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Burton S. Blumert [send him mail],
dealer in bullion and rare coins
since 1959, is publisher of LewRockwell.com.

The Power of $8

(I write this article defying Blumert’s 7th Law, which warns that the moment that you report a favorable move in a market, it will be violently reversed, often with 24 hours.)

God is good; truth and justice prevail; the bad guys are in disarray; and the pollen count is at summer’s low.

Everything is falling into place.

Oh yes, did I mention that the price of gold was up $8 today?

I was two weeks late submitting copy for “Burt’s Gold Page.” When pressured by Editor Rockwell, I explained that I couldn’t find my pen. His withering glance was the one he reserves for neocons.

I just found my pen — Gold is up $8.

Those of us who comment about the gold market suffer “writer’s block” just like other writers. I suspect that this $8 rally will dissolve all blockages and articles telling us WHY it all happened will inundate us.

I enjoy fiction, and look forward to the varied opinions.

What I cannot countenance are those who actually CLAIM responsibility for the rally. These bozos believe what they tell you, but should be kept under house arrest.

They seem oblivious to just how tiny is the pro-gold constituency. They should know that everybody else is against.

This rally is “catch-up.” The weakness of the US dollar against other currencies and the disastrous results of insane economic and political policies can no longer be suppressed.

The level of fear may increase, but it is at the expense of US prestige. Mandating prestige may work for a while, but eventually, market forces prevail and that’s why gold was up $8 today.

The world is witness to ruthless empire building reminiscent of Britain in the 19th Century. With one major difference; the Brits did it with style.

Picture David Niven, in starched uniform and pith helmet, oblivious to the 130 degree temperature, calmly doing-in the Fuzzy Wuzzies.

There are some great movies depicting English presence in Africa, India and North America. “Gunga Din,” “Four Feathers” and in recent days, “The Patriot.” I think I’ll do an article about this genre of film.

One prediction I feel safe in making — there will be no future movie classics dealing with the war on Iraq.


You would think our customers at Camino Coin would enjoy a nice spike in the gold price, Wrong. I spoke with some regulars late today and they were grumbling at these higher levels.

I told some of the “old-timers” that I would find some gold coins that lag a bit behind the minute-to-minute changes of the gold market.

Here are some terrific value coin prices


MINTED 1849—1907


Almost Uncirculated

Brilliant Uncirculated

Price: $415 ea.

Price: $445 ea.

Buy one of each for $850

10 coins or more at 410 ea.

10 coins or more at 440 ea.


(All prices above are PREPAID, fully insured)

I have about 300 of these coins in stock and I will deliver at prices above until the coins are sold-out.

Burton S. Blumert
[send him mail]
The Camino Company
800-982-7070       800-348-8001       650-348-3000
851 Burlway, Suite 202
Burlingame, California 94010
Hours: 8:30am — 4:30pm, California time
However, Burt answers his emails in the middle of the night.


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