Wizards of Ozymandias

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Table of Contents

  1. Why I Do Note Vote.

  2. Another Meaning to September 11th.

  3. A Letter From Butler Shaffer.

  4. World War II Is Finally Over: Hitler Won!

  5. Law as u2018Reason’ or as u2018Violence’?

  6. Why Are We Afraid To Be Free?

  7. The Decline and Fall of a Civilization.

  8. Will the Real Paranoids Please Raise Their Hands?

  9. Do You Own Yourself?

  10. On Reclaiming Self-Ownership.

  11. Setting the Record Straight.

  12. On the Purity of Language.

  13. What is Terrorism?

  14. The Social Contract and Other Myths.

  15. War or Peace?

  16. The Irrelevance of the State.

  17. The Delusion of Limited Government.

  18. Don’t Blame Bush.

  19. Politics and War As Entertainment.

Butler Shaffer [send him e-mail] teaches at the Southwestern University School of Law.

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