The Many Benefits of 9/11

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by John Brennan: The
New Breed of Hero



September 11,
2001, is another date that will live in infamy. The tragic events
that occurred on this day have forever changed the United States,
and the world. Like similar events in history, it served as a catalyst,
creating a flurry of new rules, regulations and, as we now see,
serious restrictions on the freedoms we once had. Just as Pearl
Harbor launched America into WWII, and the burning of the Reichstag
building in Germany granted untold powers to Hitler, 9/11 has allowed
America to demonstrably flex its muscles around the world, while
at the same time, severely limiting our civil liberties here at
home. In one fell swoop, it enabled the government to deal with
many nagging problems. If one didn't know better, I'd have to say
that 9/11 was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Stop and consider
how the United States has benefited from 9/11. Think of all the
subsequent drastic actions that have occurred since the attack.
For the relatively small price of only 3,000 souls, the US has aggressively
dealt with issues effecting all totalitarian empires: controlling
not only the world, but clamping down on its own people.

In the aftermath
of 9/11, we invaded two countries, securing for ourselves massive
amounts of oil and other minerals. It has allowed us to permanently
station troops in the troublesome Middle East and in Afghanistan,
thus permitting us to keep a better eye on China. All traditionally
uniformed American soldiers may have pulled out of Iraq, but left
behind is the world's largest embassy and a powerful private army
dressed in civilian clothes, there to ensure a steady flow of oil.
We chose Iraq because it was the weakest regime in the area. The
Bush family had some unfinished business with old Saddam, and 9/11
gave Junior the green light on eliminating the former friend and
ally of the US. It may not seem like we're still there, but we are
and will be for a long time to come.

We have built
14 US military bases in Afghanistan, which tells me we aren't planning
on leaving there either. In the future, American soldiers will be
garrisoned there on long term rotational tours. The British and
Russians both occupied the place for a while, but weren't strong
enough to hang on to it militarily, but we will. Why did those two
countries want Afghanistan? For the same reasons we do; minerals
and opium. The British fought two wars over the control of opium,
we've only had to fight one.

Here at home,
9/11 allowed the government to solve our illegal immigration problem.
For years we had been complaining about all the undocumented people
sneaking into the country from south of the border, down Mexico
way. Even though we loved having cheap labor to pick our crops,
clean our homes and mow our lawns, illegals were beginning to tax
our generous social programs. So shortly after 9/11, the United
States went from hating Middle Eastern terrorists to hating Spanish
speaking illegal immigrants. We initially implemented sweeping reforms
designed to keep away destructive Muslims who, in the words of George
W., "hate the freedom we have in America", but at the
same time, we put a stop to the flow of undocumented brown skinned
folks from the poorer countries to our south. 9/11 really got the
ball rolling on this issue.

America also
had another problem prior to 9/11; home grown dissidents. How do
you keep these troublemakers under control? Simple, you give police
and FBI power to perform illegal wiretaps and the ability to secretly
carry out warrant-less "sneak and peek" searches of homes.
Once again, the events of September 11, was exactly what was needed.

Think of how
much power the Transportation Security Administration or TSA now
has over our lives. Under the guise of fighting terrorism, it now
serves as the eyes and ears of Big Brother, inspecting our luggage
and persons for all things illicit, and listening for any "anti-authority
sounding remarks". Random searches are inherent in all police
states. It keeps us off-guard and instills fear in people. The TSA
is primarily at airports now, but soon they will be everywhere.
I will predict that in the near future, you will not be allowed
to leave the country without getting clearance from the TSA, and
without Homeland Security giving you the stamp of approval. Coming
soon to shopping centers, sporting events and all public transportation
will be armed guards looking out for your safety. Hey, you can never
tell when a terrorist may want to blowup the Old Navy store or the
miniature train at the local amusement park. In search of that one
terrorist, they will harass the lives of millions.

Homeland Security's
VIPER program randomly stops vehicles on highways and is now searching
people in bus stations. They may say the intrusive nature of these
inspections are designed for your safety, but in reality, the pat
downs, body scans and highway checkpoints are designed to clamp
down on drug and money shipments. If you haven't heard, the amount
of arrests at airports for small amounts of drugs and large sums
of money have skyrocketed since 9/11. The TSA, we were told, was
formed to keep us safe from terrorism, but once again, it is meant
for no other reason than to keep an eye on the American people.

The Patriot
Act was written long before 9/11; it just needed some event to push
it through congress. Like the Enabling Act passed in Germany after
the Reichstag fire, the Patriot Act did nothing more than tighten
the grip on the very people it was meant to protect. It's easy to
fool the population if you tell them what you are doing is for their
own safety. Hell, its worked throughout history.

Probably one
of the most noticeable changes implemented post 9/11, is the militarization
of police forces across America. Once again, under the guise of
fighting terrorism, the police have now armed themselves like never
before, prepared to fight off terrorists who hate our freedom here.
But what's funny, is they are the ones who actually hate our freedoms.
Sure, if an attack by terrorists ever occurs, that police department
in Fargo, North Dakota with their new armored personnel carrier
and AR-15's will now stand a better chance against these folks,
but what's the chance of anything happening at all in this windswept
prairie town? These uniformed thugs armed to the teeth will most
likely never encounter any terrorist, but will be more than willing
to place a boot on the throat of any non-compliant, unruly citizen.
9/11 has given these new robocops a reason to live. It has given
every small-minded nobody in uniform the opportunity to be a hero,
or at least think of himself as one.

Yes folks,
America benefited greatly from the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The
government now has a reason to strip us of our liberties and keep
us all on the leach of tyranny. The men who flew those airplanes
into those buildings gave America a reason to unveil its true identity;
that of a war mongering, totalitarian police state. The land of
the free has become the land of fear. Fear is a powerful tool to
keep people under control, and America was handed the reins of fear
on a silver platter. Did the government know in advance of the attacks
like Roosevelt knew of Pearl Harbor? I think they were aware something
was going to happen. Was a decision made not to do anything? Yes,
I think so. As I stated before, 3,000 deaths is a small price to
pay in order to declare war on the world and strip the American
people of the freedom they once cherished. If this oppression continues,
which I am sure it will, the American people will begin to fight
back. How much is too much? Remember, once the government gains
control of something, it never relinquishes it. How far are the
freedom-loving Americans willing to be pushed? Only time will tell
my friend, only time will tell.

December 28, 2011

Brennan [send him mail]
is a freelance writer living in Mexico and will
to any comments.

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