I Pay $7 Per Hour to Watch TV?

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I’m what
you would call TV ignorant. I don’t know what cable channels
I have, I don’t care, and I never remember what channel
is what each time I turn the bloody thing on. I watch the local
Detroit news at 10pm sometimes, Judge Napolitano on FOX Business
News when I can, or occasionally, a movie, musical, or documentary.
Otherwise, my 36" Samsung LCD exists only for the purpose of
playing DVDs – movies and documentaries – and hooking
up my computers and electronic devices for a big screen view.

I’m the
kind of person who occasionally presses a wrong button or two on
one of the three remotes and the TV screen goes blue. It takes me
three days of randomly pressing buttons, as I find the time, before
the picture comes back. Now I’m not a technology idiot –
just the opposite. I can multi-task on several electronic devices
at once without skipping a beat or burning the green beans and almond
slivers in the wok behind me. I once overcooked my grape tomatoes
to the point where they looked like shriveled mini-blueberries (the
kind found in kid’s cereals) because I was working on my website
so intensely. For the most part, I end up teaching people how to
use their computers and smart phones, along with all the tools and
apps they don’t know a thing about. But TV remotes seem to
present peculiar problems for me.

Not too long
ago, I didn’t have cable because I didn’t have a TV. My
old-fashioned Toshiba (people made fun of it!) turned up its toes,
and wouldn’t you know it happened as I was watching a Detroit
Red Wings game? I thought my dogs had sat on one of the remotes,
causing the snow disarray and blue line wiggle-thingies that came
dancing across the screen. Several attempts at juggling 3 remotes
and all of the buttons that seemed important made no difference
at all. A house call from the TV man got it fixed for $160. The
second time it petered out (just out of warranty repair, of course),
it bit the big one. Another house call to take a look at the expired
patient showed no heartbeat, and Mr. Toshiba was pronounced dead
on the spot. He was carried to the curb where some garbage picker
took him home for a potential pacemaker.

Some time passed
without a box in the house until I broke down and got a Samsung
LCD. I had missed watching movies and documentaries on something
other than a computer. This TV is a dream team along with my 20-year-old
Bose AM5 Series II speakers. And so the cable bills started coming

So, forward
ahead. I get another $90 bill this month (bundle for TV and Internet
+ DVR + cable modem) in the electronic mailbox, and I realize, again,
that I am sick of paying $1,000 a year for crap I don’t watch.
So I call Wide Open West and try to finagle a cut in my bill, and
they reminded me that I already receive a monthly discount that
is $5 over the maximum discount …… which is the discount
I asked for last time I called. Yeah, I do remember. That was the
last time I got sick of my cable bill, back in August 2010. Occasionally
I seem to have these “why am I wasting my money on this?”
moments when these bills arrive in my email and I start slashing.
So each time I get agitated I calculate my approximate cost per
hour of TV watched which is $70 (approximate TV portion of monthly
cost) / 10 hours per month = $7 per hour, and that seems a bit overpriced
to me. So I call WOW and tell them the price is unacceptable and
I tell them I need to cut the cost.

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11, 2011

Karen De
Coster [send her
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