Thank God for Laurence Vance . . .

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(and the rest of us, but especially Laurence) . . . that King Obama is not as much like Abe Lincoln as his supporters would have us believe.  So far, anyway.  For during the Lincoln administration Dishonest Abe’s Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, issued a “public order” from the War Department, on Lincoln’s behalf, that demanded that all police authorities in the Northern states are:

“. . . authorized and directed to arrest and imprison any person or persons who may be engaged by act, speech, or writing, in discouraging volunteer enlistments” in the U.S. Army or who are in “opposition” to the administration (emphasis added).

Ohio Congressman Clement L. Vallandigham was arrested, imprisoned, and deported by the Lincoln administration for giving a speech in his home town of Dayton, Ohio that violated a “military order” making it illegal to “voice opposition to the war.”  Lincoln himself once even said that a man who remains SILENT when the war is being discussed is guilty of treason, which at the time could involve the penalty of death by hanging.

Over the years, the argument has been made a thousand times over by various American politicians that such actions are appropriate because, after all, “Father Abraham” did it.  Even the former Pakistani Dictator Musharreff made that exact argument to “justify” the imposition of martial law in his country a few years ago. For more on he abolition of civil liberties in the Northern states during the War to Prevent Southern Independence, a good place to start would be to read The American Bastille by John A. Marshall; Constitutional Problems Under Lincoln by James Randall; Freedom Under Lincoln by Dean Sprage; and Lincoln’s Critics: The Copperheads of the North by Frank Klement.


3:34 pm on March 5, 2014