Stranded in Houston Fred Reed is rescued by an Italian restaurant.

Half-Everest Fred Reed and his daughter go climbing.

The US Military Is Crazy as a Bedbug And characterized by vaguely sadomasochistic submissiveness.

Killing America’s Kids Fred Reed on the Pentagon and its media pals.

The American Police State Fred Reed on the TSA and its partners in crime.

What Got into Fred Reed? He told the truth about Mexico, for which he profoundly apologizes.

Buoyant Cannibals Fred Reed on US war criminals.

Is Military Service Honorable? Sure, says Fred Reed, if the Wehrmacht is landing in North Carolina.

Sadism Is Sexual Those who torture like it, says Fred Reed.

Am I Glad I’m in Mexico Fred Reed on the US fascist revolution.

Eeeeeeek! Fred Reed on Mexico, the US, and the flu.

To Mexicans, the US Is Not a Friendly Nation And they are right.

On Losing My Last Remaining Eye And getting it back.

Mexico Doesn’t Have a Drug Problem Mexico has a United States problem.

An Atheist on the Darwin Religion Fred Reed is not a believer.

No Happy Ending Fred Reed fears for the Middle East.

US Foreign Policy Writ Small Fred Reed on foreigners who want to change a country not theirs.

The Idiocy of ‘Honor’ Fred Reed on a very dangerous concept.

Salubrious Triviality Fred Reed on scuba diving.

Our Semi-Soviet Surveillance State What have the creeps done to my country, asks Fred Reed.

Understanding Air Power Fred Reed on one thing that really motivates the military.

The Pentagon Is the President’s Private Army Fred Reed on the militarist states of America.

Is McCain Crazy? No doubt, says Fred Reed.

From Out of a Rotting Log Fred Reed on McCain, Palin, Obama, and Biden.

Schwei-gwo Syau-jye Fred Reed on Asia.

The Militarized States of America Fred Reed on the incompetent, expensive, and dangerous armed forces.

When Cops Talk About Guns Pay no attention, says Fred Reed.

Hey, Barack Pick Jim Webb for your VP, says Fred Reed.

Passing the Torch A completely unbiased musical review from Fred Reed.

US Immigration Policy It’s all Mexico’s fault, right? Article by Fred Reed.

Here the People Do Not Rule Fred Reed on the actual American system.

Cretinous Clowns of the Beltway Well, some of them. Fred Reed on the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, and the rest of the gang.

Paranoid Truculent Males and US Foreign Policy Fred Reed on neocons and other belligerent primitives.

How We Were Fred Reed on growing up in the old America.

Dulce et Decorum Est If someone else has to do it.

The Real Mexico Fred Reed says ¡Viva!

Exterminationists, Left and Right Fred Reed on the trouble with intelligence.

The Armored Garbage Can Fred Reed on "our nation’s capital."

Kollege Komics Fred Reed on American education.

Rednecks Fred Reed on Deer Hunting With Jesus, by Joe Bageant.

The US Gov’t Is Hated All Over the World Fred Reed on why.

Terror in the Backwoods Don’t worry: it’s a literary apparition.

The First Refuge of a Scoundrel Fred Reed on honor.

The Watchful Seat Fred Reed on the tiny cameras and microphones that will spy on each airline passenger.

The War on Muslims They could be forgiven for thinking there is one, says Fred Reed.

A Conversation With the President Fred Reed admits to underestimation.

The Tribalism of the Conservatives Fred Reed has had it.

The Politics of Terrorism Fred Reed on Ionesco as political consultant.

The American Way of War Fred Reed on how the feds do it.

Life Is Not an Embassy Party Not that the political elites and their hangers-on would know it, says Fred Reed.

You’re Dying for Nothing Fred Reed writes the troops.

Now We Are Fifteen Fred Reed plans a quinceaños.

Drunks, Time, Life, Death, and Such Fred Reed on old gringos in Mexico.

Day of the Dead Fred Reed on living in Mexico, and life in general.

The Trouble With the Human Race Mostly, it’s men, says Fred Reed. NB: some bad language.

The Male Cheerleader Who Favors Torture Fred Reed on creeping dictatorship.

The Coming Rebellion Fred Reed on the enlisted grown-ups vs. the boy-like officer corps.

Pursuing the Elusive Euro Fred Reed on the tribulations of an expat.

Did a Plane Hit the Pentagon? Were there Jews in the World Trade Center? Fred Reed has had it.

Dispatches From a Parallel Universe Fred Reed on The Greezy Wheels.

Children in Power Fred Reed on Bush, Rice, and other twerps.

When I Was Tom Sawyer And America was a far different place.

A Modest Proposal To abolish universities.

Want To End the ‘Boy Crisis’? Trying having something masculine in school, says Fred Reed.

The Dictatorship of the Proletariat It’s taken over the US and Europe, says Fred Reed.

Conversations With Lanc Fred Reed on the college kid and the storeowner.

As He Tells It Fred Reed on his life.

The Sovietizing of America Fred Reed on a visit to DC.

‘What’s Mexico Really Like, Fred?’ Not too bad, says Fred Reed.

Wacky-Monstrous Fred Reed on the mindset of the modern American military.

Eighth Grade in Mexico It seems like a low-grade US university to Fred Reed.

What’s With Men? Fred Reed thinks he knows.

Don’t Blame Mexico For having a more sensible immigration policy, says Fred Reed.

Just Rambling Fred Reed on hiking, humans, and beetles.

Thinking About Hornets And humans.

Covering Jonas Fred Reed on Savimbi, one of the conservative fraud-causes.

Puzzled Children of Low Moral Character Fred Reed on our rulers.

The Heresy Called Religion Why does the ruling class hate believers?

Of Eternity and Pickle Tops Fred Reed on being a teenage boy.

Storm Troopers on Every Corner Fred Reed on what the gringos really want.

Israel, Jews, and the Press Fred Reed on The Other War, by Stephanie Gutmann.

The Precious Freedom of Association Without it, we have social turmoil, says Fred Reed.

Reporters Are Traitors Thank goodness, says Fred Reed.

Arise, Ye Useless of the Earth For a drink and a smoke.

Give Him Devolution Fred Reed has had it with the compulsory evolutionists.

Real Poverty Fred Reed on what it’s like.

Military Recruiters Are Professional Liars Young man, don’t believe a word they say.

There Are No Commies in China And other news for conservatives, from Fred Reed.

The ‘War on Terror’ Is it designed, at least in part, to impose a police state? Fred Reed wonders.

Skeptic of Darwinism And Fred Reed isn’t even religious.

Should You Move to a Free Country? Fred Reed’s nickel guide on expatriation to Mexico.

Maribel Cuevas Is a Great American Damn near the only one, says Fred Reed.

Elvis, Haldane, and Excessive Self-Assurance Fred Reed on whether we know all that we think we know.

Furrin Policy Fred Reed consults his Uncle Hant on Eye-rack.

¡Viva Vicente Fox! Fred Reed on Mexico and comic books.

Unnatural Selection Fred Reed on immigration.

The Crumbling Has Begun Bush and his warfare state are in trouble, says Fred Reed.

A Continent of Clowns Asians are easily surpassing whites, and rightly so, says Fred Reed.

I Don’t Pledge Allegiance Fred Reed declares individual independence.

In Defense of Rednecks Fred Reed on an oppressed minority group.

Thoughts on Poverty Because Fred Reed isn’t interested anymore.

Fred To Save Country Step one, de-democratization, says Fred Reed.

When Kids Were Allowed To Be Kids Fred Reed on the summer of ’62.

Americans Can’t Read Fred Reed mourns a once-great lingo.

Flee! Some intriguing advice from Fred Reed.

The Metaphysics of Evolution Fred Reed is an agnostic on the Darwinian religion.

All Gone Now Fred Reed on Hunter Thompson and the Sixties.

Timid Larry Summers Fred Reed on what everybody knows but won’t say.

Land of the Free Fred Reed on living in Mexico.

Lies, Lies, Lies Fred Reed on why reporters (non-FOX ones, anyway) come to loathe the military command.

Robot Factories Fred Reed on public schools, then and now.

Liberals or Conservatives? Shun both, says Fred Reed.

Down With Education Sort of.

Goodbye, Newspapers And good riddance. Article by Fred Reed.

The Detritus of War Disabled veterans hate the government, with good reason.

Visiting a Very Strange Country The US of A.

Coastal Snots vs. the Heartland Fred Reed on why Bush won.

Hillary for President Bill, come home, all is forgiven, says Fred Reed.

The Church of Avoided Guilt Fred Reed on therapy.

Producing Primitives Fred Reed on the schools.

Fred on War Fred Reed on US foreign policy.

What You Yanquis Don’t Want To Hear Fred Reed on Mexico and Mexicans.

Stop Writing Me About the Jews Fred Reed has had it.

TV Has Helped Wreck America Fred Reed on the lobotomy box.

America Is Not Respected It is feared, like a muscular drunk who comes into a bar looking for a fight, says Fred Reed.

Real Patriotism Is Local But the nation-state has wrecked that too.

Ain’t Got the Sense God Give a Crabapple Fred Reed on his brilliant, courageous daughter.

The Con Game Called Democracy Voting is a public display of weak character and low intelligence, says Fred Reed. (And see Hoppe.)

Feeble-Minded in Quintana Roo Fred Reed has fun. A lot of fun.

Hard Getting into the Saddle Fred Reed on becoming an occasional columnist.

Be All That You Can Be Fred Reed on torture and the state.

The Media in One Lesson All you need to know from Fred Reed.

Those Iraqi Ingrates Fred Reed on the helicopter gunships of freedom.

Driving Down Unknown Roads Fred Reed on gender, the state, and social change.

Nowhere To Hide Fred Reed on the meritorious breaking of laws.

America Is Not a Free Country Not by Founding Father-standards, says Fred Reed.

Thinking in Darwinian Lockstep The evolutionary religion is a fraud.

Anybody Seen America? Fred Reed wants his country back.

The Freest Country in the World? Don’t make me laugh, says Fred Reed.

Nasa Lands $820 Million Golf Cart on Mars Or did they?

Good English, RIP Our language is getting uglier and less useful, says Fred Reed.

Green Kid Loose in America When Fred Reed ran away from home.

The Virtue of Lawlessness Fred Reed on crime south of the Rio Bravo.

Have We Bin Ladened? Has it all worked out as he wanted?

Modern Universities and Athlete’s Foot They’re equally useful, says Fred Reed.

Hant, the Law, and Moonshine Fred Reed on too much "law and order."

Why Did We Bomb Laos? Remind me, says Fred Reed.

u2018Good as Any, Better’n Some' Fred Reed tosses his hat in the ring.

Religion and Science Agnostic Fred Reed says religion makes far more sense.

Fred in Istanbul Those were the days for Mr. Reed.

Desperate President, Humiliating Retreat Fred Reed on the mess in potamia.

Sunsets and Mosquito Hawks A confession of ignorance about nature from Fred Reed.

The War on Drugs Is Real As real as professional wrestling,

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig Fred Reed on traveling from DC to Mexico.

DC Speaks, Alabama Obeys Fred Reed on how well managed we are.

Science is the Real Opiate of the Masses Fred Reed on religion.

The Good, the Bad, and the Socially Ugly Some people are just better than others, says Fred Reed.

Boycott the Big Airlines Fly the econos domestically, and foreign lines overseas, and that’s all, says Fred Reed.

Johnny Can’t Add But Suresh Venktasubramanian can.

The Ubiquity of Cameras Fred Reed on the surveillance state.

We’re Declining and Falling But at least it’s fun to watch, says Fred Reed.

Tyin’ the Big Ugly Fred Reed on marriage.

What the Tabs Tell Us About America Even if they help Fred Reed write his column.

Heinz, Adolf, and Poland Fred Reed on why Johnny fights.

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